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Storage units in Houston, TX
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A Guide to Houston, Space City

The city of Houston is the seat of Harris County. Although it is not the state capital of Texas, it is by far its most populous city, and with more than 2 million residents, it is also the 4th largest city in the United States. With a total area of 637.4 square miles, Houston is the largest city in the US by total area.

What to Know Before Moving to Houston, TX?

From its affordable housing market, booming economy, lack of zoning laws and income tax, to its long commutes and the occasional hurricane, Houston packs an interesting mix of pros and cons. Read on to find out what to know before deciding to make Space City your relocation destination.

Is Houston a good place to live?

Houston is among the most diverse cities in the United States, and it is also growing into a global city thanks to its contribution to research, medicine and culture. Living here may be more expensive than Dallas, but it is cheaper than Austin, and it offers plenty of opportunities in terms of both employment and entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the figures behind what makes Houston appealing.


Houston is leading on two industry fronts: firstly, health care and social assistance and, secondly, construction. The city is home to the largest medical center in the world, Texas Medical Center, which is also one of its top employers. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction is generally the highest paying industry in the city, and several world-famous oil companies have been among the city’s top employers.


The median household income in Houston is $50,896, which, while lower than the national average, is balanced out by a lower cost of living compared to other cities in Texas. If you’re moving down from the East Coast, rents drop to almost half compared to what you would pay in NYC.


The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County is the sole provider of bus and light rail transit in the city. Paired with its low walkability — and despite an enthusiasm that many people have for cycling here — most Houstonians are left to rely heavily on their cars for transportation, with an average commute time of 26.5 minutes.


Houston has 782 public schools spread out across 19 school districts, the largest being the Houston Independent School District. Home to some of the highest-ranking public schools in Texas, the city also has its own university, the University of Houston, which is ranked #5 among the top public universities in Texas.


Southern hospitality meets urban chic, and you can rest assured that Houston will keep you well and truly entertained. Heading down to the Houston Theater District is a must, as it offers the second-largest concentration of theater seats in a downtown area in the US. Houston also boasts a sports team in every major league except hockey. Home to several award-winning chefs, Houston offers more than BBQ and the Tex-Mex food it is famous for, so make sure to check out the exquisite restaurant scene. A visit to Space Center Houston should also be on your bucket list, especially if you’re bringing the kids along.

What is Houston famous for?

Officially nicknamed ‘Space City,’ Houston has made a global contribution to space exploration, and it is currently a base of operation for NASA. When not too busy aiming for the stars, Houstonians are also very passionate about rodeo, and the month-long Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest in the world. Houston is also famed for its underground pedestrian tunnel system, linking no fewer than 95 blocks and complete with easy access points to offices, bars, and malls.

What Does the Moving Process to Houston, TX Involve?

Compared to sending someone into space, moving to Houston is a breeze, and with enough preparation, you can save yourself having to say ‘Houston, we have a problem’ in the future. In terms of rental choices, there’s a lot of variety available, and the average monthly rent is $1,111 for an 879 sq. ft. apartment. Bear in mind that you will rely heavily on your car for getting around Houston, so you might want to look for somewhere as close to work as possible, to avoid long commute times.

You will need to register your vehicle within 30 days of moving to Houston. And if you’re a gun owner, you might also want to take the time to check the local open carry regulations.

What are the costs of moving to Houston, TX?

Houston is a popular relocation destination for those living in California, with average moving costs anywhere between $3,700 and $4,100. If you’ve had enough of the high rent and rainy days that come with the East Coast and are moving from New York, it’s good to bear in mind that the relocation might be on the pricey side. For a 2-3 bedroom apartment, costs start at $4,900 and may go as high as $7,000. Moving from Oklahoma might be cheaper, with costs starting at $3,000, while relocating from Louisiana is almost a bargain, at around $2800-$2900.

For out-of-city moves, Houston moving companies charge an average of $299, for a move that takes 3 hours and requires 2 helpers and a van. You can find companies with rates as affordable as $50 per hour, but on average, the cost per hour is about $70.

What Are the Storage Options in Houston, TX?

Houston is a vast city, and what it offers in terms of self-storage is also large. The city has 365 facilities available, and depending on the amenities and the size you’re looking for, you can find units as cheap as $13 per month. While you might find sizes as small as 6 sq. ft. or in excess of 1,000 sq. ft., most facilities offer units between 25 sq. ft. and 500 sq. ft. as standard.

It’s always great to have storage options when relocating, and in Houston, you’re spoilt for choice. Check out the full list at RentCafe.com.

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