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88 listings with more than 811 storage units in El Paso, TX.

What is the cost of a storage unit in El Paso, TX?

You can keep all of your belongings safe by paying $95 per month, on average, for a non-climate-controlled storage unit in El Paso, TX. The facilities listed on RentCafe include a wide range of storage amenities, including electric gates, security cameras, drive-up access, elevators and climate control, among others. In order to book your storage unit in El Paso, TX you can easily browse through the available facilities, select your preferred unit size and necessary amenities and contact the facility operator.

Depending on what your needs are, you can easily find the perfect storage unit in El Paso, TX. We have a multitude of options for you to pick from! You can go for a smaller unit and then see how much you need to store, or you can choose a larger one, to get all the space you need for any belongings, even vehicles! Our current listings in El Paso, TX start at $16 and go all the way up to $2,083, depending on unit size and amenities.

Unit Size Lowest Price Average Price Highest Price
5x5 $26 $59 $108
5x10 $45 $88 $186
10x10 $53 $128 $263
10x15 $53 $151 $347
10x20 $40 $177 $384

Find the perfect storage unit in El Paso, TX

If you are interested in finding and renting a good storage unit in El Paso, TX you came to the right place. RentCafe features no less than 88 storage facilities located right here in El Paso, TX and they all offer secure and accessible storage units. You can sort all the units in your area based on costs and types of available amenities. Here, you can also find out more about these types of amenities (such as climate control, type of access and security measures) and about different unit sizes. Check out our listings in El Paso, TX pick a unit that suits your needs and rent it right away.

When you book a storage unit, you have the perfect home for your stuff. Long term or short term, your choice! Storage facilities mostly rent units on a monthly basis, which means you will have the possibility to move in and out at any time. You can rent a storage unit in El Paso, TX for a month or a whole year – either way, you can extend your rental period and switch to a unit of a different size whenever you want. This way, it’s easy to pick the best storage unit for your belongings!

The wide variety of self storage options in El Paso, TX

If you live in El Paso, your lifestyle could be made even better by renting a self storage unit. To avoid clutter at home, keep items you don't need regularly at a nearby storage facility. Your car, RV or boat would be kept safe there too, and if you run a business, it could be a place to put equipment, products and materials. For items susceptible to damage from humidity or extreme temperatures, a unit with climate control is preferrable. Here are some of the most common types of storage available in El Paso:

There are many non-climate-controlled self storage units in El Paso, TX

Regular storage units come without climate control and are good spaces for items that don't need special protection from extreme weather conditions. They can be inside a storage facility — the small ones are referred to as storage ‘lockers' — but many are located outside so they have drive-up access, which is convenient when moving bulky items.

El Paso self storage units without climate control can be rented for an average of $95 per month.

El Paso, TX, self storage offers climate control in many facilities

In climate-controlled storage units, humidity and temperature levels are carefully regulated. They are therefore suitable for items adversely affected by extreme weather conditions. Paperwork, antique furniture and valuable clothing fall into this category.

There are 52 facilities in El Paso that offer climate-controlled storage units.

The average rent for a climate-controlled storage unit in El Paso is around $113 per month.

RV storage units in El Paso, TX

RVing is an increasingly popular activity in and around El Paso. Annual RV sales in Texas, at around $2.4B clearly show the degree of interest for this pastime. Many residents love using motorhomes and other recreational vehicles for short weekend trips or longer vacations. However, while not in use, RVs need a place where they can be safely stored. Fortunately, many self storage facilities in El Paso offer units or parking spaces large enough to house an RV.

You can find 10 self storage facilities that offer RV storage services in El Paso.

Renting an RV unit in El Paso costs around $122 per month.

El Paso, TX, self storage has provision for many types of vehicles

Owning cars or motorbikes can be a problem in a city if your accommodation has no parking space, and El Paso — where 93,238 households own a vehicle — is no exception. Even with a garage, you might own more than one car. Fortunately, storage spaces are available for them in El Paso. Some are outdoors while others are indoor units giving full protection.

There are 9 storage facilities in El Paso providing vehicle storage.

The cost of renting vehicle storage in El Paso averages out at $133 per month.

Boat storage in El Paso, TX, for boating fans

Residents of El Paso are passionate about boating and other related activities such as fishing and water sports, which creates extra self storage demand. There are about 575,402 boats registered in the entire state, and some of them are right here in El Paso. If you are a El Paso resident that owns a boat, you also need a space to keep it while it is not in use. Fortunately, local self storage facilities can provide you with boat storage options.

You can find about 5 facilities in El Paso that rent storage units suitable for boats.

The average monthly rent for boat storage in El Paso stands at around $115.

Here's how self storage in El Paso, TX, benefits you

Self storage can be used in many situations by the residents of El Paso, helping them with life events such as moving, renovating and downsizing, or simply ensuring that they are able to maintain a neat and tidy home, with extra belongings kept safe in a storage unit close by.

Moving can be made easier by using El Paso, TX, self storage services

Many people are choosing El Paso as their new home – there are 676,395 residents currently, and around 96,943 people decided to move to El Paso in 2021 alone. Newcomers are making the most of what El Paso has to offer but moving can be stressful and time consuming.

Compared to 10 years ago, El Paso's population grew 3.94%.

Here's how the population of El Paso changed over the last 10 years:

Numbers are total population figures in El Paso, TX, as per the U.S. Census.

Renting a self storage unit in El Paso, located close to your new home, will help make the moving process a lot easier. Whether you're dealing with a long-distance or a local move, you can take or ship your belongings to the storage unit, as you pack them, turning moving day into a far easier task.

How self storage in El Paso, TX, assists the local housing market

El Paso has a housing market made up of 60% homeowners and 40% renters. 4% of adult residents in Texas live in multigenerational households. On average, an apartment in El Paso offers about 818 sq. ft. The average size of all homes in El Paso is 1,564. Homes in El Paso come with 2 bedrooms more commonly than with any other configuration.

If you cannot store all your possessions at home, rent a self storage unit to get extra space.

Self storage in El Paso, TX, can be used by college students over summer break

El Paso has 11 universities, and its academic tradition encourages thousands of students to come here in order to pursue higher education. The majority of the students leave El Paso and their dorm rooms over the summer break, which means they need storage space to keep their belongings until the fall semester starts. The self storage facilities located close to the campuses often provide special deals to college students trying to rent a self storage unit over summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find self storage near me?

If you’re looking for a place to safely store less-frequently-used items and personal belongings of all types and sizes, look no further than a storage unit near your home or close to your business so you have access to your stuff at any time, hassle-free. RentCafe listings provide you with a variety of storage facilities, unit sizes, prices and amenities to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. You can now easily search for self storage facilities in your neighborhood or ZIP code, wherever you are in the U.S. You are only one search away from finding the perfect home for your belongings in El Paso, TX!

The demographic data is from proprietary websites, Yardi Matrix and the 2021 American Community Survey (the latest U.S. Census Bureau release). No guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of information used for specific neighborhoods and/or ZIP Codes.

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