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Storage units in Charlotte, NC
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A Quick Guide to Living in Charlotte, NC and Making the Move

From appreciation of its history to showcasing modern culture, Charlotte offers a wide array of diverse culture and interesting learning experiences. With show-stopping national sports teams and world-renowned art and cuisine, plus plenty of southern sunshine, everyone can find something to enjoy in North Carolina’s largest city. Before you start looking for the place of your dreams here, learn everything you need to know about Charlotte!

What is Great about Charlotte?


Whether you like educational endeavors or a night out on the town, Charlotte has entertainment options for all tastes. For a start, you could take a guided history tour of Downtown. Or if you want to live it up a little more, why not take the city’s comedy tour!

If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ve come to the right place. Check out a Carolina Panthers football game at Bank of America Stadium or catch a pop fly at a Charlotte Knights’ baseball game. Or if you’re looking for something faster, you could spend the day racing through sports history at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.


Given Charlotte’s size, it isn’t hard to imagine that this major city has a bustling job market. Beating out both the state and national averages, Charlotte boasts an average yearly income of around $61,000. This statistic is based on the over 464,000 people employed in the Charlotte area.


Mobility in the city is provided by the Charlotte Area Transit System, or ‘CATS.’ This provides transportation options with a rapid bus system called the ‘Sprinter,’ the light rail transit system called the ‘LYNX Blue Line,’ and a streetcar system called the ‘CityLYNX Gold Line.’ Together, these buses, streetcars, and light rails connect some major areas of the city and surrounding suburbs.

What is Charlotte Famous For?

Charlotte is most known for its rich American history. Founded in 1768, Charlotte became known as the ‘Queen City’ after it was named for King George III’s wife. It later became the site of the nation’s first operating gold mine after a 17-pound nugget was found in North Carolina soil.

Given its colorful and lengthy historical past, it won’t come as a shock to hear that Charlotte is also well known for its historical figures who stuck around after death! One of the city’s many ghost tours can show visitors where the past still lingers today.

Why Move to Charlotte, North Carolina?


Located near the southeastern coast, North Carolina provides a wide range of weather but without going to extremes. Lounge through a summer of sunshine and cozy up by the fire during a snowy winter.


A move to Charlotte could be just the thing you need to jumpstart a new career! Many major companies call Charlotte their home, creating job opportunities for various sectors of the workforce. To name a few, Bank of America, Lowe’s, and Brighthouse Financial are all promising options in the area.


To get ready for those new career opportunities, Charlotte also offers some great options for education. For the younger crowd, there are 28 high schools in the Charlotte area that cater to all the local students’ needs. With almost a 90% graduation rate, these high schools seem to be doing the job well. If you’re reaching for higher education, colleges like The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College welcome new applicants. The percent of college-educated residents in Charlotte is a whopping 13% higher than the state average of 30%.

What Does the Moving Process to Charlotte involve?

When making a move, the first priority is finding the perfect place to rent. Make a list of your important criteria and check out the places available around town. The city’s prominence and size gives it the ability to offer a wide selection of renting options to suit any preference.

The location and abundance of renting options means that Charlotte can give its residents more space for their money. On average, renters are paying $1,243 monthly for a 944-square-foot apartment. This offers more bang for your buck than in many other major cities.

After finding a place, the next priority is finding the best moving company to get your things safely to your new home. Charlotte can provide endless options for local or in-state moves. The Road Haugs Moving & Storage company boasts the Google Guarantee and ‘My Moving’ and ‘Sir Walter Moving’ both have 5-star Google ratings from customers.

For out-of-state or cross-country moves, turning to national companies is your best option. International Van Lines and Best Cross Country Movers are both 5-star rated and have been nationally recognized for their outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

What Are the Costs of Moving?

The cost of your move will always depend on the amount of things you need to move and the distance. For a local or in-state move, Charlotte movers charge around $65 an hour. Moving a one-bedroom apartment usually takes around 4 hours, accruing a labor cost of about $260. After labor, you’ll need to take into account the typical tip of around $20 per mover for great service.

Longer moves come with some different costs. Instead of hourly rates, national movers typically charge a flat rate depending on the bulk of the move and the distance. After the initial quote, you’ll need to plan for an average tip of around $200-$300 for a job well done.

What Are the Storage Options in Charlotte?

Charlotte’s storage market is as diverse as the city itself. You can easily find storage facilities in every area of the city, with sizes varying between small 5x5 units that can hold a few important belongings like sports equipment or holiday decorations to large 20x25 units that can house up to a fully furnished 4-bedroom home and garage.

Storage units can start as low as $15 a month, all the while giving you peace of mind that your possessions are kept safe. While storing year-round is a helpful option for many people, storage units can also lend a hand in streamlining your move. Store boxes and furniture while you unpack and keep things organized without having to flood your new apartment with package after package.

Charlotte combines the hospitality of the South with the culture and vibrancy of a town with a rich history. Find the place for you here and invest in a storage unit to make your move a breeze. Check out all the storage options in Charlotte before settling into your new home!

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