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How Not to Lose Your Deposit – The Superhero Edition

It’s all fun and games until you lose your security deposit. These superheroes learned that the hard way when they moved to the big city. Here is a list of the most common reasons for security deposit seizure, so you don’t have to lose this battle too. Bad chemistry Bruce Banner’s short...

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Rental viewing checklist for the savvy renter

Rental Viewing Checklist for the Savvy Renter

   Brought to you by There are endless things to consider when viewing a place to rent, so it makes sense that you’d be likely to forget a thing or two—unless you prepare beforehand. To that end, having a rental viewing checklist of things you want to look out for would be good idea...

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Two-Thirds of Partially-Affordable Housing Is Built in Desirable Areas

Location is one of the strongest indicators of housing quality, because it determines the quality of education, jobs and opportunities to which residents have...