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Virginia’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes – It Takes Over $2.2K/Month to Rent in Arlington’s Priciest ZIP Codes

Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Virginia

Key takeaways:

  • Virginia’s #1 most expensive ZIP code is Arlington’s 22209 with an average of $2,348
  • 22209 together with adjacent 22201 form a cluster of pricey rental rates across the river from D.C.
  • Supply levels remained overwhelmingly unchanged in the 50 most expensive Virginia ZIP codes over the past 12 months
  • 22102 in McLean bucked trends by expanding its stock by 10.8%, while 20191 in Reston pumped up rental rates by 8.9%

Reigning as Virginia’s #1 most expensive ZIP code for renters, 22209 in Arlington boasts an average rent of $2,348, according to Yardi Matrix. This is close to $1,000 over the national average, which clocked in at $1,354 in September. Supply levels remained unchanged across most Virginia ZIP codes, reflecting national trends. Although apartment construction nationally is at its highest level in 20 years, demand is still strong across the nation—especially since 64% of new supply is concentrated in the top 20 U.S. metros. Out of the top 50 most expensive Virginia ZIP codes, 22102 in McLean expanded its stock the most, by 10.8%

The interactive table below allows you to take a detailed look at Virginia’s top 50 most expensive ZIP codes for renters. Use the search box or click on the header of each column to sort results according to your preferences.

Top Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Virginia

#ZIP CodeCityCountyAverage Rent
922046Falls ChurchFalls Church$1,943
1622042Falls ChurchFairfax$1,823
2322043Falls ChurchFairfax$1,747
2820170 (Tie)HerndonFairfax$1,708
2920120 (Tie)CentrevilleFairfax$1,708
3822044Falls ChurchFairfax$1,583
4122191WoodbridgePrince William$1,553
4422041Falls ChurchFairfax$1,521
4720111ManassasPrince William$1,482
4822192WoodbridgePrince William$1,461
4920110ManassasPrince William$1,452

At a monthly average of $2,348, Virginia’s #1 most expensive ZIP code is 22209 in Arlington. Pricey rental options abound here, with apartments going for as much as $4,000 at Rosslyn Heights, $4,100 at London Normandy House and even $9,110 at Central Place. Stock levels remained unchanged in 22209, and so did the average rent. But as the 2nd and 3rd priciest ZIP codes for renters, 22207 and 22201 are located right next to 22209, it makes sense to discuss this area as a cluster of high-priced ZIP codes for Virginia renters. Rents in these two adjacent ZIP codes clock in at $2,295 and $2,239, respectively. Rental rates have increased by 5.3% on average in 22207, partly due to a drastic inventory loss—almost 11% of last year’s rental stock had seeped away over the past 12 months. In 22201 rents ticked up 0.3% year-over-year, while supply expanded 6.3%. Together, these ZIPs cover neighborhoods such as Old Glebe, Donaldson Run, Cherrydale, Waverly Hills, Ballston, Virginia Square, Ashton Heights, Lyon Village, Colonial Village, North Rosslyn and Fort Myer. As such, Virginia’s top priciest ZIP cluster offers easy access to high-paying government jobs at The Pentagon and across the river in D.C., as well as access to a vibrant cultural scene, nightlife and foodscape.

With an average rent of $2,202, Arlington’s 22202 is Virginia’s #2 top most expensive ZIP area for renters. rents have expanded by 1.4% compared to the year-ago figure here, while the inventory has grown by 2%. Located across the Potomac from Washington D.C.’s Southwest Waterfront, 22202 covers Crystal City, Aurora Highlands, Pentagon City, The Pentagon and Arlington Ridge, as well as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. High profile rental options include the up to at $5,235/month 220 Twentieth Street, Crystal Towers where rents go as high as $5,300, and The Bartlett at up to $6,000.

Virginia’s #3 most expensive area for renters is 22102 in McLean. Rents here clock in at an average of $2,206, despite a 1.5% year-over-year contraction. Going against statewide trends, the supply exploded, adding 10.8% to the year-ago figure in the pricey Fairfax County ZIP. Covering the neighborhood of Tysons Corner and parts of McLean Town, high-priced rental options in 22102 include Post Tysons Corner where rents go as high as $3,500, and Highgate at the Mile, where the most expensive units go for $7,400 per month.

ZIP 22209 in Arlington is the most expensive ZIP code in Virginia, with the average rent clocking in at $2,348.  Curious to see if other states’ priciest ZIPs can take Virginia on? Just move your cursor to another state boundary.

  • Data compilation, analysis, and mapping done by RENTCafe using rent and construction data provided by Yardi Matrix, a RENTCafe sister company.
  • The average rent figures in this article were calculated from the actual rents charged in apartment buildings with at least 50 rental units, located in 125 U.S. markets, totaling approximately 15 million apartment units.
  • ZIP codes with less than 200 rental units and less than 3 properties were excluded from the calculations.
  • Rent pricies are for apartments only, no single-family homes or townhomes were included.

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