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Storage units in Sacramento, CA - 76 facilities available

A Guide to Sacramento, City of Trees

The city of Sacramento is the state capital of California and the seat of Sacramento County. With a population of around 500,000, Sacramento is not only the 6th largest city in California, but also the 9th largest capital in the United States.

What to Know Before Moving to Sacramento, CA?

California has a reputation for being on the pricey side, yet if you’re considering a move to the West Coast, the city of Sacramento might just be your best bet. So, here’s what you need to know before your move.

Is Sacramento a good place to live?

The city of Sacramento has been ranked highly, for instance for its diversity and its cultural scene. Sacramento is also surprisingly green, with the city’s streets lined and shaded with trees, not only earning it a nickname but also a reputation as a healthy city.


Sacramento offers a wealth of employment opportunities in the public administration sector, which is also one of the highest paying industries in the city. Health care and social assistance also provides plenty of job offers. The professional, scientific and technical services industry is also a popular field for job hunters looking for an employer offering interesting and well-paid work.


The median household income in Sacramento was $73,142 in 2018, which is significantly larger than the Los Angeles figure. Another aspect worth pointing out is the fact that the median household income in Sacramento has generally been increasing quite substantially over the years.


Sacramento is situated at the junction of several major US interstate highways. While this offers easy access to various areas across the States, it is also the cause for heavy traffic, especially at peak times. The average commute time is 24.8 minutes, though 3.09% of the residents have ‘super commutes’ of 90 minutes or longer. Public transport is provided by the Sacramento Regional Transit District, with a fleet of 274 buses and 76 light-rail vehicles.


Home to several museums, historic attractions, theatre venues, a ballet and a philharmonic orchestra, Sacramento offers great entertainment opportunities for those with a cultural streak. Those who enjoy eating out are also spoiled for choice, and with Sacramento being ‘America's Farm-to-Fork Capital,’ you can rest assured that the food you’ll be tasting is not just top quality but also locally grown.

What is Sacramento famous for?

Founded in 1850, the city is rife with history as well as ghost stories, with some areas reported to be haunted, especially the underground. After a significant flood in 1862, the old city was deemed uninhabitable, and most of modern Sacramento is built on top of a vast gallery of tunnels that used to be its streets.

Sacramento is lush with greenery, not just along the streets but also through its many parks and recreation centers, with the 23-mile-long American River Parkway being a particularly popular attraction.

What Does the Moving Process to Sacramento, CA Involve?

If Sacramento sounds like the sort of place you’d like to live in, take a moment to look through the available listings, ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom homes and luxury condos. The average rent for an 823 sq. ft. apartment is $1,443, yet prices can range from $944 to $2,725, depending on the neighborhood. When looking for a place to live, it’s also best to check whether the rental comes with its own AC system, or at least be prepared to buy and install one yourself. The hot, humid weather will make you consider the benefits of one before you know it.

It’s also necessary to bear in mind that you have 20 days to register your vehicle, which is a shorter time frame than in most states. Registering your kids in school, hooking up utilities, registering to vote and finding a job will also take time, so plan your moving calendar accordingly.

What are the costs of moving to Sacramento, CA?

California is a popular moving destination, and the city of Sacramento is no exception. Out-of-state moves are also typically more expensive as a result, with people moving from Washington State paying around $3,800-$4,200 per move, and those coming from Colorado needing $4,000-$4,500, for example. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, moving from Nevada might cost $3,200-$,3500.

For out-of-city moves, the average cost for a 3-hour move that requires 2 helpers and 1 truck is $334. The average cost per hour is $80, although you can find moving companies that charge as little as $50.

What Are the Storage Options in Sacramento, CA?

Relocating to a new city packs all the excitement that comes with the prospect of starting a new chapter in your life, but also a fair amount of moving-related stress. An easy and affordable way to deal with that is to consider renting a storage facility, and Sacramento ticks all the boxes in that regard. With 76 self storage facilities across town, you can be sure that your belongings will be kept in a clean, dry and secure spot until you’re ready to really settle in. You can find units as cheap as $21 for a 12 sq. ft. space or going up to $785 for a 1,150 sq. ft. unit that will host anything from furniture and appliances to a grand piano. Start your search for the best Sacramento storage space for you at RENTCafe.com.

Looking for a self-storage unit to rent in Sacramento? Browse 76 storage facilities in Sacramento, CA, that offer clean, dry and secure self-storage units.

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