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The RENTCafé Blog is your trusted source of information on everything apartment-related. In our stories we convey relevant stats about the pulse of the local markets as well as the national and state level dynamics. Our monthly apartment market reports bring you up to speed on the latest trends, our research reports dissect timely housing-related phenomena that affect your daily life, and the lifestyle stories on the blog offer an extensive supply of pro tips for renting.

The in-house team of analysts and writers at RENTCafé does the legwork, so you can get your daily dose of apartment news in a clear and easy-to-read form. Our studies are based on trusted market intelligence sources such as Yardi Matrix, the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other public – government and third-party – databases.

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RENTCafé in the News: 2018

RENTCafé has been empowering local and national journalists & bloggers with exclusive real estate research, analyses, and eye-grabbing visuals. Here are just a few of our most recent media mentions:


April, 2018 – Miami.com – Miami is the least uptight city in America, survey claims – but is it true?
April, 2018 – Medium – Choosing Where to Live in Washington, DC
April, 2018 – Bakersfield.com – Downtown Fort Worth is growing fast, but is it becoming too wealthy and white?
April, 2018 – Curbed SF – SF apartment supply up—same goes for rent prices
April, 2018 – SF Gate – The Bay Area cities where apartments are getting cheaper – SFGate
April, 2018 – ZeroHedge – National Apartment Rents Stabilize As Small Cities Boom
April, 2018 – Forbes – Rising Rents Factor Into Millennial Spring Home-Buying Market
April, 2018 – NBC San Diego – San Diego Rents Approaching Record Highs: Surveys
April, 2018 – USA Today – Tiny homes in Arizona city to tackle affordable housing problem
April, 2018 – Reason.com – D.C. Government Thinks It Found the Real Problem With EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Sweetheart Condo Deal
April, 2018 – The Intercept – Why the NYPD Killing of Saheed Vassell Has Locals Worried About Gentrification in Brooklyn
April, 2018 – Denver Post – Single-family homes converting to rentals faster than apartments in Denver and Aurora
April, 2018 – ABC 10 – Report: Rental homes rapidly outpacing apartment growth in Stockton, Sacramento
April, 2018 – Curbed Boston – Boston single-family homes for rent jumped in past 10 years: Report
March, 2018 – Curbed Seattle – Tacoma has one of the most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in the US – Curbed Seattle
March, 2018 – The News Tribune – Gentrification in Tacoma has its own ZIP code, according to new survey
March, 2018 – Digg.com – These Are The Zip Codes That Have Gentrified The Most Since 2000
March, 2018 – Daily Mail – Downtown L.A. tops list of most gentrified zip codes
March, 2018 – Realtor.com – What Are the Fastest-Gentrifying ZIP Codes in the Nation?
March, 2018 – ZeroHedge – New York, Los Angeles Dominate List Of Fastest-Gentrifying Neighborhoods
March, 2018 – Bizjournals Baltimore – Baltimore’s 21224 ZIP code among tops for gentrification in U.S.
March, 2018 – CBS MoneyWatch – Where gentrification is having the biggest impact on cities
March, 2018 – CNBC – LA and the other top 10 most gentrified ZIP codes in the US
March, 2018 – Houston Chronicle – Study: Four of the fastest-gentrified neighborhoods since 2000 are in Texas, two are in Houston
March, 2018 – The Washington Post – Report lists Zip codes where gentrification made the most impact
March, 2018 – Curbed SF – Plot twist: San Ramon has Bay Area’s highest rent
March, 2018 – USA Today – Credit card debt: The 25 US cities with the most as it relates to income
March, 2018 – AZ Central – Loss of another Tempe trailer park highlights lack of affordable housing
March, 2018 – NBC Connecticut – US Mayors Unite to Tackle Affordable Housing Crisis in Cities
March, 2018 – Apartment Therapy – Is Your State More Renter or Landlord Friendly?
March, 2018 – Bizjournals Arizona – RentCafe: Arizona a top state for renters’ rights
March, 2018 – BUSTLE – How Much Do Millennials Spend On Rent? A New Report Says It’s An Astonishing Amount
March, 2018 – Jacksonville Business Journal – The rent is still too dang high – Jacksonville seeing one of fastest increases in nation
March, 2018 – The Guardian – Send a tip on an underrated US attractions for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher
March, 2018 – East Bay Times – Sexually harassed in their homes: When Bay Area renters accuse landlords of exploitation
March, 2018 – Orlando Business Journal – 7 things to know today and why Orlando was left out as top city in South for startups
March, 2018 – MarketWatch – Millennials spend a staggering amount on rent by the time they’re 30
March, 2018 – CNBC – You could spend $97,000 on rent before you turn 30—that’s way more than your parents did
February, 2018 – Inside – Inside Real Estate
February, 2018 – Seattle Curbed – Seattle’s share of renter households has increased 14 percent in the last decade
February, 2018 – Mortgage Professional America – Renters overtake homeowners in 22 of biggest cities
February, 2018 – The Penny Hoarder – Now Is a Good Time to Negotiate a Lower Rent. Here’s How and Why
February, 2018 – Miami Agent Magazine – This Week in Miami Real Estate: Luxury waterfront condominiums, Century Lakes III and more
February, 2018 – Nashville Post – Work done at Fountains of Musica site
February, 2018 – Tu Casa Realty – Homeownership: “The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”
February, 2018 – The Mercury News – Is home ownership losing its luster in these Bay Area cities?
February, 2018 – GlobeSt (Chicago) – Middle Market Digest-The Midwest
February, 2018 – ABC10 – Renters are now the majority in Stockton, Sacramento
February, 2018 – Bizjournals Orlando – 7 things to know today and Florida among states with highest tax refunds
February, 2018 – KCRW – Anaheim and Santa Ana become renter-majority cities
February, 2018 – Santa Clara Weekly – Santa Clara’s Renter Majority Future
February, 2018 – MultiHousing News – Demographic Changes Turn 22 More U.S. Cities into Renter-Majority Markets
February, 2018 – CityLab – CityLab Daily: Where American Kids Are In Crisis
February, 2018 – Bisnow – 6 Hot Downtown San Diego Multifamily Projects
February, 2018 – National Mortgage News – 12 high-rent housing markets ready for more first time home buyers
February, 2018 – Bizjournals Denver – How much did Denver rents rise in 2017? Four reports, four answers
February, 2018 – ZeroHedge – Rents Increase In 89% Of Largest US Cities
February, 2018 – Curbed DC – In January, D.C.’s rents grew 2.4 percent year-over-year, average $2,087
February, 2018 – The Mortgage Reports – The worst places to rent in America; is it time to buy a home?
February, 2018 – The Maven – Rent Goes up in 89% of Major Markets: Surprising RENTCafé vs CPI Stats
February, 2018 – The Culture Trip – Here Are the Highest and Lowest Rents in the U.S. (2018)
February, 2018 – Sacramento Appraisal Blog – Fake real estate trends & rising rents
February, 2018 – FOX40 Sacramento – Advocates Garner Support to Get Rent Control on November Ballot
February, 2018 – Digital Journal – Neil Shekhter on How Much Average Apartment Rent Increased in 2017
February, 2018 – San Fernando Business Valley – 9.8% APARTMENT RENT INCREASE IN LANCASTER LAST YEAR
February, 2018 – Bizjournals Wichita – It’s very cheap to rent an apartment in Wichita, according to one study
February, 2018 – Globe Street – Rent Escalations Start the Year in Roseville
February, 2018 – North Texas Daily – Denton rent continues to increase
February, 2018 – Visit Wichita – Top 10 Cities with the Lowest Rents – Wichita Ranks #1
February, 2018 – The Regsitry SF – Apartment Market Industry Study Looks at Trends Driving the U.S. Rental Market
February, 2018 – Community Impact – Average rent of apartments in Flower Mound and Lewisville on the rise
February, 2018 – Baltimore Sun – Comparing average rent throughout Baltimore area
February, 2018 – CityLab – To Fund the Resistance, Berkeley Turns to Cryptocurrency
February, 2018 – Statista – UK sees biggest increase in renters
February, 2018 – NY Post – Prices are skyrocketing in these New York neighborhoods
January, 2018 – CNBC – How rent in cities like New York and San Francisco changed in 2017
January, 2018  – Bizjournals Memphis – Market Share: New projects in Bartlett, Frayser; Memphis rents rise
January, 2018 – Sacramento Bee – Large apartment building is coming to midtown – and this one has affordable units
January, 2018  – Observer – The 5 Cities Where Rent Increased the Most in 2017 Will Surprise You
January, 2018  – Channel 93.3 San Diego – Rent Prices in San Diego Increased in 2017
January, 2018  – Patch Las Vegas – Did Your Rent Increase Last Year? This Report Explains Why
January, 2018  – Patch NY – Brooklyn Apartments Got Cheaper At End Of 2017, Study Shows
January, 2018  – Curbed Atlanta  – Analysis: Rents actually decreased in several hot Atlanta neighborhoods last year
January, 2018 – NBC San Diego – San Diegans Coping with Rising Rental Costs
January, 2018 – The Real Deal – Manhattan office leasing activity reaches three-year high
January, 2018  – HousingWire – Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Construction boom could ease affordability in 2018
January, 2018 – Modesto Bee – Average apartment rent in Modesto above $1,100. Where are prices headed next?
January, 2018 – Robb Report – Here’s How Much Average Apartment Rent Increased in 2017, According to RENTCafé
January, 2018 – National Mortgage News – 8 signs renters might start buying more homes
January, 2018 – FOX40 Modesto – Local Renters Struggle Under the Weight of Rising Rent Prices
January, 2018 – Florida Trend – Florida’s rental market had significant YOY growth during 2017
December, 2017 – SF Gate – The Bay Area’s fastest growing rent is in this diverse city of 100,000
December, 2017 – Reason.com – Los Angeles Wants to Make Housing Affordable by Making it More Expensive
December, 2017 – Sacramento Bee – Here are the cities where renters can least afford the holidays
December, 2017 – Patch NY – Holidays Put Average NYC Renter $4,300 In Debt, Study Says
December, 2017 – The Press Enterprise – Rent hikes in 8 Southern California cities rank among nation’s biggest
December, 2017 – Curbed SF – San Francisco rents finish 2017 by rising, breaking our hearts
December, 2017 – Curbed Seattle – How much did the rent go up (or down): December 2017
December, 2017 – The Real Deal NY – NYC luxury home prices expected to hit new lows in 2018
December, 2017 – Miami New Times – Miami Renters Will Leave Holidays With $1,500 in Debt, Study Shows
December, 2017 – Daily Breeze – Rent hikes in 8 Southern California cities rank among nation’s biggest
December, 2017 – The Real Deal Florida – Fort Lauderdale sees biggest annual rent growth in Florida: report
December, 2017 – Federation for Economic Education – Millennials Should Be Cautious About Buying Homes
December, 2017 – The Press Telegram – Rent hikes in 8 Southern California cities rank among nation’s biggest
December, 2017 – WGN Radio – Wintrust Business Lunch 1/11/18: Geiger Wealth Mgmt, CES 2018, & Buying vs Renting Homes
December, 2017 – Realtor Mag – Where Renters Are Feeling Rich
December, 2017 – Metro Times – Study says: Holidays put Detroit renters $890 in the hole
December, 2017 – Amrank Info – My last blog post in 2017, Bitcoin, & a big market update
December, 2017 – Power Broker Confidential – Rent Cafe Details Discretionary Savings Of Renters This Holiday Season
December, 2017 – Globe Street – Multifamily Rents Hold Steady In November
November, 2017 – USA Today – Renting homes is overtaking the housing market. Here’s why
November, 2017 – MarketWatch – Why rentals are up, and what it means for the housing market
November, 2017 – Bisnow – Welcome To Boomer Town: Dallas Is No. 4 In The Nation For Baby Boomer Renters
November, 2017 – Bizjournals – Five reasons they’re still building apartments in downtown Seattle
November, 2017 – SF Gate – Move over millennials—a surprising new demographic is taking over the rental market
November, 2017 – Connecticut Post – Renting Is Overtaking the Housing Market—Here’s Why
November, 2017 – Silive.com – Rental market increasingly drawing baby boomers, study shows
October, 2017 – Yahoo Finance – How much characters on shows like ‘Friends’ would actually pay in rent
October, 2017 – MSN – Les villes où les loyers sont les plus (et les moins) chers
October, 2017 – The Washington Post – ‘We are going to stay’: Northern California residents vow to stay put even as wildfires worsen housing crunch
October, 2017 – Business Insider – How much space you get for $1,500 a month in rent around the world
October, 2017 – CNBC – How much TV characters’ apartments would actually cost
October, 2017 – Spiegel Online – Metropolen-Vergleich: 26 Quadratmeter fĂĽr 1500 Dollar Miete
October, 2017 – SF Gate – These San Francisco Bay Area natives moved to red states in the South. Here’s going
October, 2017 – South Florida Business Journal – These Florida cities have the fastest apartment rent growth
October, 2017 – SFGate – Santa Rosa housing scarce before the fire — what now?
October, 2017 – SF Chronicle – These San Francisco Bay Area natives moved to red states in the South. Here’s going
October, 2017 – Realtor Mag – Empty Nesters Are Lured to Apartment Life
October, 2017 – AJC – Atlanta GA rent market: Baby boomers dominate Atlanta rental market
October, 2017 – Statista –  Where Renters Get the Most and Least Space
October, 2017 – Patch  – USA Properties Fund starts construction on 75-unit affordable senior apartment
October, 2017 – Apartment Therapy – What Rent Costs in London, NYC, Tokyo and All Around the World
October, 2017 – LAW.com – Move Over, Millennials. Baby Boomers Are Outpacing You on Apartment Rentals
October, 2017 – Cincinnati.com – Been evicted? You have a lot of company. Study finds Cincinnati area has high eviction rate, driven by escalating rents and poverty
October, 2017 – ZeroHedge – Meet America’s New ‘Renter Class’: Baby Boomers
October, 2017 – The Cap Times – Life at The Crossings
October, 2017 – My San Antonio – What $2,000 in rent gets you around San Antonio
October, 2017 – Zero Hedge – National Rents Stall For 4th Month In A Row As Multi-Family Supply Glut Takes Its Toll
October, 2017 – Curbed – Aging baby boomers still want it all, including luxe urban apartment living
October, 2017 – Curbed Philly – Baby boomers are the Philly region’s next wave of renters, report says
October, 2017 – The Week  – How to make sure you get your dream apartment
October, 2017 – NBC San Diego – Study: Baby Boomers Moving Into Apartments
October, 2017 – The News Tribune – Tacoma rent hikes slow but still up a lot from last year
September, 2017 – Yahoo Finance – Here’s how much space $1,500 in rent gets you around the world
September, 2017 – The Washington Post – The sad story of public education in St. Louis
September, 2017 – The Guardian – Denying Hurricane Harvey’s climate links only worsens future suffering
September, 2017 – Forbes – Five Reasons Why E-Commerce Has A Home In The Heartland Of America
September, 2017 – CNBC – Poor credit isn’t what makes renting hard—here’s the real problem
September, 2017 – Business Insider – Rents are finally flatlining in San Francisco and New York — here’s what’s causing it
September, 2017 – CNBC – Here’s how much space $1,500 a month in rent gets you around the world
September, 2017 – Denver Business Journal – Denver apartment rent hikes cool slightly, with new construction
September, 2017 – Houston Bizjournals – HAR, companies launch portals to help flood victims find temporary housing
September, 2017 – Market Watch – Yardi Matrix Report Examines Hurricane Harvey’s Impact
September, 2017 – Denver Business Journal – Where’s the most expensive place to rent in Colorado?
September, 2017 – Newsweek – Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Wants Amazon, Despite Past Failures
September, 2017 – SF Gate – Tiny Berkeley studios command huge rents
September, 2017 – Time Out – How much space will $1,500 in rent get you all over the world?
September, 2017 – The Washington Times – Affordable housing really isn’t hard to find
September, 2017 – Triad Business Journal – Here’s how Greensboro stacks up for apartment application approvals
September, 2017 – Houston Chronicle – Houston apartment roommates see below average savings overall
September, 2017 – Wbur  – Development Dominates Discussion Of Walsh’s First Term
September, 2017 – Chron – Harvey evacuees seeking apartments have another resource
September, 2017 – Realtor Mag – Registries Help Link Harvey Victims to Housing
September, 2017 – AZ Central – Scottsdale ranks No. 1 in U.S. for rejecting apartment applicants
September, 2017 – Patch Seattle – 4 Puget Sound Cities See Biggest Rent Hikes In U.S.
September, 2017 – The OC Register – Here’s what $1,500 rent gets you in LA compared to major cities around the world
September, 2017 – Philly.com – Philadelphia among top 10 cities for rental application approvals
September, 2017 – South China Morning Post – Shanghai pips LA on this US$1,500 rental benchmark
September, 2017 – Vancouver Sun – Renting in Vancouver: $1,875 gets you 610 square feet
September, 2017 – Cincinnati.com – The rent is still ‘Too Damn High’ in Cincinnati. Here’s why
September, 2017 – City Lab – Houston’s Zoning Wasn’t the Problem
September, 2017 – Central Valley The Business Journal – Is the commercial real estate market cooling down in the Central Valley?
September, 2017 – Seattle Pi – Harvey evacuees seeking apartments have another resource
September, 2017 – LA Daily News – Here’s what $1,500 rent gets you in LA compared to major cities around the world
September, 2017 – MorningStar – This is how far $1,500 goes when apartment hunting in the world’s ‘most magnetic’ cities
September, 2017 – Curbed SF – Belated good news: Summer season fails to heat up San Francisco rents
September, 2017 – Curbed DC – D.C. ranks in fourth place for U.S. cities with the most rental applications approved
September, 2017 – Artsy – Comparing the Costs of Being an Emerging Artist in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin
September, 2017 – UPROXX – Even Zillow Is Upset That Millennials Aren’t Buying Houses
September, 2017 – Curbed Seattle – How much did the rent go up (or down): September 2017 edition
September, 2017 – ZeroHedge  – How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent In The World’s ‘Most Magnetic’ Cities?
September, 2017 – Texas Tribune – How to get (and offer) help after Harvey
September, 2017 – Curbed SF – San Francisco rent: $1,500 nets you 316 square feet
September, 2017 – 9News – Denver apartment rent hikes cool slightly
September, 2017 – DNAInfo Chicago – Chicago Rent Is A Bargain Compared To Other Big Cities, New Study Says
September, 2017 – 9News – Where’s the most expensive place to rent in Colorado?
September, 2017 – Boston Magazine – Walsh Wins!
September, 2017 – Homes.com – Which Washington D.C. Home Architectural Design Is Best for You?
September, 2017 – Boston Magazine – How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent You in Boston?
September, 2017 – Washingtonian – Want to Get a Big Apartment on Your DC Salary? Consider Moving to Istanbul
September, 2017 – The Real Deal NYC – Why nearly a quarter of Manhattan rental applicants get rejected
September, 2017 – WSB-TV Atlanta – Atlanta apartments: A renter’s guide
September, 2017 – San Luis Obispo – Home sharing offers opportunities for Cambria residents
September, 2017 – The American Conservative – A Proper Lament for Fading Mid-Century Suburbia
September, 2017 – FOX 11 Los Angeles – Report: L.A. renters now pay $136 more in rent than last year
September, 2017 – FOX 31 Denver – Colorado’s most expensive ZIP codes for rent
September, 2017 – National Low Income Housing Coalition – Updates on Disaster Recovery Developments since Last Week’s Memo
September, 2017 – Westword  – Connect. Discover. Share.
August, 2017 – Forbes – China-Like Wages Now Part Of U.S. Employment Boom
August, 2017 – Business Insider – Why it’s becoming ‘cool’ to live in a car – or a 150-sq. ft. apartment
August, 2017 – Bizjournals Birmingham – Where Bham ranks nationwide for new apartment construction
August, 2017 – Business Journal – Here are the biggest winners and losers in the Triad apartment market
August, 2017 – South Florida Business Journal – South Florida leads state in most expensive ZIP codes for renters
August, 2017 – SF Gate – Do San Franciscans pay close to half their incomes just to rent a home?
August, 2017 – Orlando Business Journal – 7 things to know today and the fastest-growing — and declining — jobs expected by 2022
August, 2017 – TimeOut National – Study highlights the best ways to find the ideal roommate
August, 2017 – SF Gate – The biggest factors standing between you and your next apartment
August, 2017 – The Christian Science Monitor – Why it’s becoming cool to live in your car – or a 150-sq. ft. apartment
August, 2017 – Realtor Magazine – Big Slowdown in Growth of Rental Rates
August, 2017 – Spartan News Room – Does the ‘New Detroit’ have room for native Detroiters?
August, 2017 – Sun Sentinel – Most expensive rents in Florida? Would you believe Miramar?
August, 2017 – Patch Florida – Apartment Sticker Shock? Miami Average $1,600
August, 2017 – Orlando Sentinel  – Priciest Orlando rents: UCF, Baldwin Park, downtown
August, 2017 – Tampa Bay Times – Five big projects in Tampa; five big problems looming
August, 2017 – Patch Fremont  – Fremont Affordable Housing: Get On The Wait Lists
August, 2017 – Apartment Therapy – Try Not to Freak Out: What Rent Costs in America’s Priciest Zip Codes
August, 2017 – Refinery 29 – You’ll Be Surprised How Much Rent Costs In America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes
August, 2017 – Zero Hedge – This Time, It’s A Bubble In Rentals
August, 2017 – INFO Wars – This Time, It’s A Bubble In Rentals
August, 2017 – ZeroHedge – U.S. Rent Growth Flatlines As Massive Flood Of New Apartment Supply Finally Takes Its Toll
August, 2017 – Curbed Seattle – Seattle rent comparison: What $2,000 rents you right now
August, 2017 – Curbed SF – One year’s rent in SF costs more than a down payment in most cities
August, 2017 – Curbed Seattle – How much did the rent go up (or down): August 2017 edition
August, 2017 – Curbed SF – Only four Bay Area cities beat California’s median rent
August, 2017 – Fresno Bee – You need a room. They have space. New SLO program will make the match
August, 2017 – Inman – No relief for homebuyers, but renters catch a price break in July
August, 2017 – The Tribune – San Luis Obispo – You need a room. They have space. New SLO program will make the match
August, 2017 – KCRA 3 – NBC – Sacramento, Stockton rent costs see big increase in 2017
August , 2017 – Modesto Bee – Modesto area renters pinched; why it could get worse
July , 2017 – Yahoo Finance – Here’s how much you need to make to afford to pay rent in 11 of the largest US cities
July, 2017 – MSN – Here’s how much you need to earn to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in 15 of America’s biggest cities
July, 2017 – Bloomberg – Brooklyn Renters Get Bargains Even as Buyers Are Priced Out
July , 2017 – CNBC – Here’s how much you need to make to afford to pay rent in 11 of the largest US cities
July, 2017 – Business Insider – Here’s how much you need to earn to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in 15 of America’s biggest cities
July, 2017 – SF Gate – Developments in Development: Streamlining and gossip
July, 2017 – Charlotte Business Journal – These Charlotte ZIP codes have most expensive apartment rentals in N.C.
July, 2017 – Houston Chronicle – High vs. low: Apartment rent costs in the Houston area
July, 2017 – Realtor Magazine – Report: Apartment Construction at 20-Year High
July, 2017 – Patch  – Austin Home To Most Expensive ZIP Codes In Texas To Rent An Apartment: Study
July, 2017 – Apartment Therapy – Cost-of-Living Smackdown: San Francisco vs. Sacramento
July, 2017 – Charlotte Observer – NC’s 3 costliest ZIP codes for apartment renters? They’re all in Charlotte
July, 2017 – Seattle PI – Construction craze: Seattle a top market for new apartments
July, 2017 – Zero Hedge – Record Apartment Building-Boom Meets Reality: First CRE Decline Since The Great Recession
July, 2017 – Financial Express – What will you need to earn to rent an average flat in top 5 US cities? Costliest city in US is San Francisco, New York follows; find out more
July, 2017 – News Observer – Triangle home to most of the top 50 priciest zip codes for apartment rent in NC
July, 2017 – LA Weekly – You Officially Have to Be Rich to Rent in L.A.
July, 2017 – My San Antonio – These are the most expensive areas for rentals in S.A., Texas
July, 2017 – Sacramento Bee – As rents soar in the region, Roseville looks to add affordable housing
July, 2017 – Statesman – Are you living in 1 of Texas’ 5 most expensive zip codes? 3 of them are in Austin
July, 2017 – Curbed Atlanta – Atlanta’s apartment boom isn’t cooling, as 12,000 new units expected this year
July, 2017 – Curbed SF – SF apartment construction way down
July, 2017 – Gothamist – NYC Leads The Country In Anticipated New Apartments For 2017
July, 2017 – Curbed SF – San Francisco is eighth least affordable city for renters worldwide
July, 2017 – Curbed Detroit – Here’s the salary you need to comfortably rent a two-bedroom apartment in Detroit
July, 2017 – Curbed Austin – Most expensive Texas ZIP code for renters is in Austin
July, 2017 – NY Curbed – New York will gain 26,739 new rentals this year, more than any other U.S. metro area
July, 2017 – DNA Info New York – These Neighborhoods Have the Most New Rental Apartments Coming This Year
July, 2017 – La Tribune – France – Location : Paris est la ville la moins abordable d’Europe
July, 2017 – Tucson.com – Home prices, rental rates in downtown 85701 ZIP code are the city’s highest
July, 2017 – Inman – Boost in rental construction keeping would-be buyers at bay
July, 2017 – The RealDeal NY – 68% of Manhattan’s office leasing activity is in Midtown
July, 2017 – Slate – Des employés de la cantine de Facebook obligés de vivre dans un garage
July, 2017 – The Denver Channel – Report: Denver is 6th in the nation for new apartment construction
June, 2017 – MSN – It’s Not Just You: 5 Signs Rent Is Totally Out of Control
June, 2017 – NBC News – Bad Behavior, Questionable Hygiene and Other Roommate Fails
June, 2017 – CNBC – The world’s 13 best cities for renters
June, 2017 – Today.com – The No. 1 thing that makes a bad roommate is…
June, 2017 – SF Gate – The country’s fastest-growing rents are in California, and not where you’d expect
June, 2017 – Quartz Africa – One of Africa’s wealthiest cities also has some of the cheapest rents in the world
June, 2017 – Realtor.com – How a Former Industrial Wasteland Became One of New York’s Hottest Luxury Markets
June, 2017 – CBS Sacramento – Stockton Home Of Fastest Growing Rent In Nation
June, 2017 – The Sacramento Bee – Stockton, Sacramento have two of the fastest-growing rents | The Sacramento Bee
June, 2017 – The Atlanta Journal Constitution – Apartment hunting? Here are the 20 cheapest ZIP codes in Georgia for renters
June, 2017 – The Daily Telegraph – Sydney great for renters ‘in search of relaxed lifestyles’
June, 2017 – Herald Sun – Sydney great for renters ‘in search of relaxed lifestyles’
June, 2017 – Statista – The Best (And Worst) Cities for Renters
June, 2017 – Zero Hedge – Mapping The U.S. Zip Codes Where “The Rent Is Too Damn High”
June, 2017 – Houston Chronicle – The country’s fastest-growing rents are in California, and not where you’d expect
June, 2017 – NBC Bay Area – Paying a Premium for Bay Area Neighborhoods
June, 2017 – Curbed New York – Long Island City outpaces the rest of the U.S. in new apartment construction
June, 2017 – Curbed Austin – Austin neighborhood ranks in top 20 for new apartments
June, 2017 – Curbed Los Angeles – Downtown LA added 7,551 apartments in the last six years
June, 2017 – Curbed SF – San Francisco rents are way lower than you think, says one report
June, 2017 – KTVU FOX 2 – Soaring rents in the Bay Area may be coming to an end
June, 2017 – The News Tribune Tacoma – We’re growing faster than King County
June, 2017 – The Post and Courier – Proposed Charleston office building headed back to BAR
June, 2017 – The Real Deal NYC – Downtown office asking rents were up 8% last month: report
June, 2017 – The Read Deal – Rents up less than 1% in Brooklyn and Manhattan in June
June, 2017 – Fusion – Kinja Network – Las nuevas tecnologías están impulsando la cultura roomie en la Ciudad de México
June, 2017 – The Denver Channel – Infographic: The best (and worst) cities for renters
June, 2017 – WCPO Cincinnati – Infographic: The best (and worst) cities for renters
June, 2017 – KCRA 3 NBC – The country’s fastest-growing rents are in California, and not where you’d expect
June, 2017 – The Malay Mail Online – KL rent cheapest among world’s 30 ‘best cities’, says report
May, 2017 – Yahoo Finance – The 20 most expensive zip codes for renters in America
May, 2017 – AOL – The most expensive zip codes for renters in the US
May, 2017 – Time Out – 16 of the country’s 20 most expensive neighborhoods are in Manhattan
May, 2017 – Dallas News – Booming Dallas Uptown district is one of the country’s fastest growing rental markets
May, 2017 – Star Tribune Minneapolis – With rent spike, longtime tenants forced to face cost of living in Edina
May, 2017 – Realtor Magazine – Where the Most Apartments Are Popping Up
May, 2017 – Statista – Where the Most Post-Recession Apartments Have Been Built
May, 2017 – Seattle PostIntelligencer – 2 Seattle ‘hoods explode in growth, but prices remain high
May, 2017 – Mental Floss – How Many Cities Can Fit Into Houston?
May, 2017 – Gothamist – Report: 8 Of America’s 10 Most Expensive Areas To Rent An Apartment Are In Manhattan
May, 2017 – LA Daily News – LA’s high rents getting you down? There’s hope in sight
May, 2017 – Curbed NY – Manhattan dominates list of country’s most expensive zip codes
May, 2017 – Curbed SF – The Presidio is the fourth most expensive ZIP code for renters in the country
May, 2017 – Curbed Seattle – Renters are increasing faster in suburbs than cities, report finds
May, 2017 – Curbed DC – D.C.’s suburbs are gaining renters faster than urban areas
May, 2017 – Curbed National – Suburban renters outpacing urban renters in the U.S., new study finds
May, 2017 – Curbed Atlanta – Atlanta renters flocking to suburbs, outpacing urban growth, study says
May, 2017 – Curbed Boston – Average Boston, Cambridge rents among nation’s most expensive: report
May, 2017 – NBC DFW  – Dallas Apartment Building Boom Isn’t Helping High Rent Prices
May, 2017 – Inman – Renter boom takes over suburbs in 19 largest metros
May, 2017 – The Denver Channel – Here’s where the most post-recession apartments have been built
May, 2017 – ABC 15  – Here’s where the most post-recession apartments have been built
May, 2017 – MyNorthWest – Seattle neighborhoods top list of most new apartments built
May, 2017 – Culture Trip – What Are the Most Expensive Zip Codes in the U.S.?
May, 2017 – Pasadena Star News – LA’s high rents getting you down? There’s hope in sight
May, 2017 – Bisnow – Apartment Boom: Developers Built The Most Units In These 6 Neighborhoods Between 2010 And 2016

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