Most Popular in San Jose, CA, and Phoenix, AZ, Professional Organizers Can Take Your Home From Drab To Fab in no Time

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In the fast-paced world of home organization, the need for professional organizers has become increasingly prevalent. They have the skills to transform chaotic and cluttered spaces into harmonious and well-organized environments — and that’s more important now than ever as many of us are working from home, placing more pressure on living spaces.

But what are the most common reasons why people hire a professional organizer, how exactly can professional organizers help you, and what should you consider when hiring one? Here’s what you need to know about professional organizers and their work — as told by professional organizers themselves.

Clutter is the number one reason why people hire professional organizers

Uncontrolled clutter is the number one reason why people enlist the help of a professional organizer. Facing a mountain of possessions can be mentally and emotionally draining, leading to decision fatigue. The sheer volume of items combined with the inability to determine what to keep, discard or organize can create a blockage that only worsens over time.

“When it comes to organization, people often seek assistance with decluttering and effectively sorting their belongings,” said Margaretha Harvey of Elemental Spot, a website dedicated to home design and fashion. “They also desire systems that optimize storage space and promote a sense of order and harmony within their living spaces,” she added.

People often have difficulty visualizing an organized space, and that’s where professional organizers can prove their worth. They can help devise systems to maximize efficiency and aesthetics, including optimal furniture placement, storage solutions and improvement of traffic flow within a room.

“People need help with creating a system to manage all their things” said Raf Michalowski of Meble Furniture, an e-commerce furniture company based in Long Island, New York. “This includes sorting and eliminating clutter, establishing efficient storage solutions, maintaining order without causing more work and creating an effective system for the future. Other common organizational needs involve finding ways to keep track of paperwork, setting up and managing closets, designing a kitchen organization plan and creating home office solutions,” Michalowski added.

Kitchens, pantries and garages are the most problematic areas in need of organization

The kitchen and pantry are often the busiest and most utilized areas in a home. They can become cluttered with utensils, cookware, food items and appliances, making it challenging to find what you need.

“These are spaces that are used so frequently and have a major impact on our everyday lives. They provide the greatest frustration when clients are giving up time and money not finding what they already have and buying more,” said Kristen Fisher, founder of Imagine Home Organization, based in Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida. “Most commonly, these spaces don’t have the right storage structure to maximize organization. In pantries, clients often don’t have containers to create a home for designated categories, so food is just placed on shelves or in cabinets with no order. They try to arrange but after a short time, the food is mixed again and it’s hard to find what they need.”

The same goes for the garage — not only do we park our cars in there, but most of us also use it as a storage area for a variety of items. While filling our garages up is not a problem, sorting it all out is most often a thing for the pros.

“In a garage, clients won’t have shelving to take advantage of the height of the space, so they have items on the surface of the floor taking up space where their car should be parked,” said Fisher, painting a pretty common picture for most of us. Of course there are things you can do as you wait for a pro rescue, including decluttering your garage or placing your second car or the vehicle you mainly use for vacations in self storage.

How much does it cost to hire a professional organizer?

The cost for hiring a professional organizer can vary from $500 for a single room to over $2,500 for a multibedroom home. It generally depends on the size and the scope of your home organizing project, the location of the project and the degree of experience of the person or company you intend to hire.

“A typical two-bedroom home would usually cost between $1,200 and $2,500, depending on the amount of time and labor needed,” said Michalowski. “I always suggest that clients consider the long-term benefits of professional organizing services, which can save them not only money but time as well,” he emphasized.

Oftentimes, professional organizers charge hourly rates, which will also vastly differ depending on location. “The average rate for a good home organizer is between $40 and $65 an hour depending on the region of the country as well. On the coasts, in areas like New York or California, the rate can be on the higher end, while in states like Texas it will generally be more affordable,” said Stefan Bucur, founder of Rhythm of the Home, an interior design, decorating and home improvement website.

What should you look for in a professional organizer?

It pays to shop around before hiring a professional organizer. Pay attention to credentials and rates, but also make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to your approach to home organizing. Working with a professional organizer involves placing a lot of trust in a person as well as giving them access to your home, and can be an intense experience psychologically — so choose someone you’re truly comfortable with. Here are the main things to consider when trying to find a professional organizer:

  • Expertise and specialization

Look for a professional organizer who has expertise and experience in organizing the specific areas or spaces you need help with. Some organizers specialize in residential spaces, while others focus on office organization, downsizing, or specific types of organizing challenges. Assess their background, training and certifications to ensure they possess the necessary skills for your requirements.

  • Reviews and recommendations

Research the professional organizer’s reputation and track record. Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gain insights into their quality of work, professionalism and effectiveness. Personal recommendations from friends, family or colleagues can also be valuable in finding a reliable organizer.

  • Compatibility and communication

Organizing your space is a collaborative process, so it’s important to find a professional organizer you feel comfortable working with. Consider their communication style, approachability and ability to understand and accommodate your specific needs and preferences. A good organizer should actively listen, be nonjudgmental and offer practical solutions that align with your goals.

  • Pricing and services

Inquire about the organizer’s pricing structure and the services included in their packages. Understand how they charge — whether it’s hourly, project-based or a combination. Clarify what services they offer, such as decluttering, space planning, implementing organizing systems or ongoing maintenance. Assess whether their pricing and services fit within your budget and requirements.

  • Confidentiality and trust

Professional organizers often gain access to personal spaces and sensitive information. It’s crucial to ensure they maintain strict confidentiality and adhere to professional ethics. Discuss their privacy policies, code of conduct and any measures they take to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality.

San Jose and Phoenix residents are the most interested in professional organizing among the country’s big-city dwellers

In order to determine where Americans are most passionate about home organizing and where they are most likely to hire a professional organizer, we turned to Google for help. We analyzed online searches related to professional organizers in the country’s top 20 largest cities. It turns out that people living in San Jose, CA, and Phoenix, AZ, aspire the most to organized, neat and decluttered homes.

San Jose, CA, saw an average of 0.44 online searches per 1,000 residents for “professional organizers” and related terms over the past 12 months — more than double the national average of 0.18 searches over the same period. With its vibrant tech industry, high-paced lifestyle and residents juggling demanding careers, it’s no wonder that professional organizers are in high demand in San Jose. These experts excel at optimizing limited living spaces, ensuring that residents can maximize functionality without compromising on style. From innovative storage solutions for tech gadgets to streamlined home office setups, professional organizers in San Jose offer tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of the tech-savvy population.

Phoenix, AZ, has been a major relocation destination for Americans for decades now, and the newcomers range from young professionals and families to retirees. Moving to a new home might be the perfect time to hire a professional organizer — you start with a clean slate and will enjoy a streamlined home right from the start. And if downsizing or, on the contrary, expanding families also enter the equation, the help of a professional organizer could be very valuable. And Phoenix residents seem to resonate with the idea — there were an average of 0.42 searches per 1,000 residents related to professional organizers, the second most among the country’s 20 largest cities.

Seattle, WA, another tech hub with busy professionals (and with rather compact apartments, as the average size of an apartment here hovers around 690 square feet), ranks third nationally for interest in professional organizers, with 0.41 searches per 1,000 residents over the past 12 months.

Other cities where people are keen on keeping their homes nice and tidy are Jacksonville, FL, and Denver, CO. At the other end of the spectrum, people living in New York City and Los Angeles seem to be paying less attention to the issue.

Self storage can be a great asset for keeping your home tidy and decluttered

Sometimes, storage space at home is simply not enough, regardless of how well organized your home might be. Some people downsize to smaller homes, others are enjoying their growing families, while still others live in multigenerational households. These scenarios and many others are turning storage space at home into a very scarce commodity — and the alternative solution is renting a self storage unit located close to your home.

“Let me share a personal anecdote that underlines the importance of self storage in maintaining organized homes,” said Jaye Harrison, entrepreneur and founder of Parties Made Personal, who enjoys helping people live their best lives. “A while ago, I worked with a client passionate about collecting vintage furniture for her events. She was running out of room at home, so I suggested self storage, and voila! It turned out to be an excellent solution. She could continue her collection without feeling overwhelmed by clutter, and her home stayed tidy. It reminded me of how much potential self storage has in helping us lead clutter-free lives,” Harrison added.

Self storage services are widely available across the country’s major cities, with prices hovering around $128 on average for a 10’x10’ storage unit. You can see self storage rates and availability in the country’s 20 largest cities below.

Self Storage Costs and Availability in the Country's Largest 20 Cities

CitySelf Storage Rent*Self Storage per Capita (sq. ft.)
New York City, NY$2552.4
Los Angeles, CA$2651.8
Chicago, IL$1353.4
Houston, TX$996.7
Phoenix, AZ$1265.1
Philadelphia, PA$1452.8
San Antonio, TX$1128.8
San Diego, CA$1893.9
Dallas, TX$1175.1
San Jose, CA$1793.8
Austin, TX$1227.7
Jacksonville, FL$1129.3
Fort Worth, TX$1006.1
Columbus, OH$994.3
Indianapolis, IN$906.7
Charlotte, NC$1056.9
San Francisco, CA$2752.1
Seattle, WA$1993.8
Denver, CO$1373.4
Oklahoma City, OK$808.3
*Non-climate-controlled 10'x10' storage units
Source: RentCafe analysis of Yardi Matrix data

As the demand for order and efficiency continues to rise across the United States, professional organizers are transforming spaces in our homes and offices and helping us lead stress-free, more productive lives through their innovative approaches and personalized solutions.


This analysis was done by RentCafe Self Storage, an online platform that provides apartment and storage unit listings across the nation.

The data for our analysis of searches related to professional organizers was obtained by extracting monthly-average numbers from Google Ads. We analyzed nationwide and local searches using the following key phrases: professional organizer, professional organizers near me, home organizer, home organizers near me, decluttering services, organizing and decluttering services, home organizing services, professional home organizer, professional organizer, professional home organizer near me, house organizer near me, personal organizer near me, organizing services near me, house organizer, home organizing services near me, certified professional organizer, national association of professional organizers and organizing services.

The Google Ads analysis was carried out at a national level for searches between June 2019 and May 2023 and in the 20 largest cities in the U.S. for searches between June 2022 and May 2023.

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