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Storage units in Stockton, CA
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A Guide to Stockton, CA: California's Sunrise Seaport

Situated on the banks of the San Joaquin River, Stockton is a city and the county seat of San Joaquin County, California. With a population of just under 310,000, the city offers a dense suburban vibe. Stockton has its origins in the California Gold Rush, when its port served as a gateway to California’s central valley.

What to know before moving to Stockton, CA

Surrounded by the many waterways that make up the California Delta, as well as acres of fertile farmland, Stockton enjoys a terrific location. Mountains, forests and national parks — including the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite — lie to the east, while San Francisco Bay and the ocean are around 80 miles west.

With so much natural beauty all around, it ranks as one of the best cities for outdoor activities in the US. In addition, it’s among the top ten most diverse cities in America, attracting people from all walks of life.

If Stockton sounds like your sort of city, here’s what you need to know.

Why and when is self storage useful for Stockton residents?

Stockton is home to a number of universities and colleges, and a sizable student population lives in the city for much of the year. When they’re required to leave their accommodation over the holidays, students can make excellent use of a storage unit. By storing the bulk of their belongings in a unit, they can avoid taking everything back home at the end of each academic year.

While Stockton enjoys a largely hot and dry climate, flooding can be a concern in some areas. Levees protect the city but can fail in extreme circumstances. Hiring a storage unit is a superb way to protect against the potential risk, with January and February typically being the wettest months.

During the hot summers, a climate-controlled unit can keep temperature-sensitive belongings safe. Things such as photos, antiques, musical instruments, collections, and even documents, can benefit from cool storage conditions.

How can self storage help you enjoy local attractions in and around Stockton?

As Stockton is one of the best places for outdoor activities in the US, residents love to head into the mountains, forests and waterways to partake in an array of sports. With so much water around, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and jet skiing are all popular activities.

These larger items are likely to take up a lot of space at home. However, a storage unit offers a superb alternative, ensuring safety and convenience. Camping gear, bicycles, rock climbing equipment and other bulky outdoor sports gear can also be stored out of sight in self storage.

Stockton is located near some of the finest vineyards and wineries in the US. If you're an aficionado, a climate-controlled storage unit can be an ideal way to keep them at their best.

How can self storage improve the process of moving to Stockton?

While you’re planning your move to Stockton, CA, it’s worth considering renting a storage unit. Self storage can help you throughout the moving process. As you begin to move out of your former home, you can send the items you don’t use regularly to self storage, clearing space in the house and improving the packing process. This can relieve a lot of packing-related stress and lets you work at your own pace.

During the move, it’s a comfort to know that with self storage you have a backup plan in case of delays. If you can’t move in on the planned date for some reason or other, you’ll know that your belongings can be kept safe. Even if everything goes smoothly, it’s nice to start life in your new home not surrounded by packing boxes, but instead bringing things from your storage unit in your own time.

What are the storage options in Stockton, CA?

There are around 2,106 storage units throughout Stockton, each offering numerous amenities. From climate and humidity control, to boat storage and 24-hour access, you’re bound to find a solution that works for you.

In terms of size, units range from around 15 sq. ft. up to more than 700 sq ft. A typical 10×10 unit without climate control will generally cost $118 per month.

You can discover all your storage options in Stockton, CA, at rentcafe.com.

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Self-storage unit prices in Stockton start as low as $84 per month. Reserve your self-storage unit today!