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Storage units in Modesto, CA
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A Guide to Modesto, CA; Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health

The City of Modesto is in Stanislaus County, where it serves as the county seat. With a population of around 212,600, it’s also the largest city in the county. Regardless of that, much of the city enjoys a more suburban feel rather than a crowded urban vibe. Situated more or less in the very center of California, Modesto enjoys a great location, with easy access to a range of large cities and beautiful nature reserves, including Yosemite.

What to know before moving to Modesto, CA

Surrounded by miles of rich farmland, Modesto is fueled by agriculture, which is reflected in the number of stunning farm-to-fork restaurants in the city. Its location in the Central Valley also ensures there are plenty of opportunities to leave the city behind and enjoy the great outdoors. While Modesto isn’t ideal for commuting to larger employment hubs, that does drive the price of houses down, making the city one of the most affordable in California. Modesto is also recognized as one of the most diverse cities in California, attracting people from all walks of life.

If you’re planning to move to Modesto, CA, here’s what you need to know.

Why and when is self storage useful for Modesto residents?

Modesto’s climate is characterized by mild winters with moderate rainfall and hot, dry summers. Indeed, summer temperatures can become extremely hot, which can cause damage to certain items if left too long in the sun. Collector's items, such as baseball cards and works of art, are particularly sensitive to direct sunlight. Ideally, they should be stored in a climate-controlled unit to ensure they remain at their best.

Vehicles can also suffer from hot temperatures and direct sun, with tires drying out, reduced battery life and faded paint. Again, a climate-controlled storage unit can be a superb solution, especially if you seldom use your vehicle.

In winter, storms are not uncommon, bringing with them heavy rain. Some areas of the city do not have a full storm sewer system, which can mean that flooding is sometimes an issue. If your home is in a high-risk area, hiring a storage unit over winter can keep your valuables safe from danger.

How can self storage help you enjoy local attractions in and around Modesto?

Modesto is home to the largest family-run vineyard in the US. If you’re something of a wine aficionado and have a growing collection, a storage unit can be an excellent place to keep your wine at its best. With climate-control, you can keep your collection in the optimum conditions, drastically prolonging the shelf life.

Situated on the banks of the Tuolumne River and surrounded by natural beauty, fishing and rafting are both common pastimes in Modesto. If you own your own watercraft, be it a boat, a kayak, a canoe, or a raft, many storage facilities in the city offer boat storage, saving you a lot of space at home. Likewise, a standard storage unit can be ideal for storing bulky fishing equipment.

How can self storage improve the process of moving to Modesto?

If you’re planning to move to Modesto, CA, self storage can be a superb way to ensure the entire moving process runs smoothly. By hiring a storage unit in advance, you can start packing far earlier, moving things into storage rather than filling up the home. This is a far more organized way of doing things, allowing you to concentrate on other important tasks as moving day nears.

When the time to move arrives, you can also move into your new home at your own pace, rather than having all your possessions arrive at once. This is also an ideal solution in case of delays with your move-in date.

What are the storage options in Modesto, CA?

There are around 1,301 storage units in Modesto, CA. An array of features are available, such as climate control, vehicle storage and 24-hour access. In general, you can expect to pay around $125 per month for a standard 10×10 unit without climate control. Unit sizes typically range from 9 to 1,150 sq, ft.

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