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5 of the Best Self Storage Properties in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, the third-biggest city in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville, has much to recommend it. There’s the great weather and the wonderful beaches — not to mention the Sunshine State’s legendary attractions nearby — and its cost of living and accommodation are well below those of Magic City on the other side of the peninsula. Being a city with around 400,000 people, and also the hub of a metropolitan area with more than three million, the place naturally has a great range of museums, galleries and theater venues to keep both residents and visitors entertained.

Tampa is clearly a good place to move to, and there are a lot of companies in the area in the financial, insurance and healthcare sectors. In addition, StorageCafe recently rated it the best destination for digital nomads in the USA, emphasizing its wide range of attributes that appeal to people who work online. Anyone thinking about moving here should consider renting a Tampa self storage unit where they can put their stuff while they are looking for the perfect place to live in the area.

Here are five of the best self storage facilities in Tampa:

1. Peoples Storage – 12225 North 56th Street

This Peoples Storage facility is situated to the north east of the city center and serves Temple Terrace, with Uptown Tampa also not far away. It provides storage close to the University of South Florida — useful for students who have had to find a place to put their belongings after they had to leave their campus rooms due to the pandemic. It is less than half an hour’s drive from both Downtown and Tampa International Airport.

Both indoor units and those with drive-up access are offered at this facility, there are security cameras in place, and an onsite manager is present to handle all inquiries. Climate control is an option here, and 5’x5’ storage units which feature it rent for $62 while those without it can be had for $51 per month.

Peoples Storage facility at 12225 North 56th Street in Tampa Florida
Peoples Storage facility at 12225 North 56th Street in Tampa Florida

2. LifeStorage – 815 East Fletcher Avenue

This storage operation, run by the LifeStorage group, is situated on the other side of the University of South Florida from the previous facility. It is close to the neighborhoods known as University and Azure Estates and it is also not far from the residential areas just east of Lake Magdelene.

The facility offers both units with drive-up access and indoor lockers, and there is 24-hour access here. Security is enhanced with surveillance cameras, and an onsite manger is on hand to answer questions. Rates start at $28 for a non-climate-controlled 5’x5’ unit and at $33 for a climate-controlled one of the same size. Larger units include the garage-sized 10’x20’ type for $149 per month (non-climate-controlled) and go up to as large as 15’x30’ and 19’x44’.

3. Public Storage – 3413 West Hillsborough Avenue

This Public Storage facility lies just a short distance north west of Downtown Tampa and is near the city’s airport. It serves the neighborhoods of Drew Park, Plaza Terrace, Wellswood and Oak Park. The premises have gated access with drive-up access to units, and there are also indoor lockers.

Many different unit sizes are available, and a 5’x9’ climate-controlled locker can be rented for $42 per month, for example. At the other end of the range, the largest units cover a floor space of around 350 sq. ft. and cost about $300 a month. In addition, 9’x15’ (135 sq. ft.) parking spaces can be rented here for $70 per month.

StorQuest facility at 3413 West Hillsborough Avenue
StorQuest facility at 3413 West Hillsborough Avenue

4. StorQuest Self Storage – 3820 West Fair Oaks Avenue

StorQuest operate this facility halfway down the peninsula that extends south from Tampa. It not only provides storage solutions for residents of the Sun Bay South and Fair Oak – Manhattan Manor neighborhoods but also for the personnel of the MacDill Air Force Base, which is situated a little further south. Parking space here is plentiful and there are both indoor units and those with drive-up access.

The range of storage options begins with 4’x5’ non-climate-controlled and 3’x5’ climate-controlled lockers, renting at $21 and $49 per month respectively. Garage-sized 10’x20’ units cost from $166-$332, depending on whether climate control and other features are required. The most spacious units on offer cover 248 sq. ft. and cost $229 a month.

5. CubeSmart Self Storage – 4310 West Gandy Blvd

CubeSmart, the US’s 4th largest self-storage company, built this facility in the same area as the previous entry in this list, slightly closer to the Air Force base. This facility benefits from a kiosk in which leasing and other transactions can be carried out, and also from an onsite manage and security cameras.

A feature of this storage operation is that all the units are climate controlled, with prices starting at $52 for a 5’x5’ locker. Units measuring 5’x10’, 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ rent for $83, $142, and $203 respectively. Military personnel and others with valuable cars might like to know that a 10’x20’ unit will cost $323, while the largest size available, 10’x25’, rents for $471 per month.

Maybe one of these five properties exactly meets your needs. But if not, you can browse through all the other Tampa self storage properties in order to find one that is exactly right for you.

Francis Chantree
Francis Chantree
Francis Chantree is a writer and editor for Yardi, focusing on real estate and lifestyle content. He is a former programmer and researcher who exchanged computer language for his greatest passion, human language! When not writing and proofreading text, he can be found gardening and reading.

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