Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the ideal storage unit size

Self storage is an increasingly popular service that comes in handy when you need extra room to keep various items away from your home. Whether you are looking to store your camping gear or golf clubs, boxes packed with miscellaneous items, some old furniture or a small boat, self storage can help.

There are several standard unit sizes to consider, including small units (5'x5') and large units (10'x10', 10'x15'). Small units are suitable for a few miscellaneous items and some boxes whereas larger units can hold the contents of a 2-bedroom home. There are also extra-large units such as the 20'x20', similar in size to two-car garages. They can generally fit the contents of multi-bedroom homes as well as different types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to ATVs and smaller RVs and boats.

To help you decide on the type of storage unit you need, we've created a guide to walk you through each unit size. Naturally, it depends on how many things you plan to store, if they are bulky or not, and also on your organizational skills. Keeping your storage unit organized is essential for maximizing space and for easily accessing your items whenever you need them.

Below, check out the most common storage unit sizes and how much can fit inside them!

5'x5' Storage Units

One of the smallest unit sizes available, the 5'x5' unit might be able to fit your belongings if you are looking to store a few relatively compact items. This type of unit can accommodate a small desk, an office chair, seasonal items, hobby gear and a few boxes.

If you're a minimalist, this unit size is perfect for storing some household items that you're using only some times of the year, including seasonal clothing, popcorn makers and other less frequently used kitchenware, and holiday decorations.

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5'x5' storage unit size

5'x10' Storage Units

When remodeling your apartment, you should consider going for a 5'x10' storage unit. It is the perfect size for storing small furniture items such as coffee tables, nightstands and lamps, plus a number of moving boxes.

The 5'x10' unit is also popular with college students looking for a place to store their dorm room stuff over the summer months.

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5'x10' storage unit size

10'x10' Storage Units

If you need a medium-sized self storage unit, the 10'x10' type, also referred to as the standard unit size, might be ideal for you. It is as large as an average bathroom or a small bedroom.

A 10'x10' unit can be the best one for families looking for a place to keep extra furniture and appliances that are not used on a daily basis. Outdoor furniture, seasonal gear and bulky clothing are some of the items that are also frequently stored in this type of unit.

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10'x10' storage unit size

10'x15' Storage Units

Larger units are great for storing belongings that would normally fill several rooms.

The 10'x15' storage unit is as large as a spacious bedroom and has a volume of about 1,200 cubic feet. It can accommodate the contents of a couple of rooms and can be ideal for families moving from an average-sized two-bedroom home.

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10'x15' storage unit size

10'x20' Storage Units

When you need to store a lot of bulky items, a large-sized unit is called for. A 10'x20' unit can help by temporarily housing them. You can store couches, wardrobes, double beds, kitchen appliances and many boxes inside a 10'x20' unit.

This unit is ideal for families not only when they are moving but also when they are staying put, helping them keep their homes uncluttered. A car can also be kept in a unit of this size.

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10'x20' storage unit size

10'x30' Storage Units

Renting a 10'x30' space is suitable for storing most kinds of vehicle, whether it is a vintage car, a campervan, a pickup truck or even a small boat.

This unit size is also ideal for families that are moving, remodeling their houses, or leaving the country long-term. Additionally, businesses can also use this space to store tools, bulky equipment and merchandise.

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10'x30' storage unit size

Quick Overview of Storage Unit Sizes

Selecting the correct size of a storage unit is essential for making the most of the space you’re renting away from home to hold your belongings. The size you choose also has a big influence on the price you’ll be paying for your storage unit, making it even more important to choose the right unit for your needs.

We've summarized the key things you need to consider before booking a storage unit in the infographic below.

Storage Unit Size Guide Infographic

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