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Francis Chantree

Francis Chantree is a writer and editor for Yardi, focusing on real estate and lifestyle content. He is a former programmer and researcher who exchanged computer language for his greatest passion, human language! When not writing and proofreading text, he can be found gardening and reading.

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self storage facilites

Self Storage Rates Still Cooling From Last Year’s Record Highs but Development Stays Strong in 2023 — Texas, Florida & Arizona Cities Lead

Key takeaways: Self storage rates dropped by 5.2% nationally year-over-year in July 2023, accelerating above the average 3.8% year-over-year drop seen over the previous couple…

Self Storage Facility Under Construction

Self Storage Construction in 2022: The Southwest & Florida Lead While Staten Island Levels Up

After self storage became an increasingly essential service during recent challenging years, in 2022 its activities cooled somewhat. However, the sector’s customer base is now…

Self-storage facility with indoor and outdoor units

Storage Rent Drops Continue along with Strong 2023 Development Pipeline

Self storage rates dropped by 3.05% year-over-year nationwide in April 2023 On a month-by-month basis, street rates remained the same at $127 on average for…

New Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility

Self Storage Rents Drop in Three Quarters of US Cities but Decreases Are Moderating

Self storage street rates in March 2023 decreased nationwide by 2.3% year-over-year, and now hover at an average of $127 per month Around three quarters…

Plot of Grassland for Building Homes

Want to Build Your Dream Home? Here Is Your Land-Buying Checklist

Land is famously a safe investment. To construct your dream home on it, however, there are various things to consider as you cannot build on…

Storage Couple Getting Things Out of a Truck

The Instances When You Can Use a 10’x20’ Storage Unit

People are living in a wider variety of interesting ways these days, whether they are digital nomads, teaching in a foreign country, or living the…

Man Putting Items Into Large Storage Unit

How to Organize a 10’x20′ Storage Unit

If you are planning a move or just need extra space to store your belongings, organization is key: you don’t want to be rummaging for…

Large Storage Unit With Its Door Open

How Much House Fits in a 10’x20′ Storage Unit?

Moving can be a time of uncertainty. Some questions — such as how much storage space you will need while you wait for your home…

Medium Sized Storage Unit With Cardboard Boxes

Instances When You Can Use a 10’x10′ Storage Unit

A 10’x10′ self storage unit is the modern-day solution to the backyard storage shed or musty basement. With sheds taking up valuable lawn space and…

Cardboard Boxes Stacked in Corridor by Open Door of Self Storage Unit

How to Organize a 10’x10′ Storage Unit

Self storage can be a big help when you are overwhelmed by too much stuff in your home. In fact, a 10’x10′ storage unit could…

Furniture & Cardboard Boxes Ready for Moving

How Much Furniture Fits in a 10’x10′ Storage Unit?

If you’re planning to store some of your furniture but have no idea how much space you will need, consider this: a 10’x10′ self storage…

Young Couple Moving Home & Unloading Removal Van

The Instances When You Can Use a 5’x5′ Storage Unit

As we move through different seasons in life, we accumulate stuff we don’t have room for. Periods of transition are also times when additional storage…

Cart with Cardboard Boxes in Self Storage Facility Empty Hall

How to Organize a 5’x5’ Storage Unit

Are you tired of looking at possessions that get used rarely, like that carpet-cleaning machine or those seasonal lawn chairs and skis? A small self…

Movers Putting a Couch into a Van

How Much Furniture Fits in a 5’x5’ Storage Unit?

You’re taking a semester away from college, or moving from your tiny apartment into a house, or perhaps downsizing and getting rid of most of…

Couple Moving into Home with Boxes

10 Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Moved Home

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, so you want to do it right. Careful planning can help you avoid mistakes, and good…

Surfing riding wave in Hawaii

Top 10 US Surfing Destinations: How Self Storage Helps Enthusiasts

Surfing the ocean waves is surely one of the most exciting sports. It inspired a whole sub-culture and also produced sub-genres — windsurfing is the…

Washington DC Georgetown and Key bridge

Washington DC Self Storage Helps When Moving There and Afterwards

Washington DC attracts many Americans who want to advance their careers, but moving can be stressful and housing there might not be so spacious. Self…

Storage Facilty with Large Yard

Moving and Lack of Space at Home Are Making Self Storage Increasingly Popular

Self storage has proved many times that it is a resilient industry, and most of its strength comes from the needs it serves. Demand is…

Los Angeles skyline

Choosing the Best Self Storage Facility: A Guide for Los Angeles Residents

Los Angeles is known for big dreams, big salaries and — for those who earn them — some very big houses. LA is a popular…

Tampa Florida Skyline

5 of the Best Self Storage Properties in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, the third-biggest city in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville, has much to recommend it. There’s the great weather and the wonderful beaches — not…

Living Room with Sofas & Coffee Table & TV

How Living Rooms Evolved Since the 1950s: Airy Designs and LCD Screens Replace Stuffy Furniture and Formica

The living room is probably where we feel most at home, putting our feet up after a long day at work, talking with family members,…

Outdoor sofa in corner of yard with pond and plants

12 Awesome Landscaping Ideas for a Small Yard

In this era of social distancing and working from home, the time we spend out-of-doors is appreciated more than ever before. Even a weekly trip…

Digital Nomad with Laptop Overlooking Scenery

Top 10 Tips for Digital Nomads After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital nomads flit all around the world doing their online jobs wherever they can find a good internet connection. It’s an enviable lifestyle but the…


14 of the Strangest Things People Have Put in Self-Storage

Self-storage is an industry that’s been expanding in recent years, and this also extends to the kinds of items that clients put in their units….

A variety of tin cans

Storing Food in a Self Storage Unit in Times of Concern

One of the reasons for renting a self storage unit is to keep some things in reserve in case of emergencies. With the coronavirus outbreak…

Charlotte. NC skyline

10 Reasons Why Charlotte Is Not Boring

The ‘Charlotte Is Boring’ slogan has been around for a while now, but maybe people are just jealous of the place they call The Queen…

STOR-N-LOCK facility in Utah

Q&A with STOR-N-LOCK Manager: Self-Storage Still Strong in Western USA

The most famous reasons why people use self-storage are probably the 4 D’s: downsizing, divorce, death and dislocation. The first of these is prominent during…

Miami skyline with colorful buildings and palms

Is Miami Overrated? Not If You Appreciate Enterprise and Fashion!

There are many good reasons to appreciate Miami, and tourists flock here for the weather, the beaches and the nightlife. But the city also has…

Nashville skyline with river and bridge

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Nashville

Nashville, the capital of the state of Tennessee, may only be the 24th most populous city in the US but it makes a big impression….

Tulsa OK Skyline

Tulsans Value Their Space: The Local Self-Storage Market Heats Up

How much do you know about Tulsa, OK? Maybe the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!, which is set nearby—and had plenty to say about…