14 Creative Ideas to Take Your Blanket Storage Game to the Next Level

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Blankets are essential home items that can amp up the cozy factor, whether we’re talking luxurious throws, quilts, seasonal blankets or others. And if you’re anything like most people, you might be wondering how to properly store your blankets to keep them organized and at arm’s length too. To help you conquer this battle, we’ve put together some storage ideas that go beyond the living room for your home:

1. Put blankets inside your coffee table

Many coffee tables come with a small storage space underneath, which can be used for blanket storage. You can keep seasonal blankets such as thermal ones, or regular throws that you can also curl up with in the summer. This is a great blanket storage idea for your living room, where you’re likely to need a blanket whether you’re curling up with a good book or watching TV.

living room with metal and wood coffee table with blanket storage

2. Use your ottoman for blanket storage

An ottoman is a great piece of furniture that can add value to your living room – it doubles as a seating spot and as a storage solution. You can use the inside to conceal a blanket or two, depending on how many can fit inside. This way, they’re out of sight and you have easy access to them.

3. Place them on a storage ladder

To create extra storage space for your blankets, you could also purchase a storage ladder. Lean it against the wall and let your blankets shine in their new spot. Besides offering a great storage solution, the blanket ladder serves as beautiful décor.

4. Let a wire basket be a home for your blankets

A wire basket can make an interesting décor statement for your home, especially if you’re looking for a farm-house décor style. Besides acting as statement pieces, you can place some of your blankets inside — whether woven cotton blankets or simple throws. Roll them up for easy reach and an organized look.

5. Get creative with folding blankets into other décor pieces

With limited storage space in an apartment comes the challenge of making your blankets fit into your home without taking up too much precious real estate. This is why you could fold blankets into decorative pillows that you can place on your sofa or armchair.

6. Incorporate blanket storage in cubbies

If you have a storage unit with cubbies, you can use a couple of them to keep some of your blankets. If you enjoy furniture DIY, you could also add cubbies to a furniture piece with shelves and cabinets, you could also add a row of cubbies to store various household objects and blankets. You could also roll them up to fit more than one blanket per cubby for efficient storage.

modern living room with metal and wood coffee table and blanket storage

7. Hang blankets on hooks

You can go about it in two ways – either use a coat rack as dedicated blanket storage or install hooks on your living room wall, bedroom or any other room in your home. This way, you have vertical space to store your blankets, a practical solution if you have little storage space in your home. Choose sturdy hooks that can hold the weight of the blankets.

8. Take advantage of the under-the-bed space

You could also turn to your bedroom to store blankets by using the under-bed space. This is ideal for heavy or holiday-themed blankets that you tend not to use during summertime. You can put them in vacuum-sealed storage bags to save space or put them in a zippered organizer or a lidded plastic tote and slide them under the bed. If your bed comes with storage drawers, you can simply fold them and put them there until you need them again.

9. Put a storage bench to good use

Whether in your bedroom or in your living room, a storage bench can double as a reading nook and storage space too. They typically come with a hinged lid that lifts to reveal plenty of storage space for your blankets and other items you need to put away without creating an unsightly mess.

storage bench with blanket on top

10. Place blankets on a stool

You can also use the stool in the corner of your room as a blanket rest. Fold them neatly and keep them over there. This way they’re tidily stored and you can easily grab one when you need it.

11. Put blankets in an empty drawer

If you have a larger cabinet with several drawers or similarly, a dresser, you could use one of the drawers to hold your blankets. Fold your blankets efficiently so that they stay tidy and easy to grab next time you’re rummaging through the drawer for that specific blanket you need.

12. Throw your blankets inside a suitcase

Suitcases can take up quite a lot of space, even if you might tuck them inside a closet or on top of an armoire. Why not make them work for you when you’re not traveling? You could place your blankets inside them to make the most of that space too. Make sure to place them in a spot where they’re sheltered from mold, humidity and dust.

13. Keep them in your linen closet

If you have extra room in your linen closet, you can tuck them away next to your sheets, quilts, towels and tea towels. Since they get less usage compared to your bedding, you can put them in the back of the closet or stack them in the same space with your pillows if you have enough room. You could also place them on the top shelf rolled up so you can have easy access to them.

14. Storing blankets for the long haul? Consider a storage unit!

While finding extra spots in your home to store your blanket, you might already have to make do with a smaller living space that typically come with apartments. To help you better manage your belongings and your living space, you could turn to self storage to store your blankets. A climate-controlled unit is ideal for this type of item as it ensures that your blankets stay in good shape thanks to the right temperature and humidity conditions. The service is quite inexpensive, with a storage unit renting for $135/month, on average, based on all unit sizes. Rents differ based on location, with some cities having higher rates than others. Here’s how some of the biggest cities fare in terms of self storage street rates:

How to keep blankets in good shape and fresh

Before storing your blankets, you should follow a few tips to make sure they’re best cared for until you can use them again.

  • Wash the blankets and dry them thoroughly

Before long-term storage, it might be a good idea to wash the blankets so that they stay clean and fresh while being put away. Dry them well and let them air out even if you’re using the dryer on the ones that can go in the dryer. Check the label to do the laundry correctly as some materials are not drier-friendly and might shrink unless they dry naturally.

woman unloading blanket from white washing machine

  • Air out the blankets occasionally

Ideally, the place where you’re storing them should get proper ventilation and be dry. If that’s not possible, you can take them out occasionally and let them air out to prevent unpleasant smells from forming.

  • Place cedar balls in-between blankets

To keep moths, mildew and other pests away from your stored blankets, place cedar balls among them in your preferred storage area. Plus, they will end up having a pleasant scent and will stay fresh while they’re stowed away.

With a little bit of creativity, you can find various ways to store blankets inside your home, even if you are contending with a smaller living space. Once you’re familiar with them, you can better plan how to organize your entire home to maximize space usage and keep it uncluttered and breezy.

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