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A Guide to Philadelphia and Making the Move

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is best known for its rich history and iconic landmarks. Those looking for culture and charm can find it winding through every cobblestoned street and centuries-old archway. Looking to make Philly your new home? Find out everything you need to know here.

What’s Great about Philadelphia, PA?


Philly offers no shortage of opportunities for you to brush up on your history and tour some of America’s most monumental landmarks. Snap a selfie with the Liberty Bell or take a museum tour down Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For some modern culture, check out the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where ‘Rocky’ struck his legendary pose or have someone take your picture by the famous “LOVE” sculpture.


Getting you around between those landmarks is another way Philly has you covered. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority provides buses, rail lines, trollies, and subways that connect all major areas of the city and venture out to the suburbs.

Job Market

If a new career is on the horizon for you, Philly is a great place to check out some options. Mega-companies like AmerisourceBergen, Comcast, and Genesis Healthcare Inc. all base their operations out of Philly, creating thousands of jobs.

What is Philadelphia Famous For?

Philly is most notably known as the birthplace of the United States. In Independence Hall, the founders of our great country wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. This gives the city an aura of deep history and value, surrounding its locals with reminders of their forebears.

Another famous Philadelphia institution is the Philly cheesesteak sandwich! Originating in the city in the 1930’s, this sub has become a cheesy go-to for food-lovers worldwide. It was invented by a South Philly hotdog vender one day after a trip to the local butcher’s stop.

If the cheesesteak isn’t for you, drop by the nation’s oldest farmers’ market. The Reading Terminal Market offers a wide variety of food from many cultures and traditions, and in particular showcases Pennsylvania’s famous Dutch cuisine.

Why Move to Philadelphia


Relocating to Philadelphia can end up being a smart financial move! The city and its residents boast an average yearly income of $68,572, which outpaces both the state average at $59,195 and the national average at $60,336. This means Philly residents have some flexibility regarding their personal money management.


If you’re moving in search in educational opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Philadelphia has a reputable 82% high school graduation rate and 26% of its residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition to its 49 high schools, Philadelphia also has higher education options such as The University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, Temple University, and many others.


Philadelphia is the largest and busiest city in Pennsylvania, making it a hub for activity and excitement. The city is home to a large airport, many attractive suburbs, and a professional football team, The Philadelphia Eagles.

What Does the Moving Process to Philadelphia Involve?

Given the city’s size and population, there are ample housing possibilities in Philadelphia for any newcomer looking to make the move. Consider your needs carefully and check out what’s available!

Those looking for some bang for their buck when it comes to square footage in a big city can find some great deals in Philly. The average monthly rent payment is $1,628 for an 800 square-foot apartment, which is a little more room than it would be in some other large cities. While that might be the average, Philly has a wide range of options from bargain places to extravagant buys!

The quickest way to make the move into a new place easier is to find the right moving company. Luckily, Philly has many wonderful options that customers rave about. For a shorter move, check out some local companies like Broad Street Movers, Philly Van Man Inc, or Eversafe Moving Co. For those longer distance relocations, look into some national options such as Long Distance Movers or East Coast West Coast Express.

What are the Costs of Moving to Philadelphia?

Moving companies can be a huge help in the relocation process, but they come at a price. How much will the help put you back? For shorter moves, Philly moving companies typically charge around $103 an hour for a one-bedroom apartment. Even with the usual tip of around $20 a mover for great service, these companies keep moving affordable.

For longer moves, national companies will have slightly different rates. On average, a move from New York to Philly will cost anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. For these types of moves, a tip of around $200 is usual for service you would tell your friends about!

What are the Storage Options in Philadelphia?

Even with the help of moving companies, getting your new place set up can be challenging and stressful. Take some of the heat off by finding great storage options near your new rental! Getting an extra bedroom to house your leftover boxes or extra furniture can add hundreds of dollars to your rent, but storage units in Philadelphia go for as low as $30 a month. This can save you money as well as save you the trouble of trying to shove all those winter sweaters into your one and only closet.

In addition to year-round storage, units can help with the hassle of moving in the short-term. Instead of trying to sort through all your belongings at once, keep some stored in boxes out of the way and bring them into your new property in manageable stages.

Philadelphia offers history, culture, and a fresh perspective for new residents. Finding moving companies right for you and a new place to call home gets you one step closer to becoming a Philly local, but make sure you check out all the storage rental options near you to make the move quick and painless!

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