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Storage units in Anaheim, CA
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A Guide to Anaheim, CA, The Heart of Orange County

Best known as the home of Disneyland, Anaheim is also the most populated city in Orange County, California, with a population of around 350,000. Boasting a prime location, it’s just a short drive from downtown LA, Long Beach, and an array of stunning state and regional parks. Vibrant and diverse, the city is made up of historical downtown districts, thriving commercial centers, and numerous residential neighborhoods.

What to know before moving to Anaheim, CA

This self-contained city offers up many opportunities for employment, entertainment and education. Various neighborhoods cater for different budgets and needs, and despite the high population, Anaheim is far less crowded than other cities in the LA metroplex.

Proximity to a number of sites of natural beauty, paired with great weather, allow for a wealth of outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, camping and golf. Indeed, Anaheim frequently ranks among the top 15 cities in the US for outdoor activities, as well as being one of the healthiest.

If Anaheim sounds like the city for you, here’s what you need to know.

Why and when is self storage useful for Anaheim residents?

Many residents find that renting a storage unit in Anaheim is extremely useful throughout the year. From students to business owners, or just those looking for a little extra space, there are fantastic options for everyone.

With its Mediterranean climate and hot, sunny weather, many business owners seek out units that offer climate control. This way, large quantities of fragile items can be kept out of the heat

Anaheim is home to 3 private colleges offering a wide array of graduate programs. For students who may not be in town throughout the year, a storage unit can be extremely handy. During the summer break when many students move out of their apartments, it’s much easier to keep belongings in storage, ready to move when they return.

How can self storage help you enjoy local attractions in and around Anaheim?

Anaheim is a fantastic place to indulge in a number of outdoor activities. Surrounded by state parks, hills and lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about. With self storage, you can ensure your bulky camping, fishing, golf and cycling gear is kept safe, without taking up valuable space at home.

Additionally, as the ocean is not far from Anaheim, there are also plenty of possibilities for sailing, kayaking, surfing, and much more. A storage unit will mean you can store your own boat and other equipment in a safe and accessible location.

Other vehicles can also be stored with ease. For example, each October, car enthusiasts are drawn to Anaheim, which hosts the Orange County Auto Show. Many participants keep their vintage cars safely tucked away in a storage unit, where they remain in great condition until the main event.

As a winemaking region, there are plenty of excellent wines available in Orange County. If you’re a bit of a collector, a storage unit can be a great way to keep them all in one place. With humidity and climate control, you can ensure the optimum storage conditions.

How can self storage improve the process of moving to Anaheim?

Hiring a storage unit in Anaheim can be a real help before, during and after the moving process. Before you move into your new home, you can start moving your worldly possessions to Anaheim in advance. As a benefit, not everything has to arrive at the same time, so you don’t have to rush to move out of your previous home.

During the moving process you can be sure that if there are any delays that prevent you from moving in on time, there’s somewhere for you to store your possessions. And, once you’ve moved in and settled down, having self storage can be useful if you choose to renovate or redecorate, as you’ll have somewhere to leave your furniture.

Storage units come in many sizes, with various features. Students may only need a small unit to keep their things in while they’re out of town, whereas families will typically require a larger unit.

What are the storage options in Anaheim, CA?

There are 1,483 storage units in and around Anaheim, each boasting an array of fantastic facilities and amenities. From climate control and 24-hour security, to drive-up access and vehicle storage, you can be sure that, whatever your needs, you’re covered.

Units are available in sizes ranging from around 8 sq ft, right up to sprawling spaces covering more than 2,500 sq. ft. On average, you can expect to pay $166 per month for a standard 10×10 unit without climate control.

To explore all of your self storage options in Anaheim, head to rentcafe.com.

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