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A Guide to Dallas and Making the Move

From the Dallas Cowboys football team to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, this city has something for everyone. Bustling with nightlife, dining, and museums, Dallas wins over the hearts of all who visit. Planning to put down roots in Texas? Check out our guide to joining the Dallas community and learn everything you need to know about your new home.

What’s Great about Dallas?

Dive into all things Dallas before settling down. Moving to a new place is always exciting and would be made even better by absorbing all this city has to offer!


Dallas has no shortage of attractions, no matter what type of fun you’re looking for. For the animal lover, days can be filled with trips to the Dallas Zoo, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, or the Dallas World Aquarium. History buffs can brush up on their U.S. Presidents with visits to the John F. Kennedy Memorial and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


Public transportation is another area where Dallas has you covered. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a fast-moving train and bus system that connects the suburbs and all the major areas any Dallas professional or visitor would need to access. There are 2-hour riding passes for the local area at $6 and for the regional area at $12, while the monthly versions cost $96 and $192 respectively. These help to make travel quick and easy. The city also has two streetcar systems that connect four main city areas: The M-Line takes riders from the West Village in Uptown to the Downtown area, and the Dallas Streetcar connects Downtown with the Bishop Arts District.

Job Market

If you’re looking for a new career to match your new home, you’ll be please to hear that Dallas’s employment rate is growing faster than the national average. And while the national average annual income sits at around $60,000 per year, Dallas residents average about $67,000. In healthcare and education alone, this city has developed 12,600 more jobs over the previous year. In other fields, major companies like AT&T Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp all house their headquarters in the Dallas area, creating thousands of openings for newcomers.


This city also offers major benefits on account of its location. Nearby Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the fourth busiest in the world in terms of aircraft movements. And the city’s geographic location means that both coasts are equally near and the Mexican border is even more easily within reach.

Being in the south, Dallas also boasts great weather. From mild winters to heat-filled summers, Texas is a great place for those who want to work on their tan all year round.

What is Dallas Famous For?

Topping the charts of what the city is well known for is its NFL Football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Also, for some, the Cowboys cheerleaders are themselves an attraction: Gaining fame after their debut in 1960, they quickly became known as America’s Sweethearts.

Dallas is also known for its cultural diversity. This is showcased in places like the African American Museum and the Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Why Move to Dallas, Texas?

Education is a major draw to the Dallas area. There are over 200 high schools in the city, including two of the top schools in the nation for science, engineering, and gifted programs.

Dallas also offers a wide range of education options at the collegiate level. Several highly rated institutions here were started by religious organizations, for example Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University. The city is also home to Dallas University and the University of Texas at Dallas.

After graduation, the booming job market also provides many Dallas residents with prospects for the future. There are no fewer than nine Fortune 500 companies within Dallas’s city limits, with still more in the wider metropolitan area.

What Does the Moving Process to Dallas Involve?

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but your rent payment doesn’t have to be! For an 845-square-foot apartment in Dallas you’d be seeing an average rent of approx. $1,200. Neighborhoods around Dallas offer some variability in cost, giving new residents options and flexibility when choosing a new place to rent.

When looking for a moving company to help out with your relocation, Google Guaranteed has some great local and national suggestions. For a closer move, locally-owned “Delicate Moving” and “Dallas Movers Pro” are both top-rated. For longer distance moves and international relocations, Google suggests companies like “STI Moving & Storage,” “Atlantic Relocation System,” and other nationally renowned providers. Many offer helpful perks, such as moving insurance or A+ rating guarantees.

What Are the Costs of Moving to Dallas?

The cost of your move depends mostly on where you’re moving from and how much you’re taking with you. Moving between different locations in Dallas obviously has a very different price range than if you move from out of state. Within the city, the average cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment is in the range of $372-$465. A tip is still usually recommended for great service: the suggested amount might be around $20-$50 per mover for short jobs, but you might pay $4-$5 for longer moves.

What Are Storage Options in Dallas, Texas?

Have trouble purging those old clothes or feeling overwhelmed with moving into your new place? A rented storage unit can make all the difference. Whether it's an extra place to keep your seasonal things all year round or a place to keep those boxes you haven’t gotten around to unpacking yet, storage units give you the extra space you need. The lower cost of renting storage can save hundreds of dollars when compared with the larger rent you’d be paying for an apartment that’s one bedroom bigger. Luckily, Dallas provides a wide variety of sizes, prices, and locations for storage unit rentals.

With amenities like security surveillance, storage units keep your items safe and out of your way until you need them. When you do decide you want those Christmas sweaters or that old couch you’ve got stored away, 24/7 access allows you to grab what you need, when you need it.

Is Dallas Texas the place for you? Whether you’re moving cross-country or just cross-city, making a Dallas neighborhood your home can create exciting new experiences and a new lifestyle. Before jumping in head-first, learn all you need to know about Dallas storage unit rental options from us here!

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