The Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Texas – Central Austin in the Lead with Downtown Rents Nearing $2.5K

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Key takeaways:

    • The #1 most expensive ZIP code in Texas is 78701 in trendy Downtown Austin with an average rent of $2,475
    • All 50 of the most expensive ZIP codes in Texas boast rents higher than the national average—currently at $1,316 according to Yardi Matrix
    • Harris county leads with 15 spots among Texas’ 50 priciest ZIPs

As rent pressure shifted from hot housing markets to mid-tier cities and apartment construction is finally catching up with demand, rent growth across the nation is slowing down. The hottest rental markets have not been exempt from the apartment industry’s shifting price trends, with average rents slipping even in the most notoriously pricey markets.

With fastest-growing rents concentrated on West Coast cities, where does that leave the South, and especially Texas, once home to booming rental markets in Austin and Dallas? When it comes to the Lone Star State’s most expensive ZIP codes, less than half of the 50 priciest ones saw prices tick up compared to 2016.

Moreover, rent growth flatlined in six of the state’s top 50 ZIPs, while 23 ZIP codes saw average rents inch down. In fact, two of Texas’ top ZIPs experienced double-digit negative rent growth—rents in Houston’s 77005 are 10% cheaper than last year, while 77046’s average rent dropped 11% over the course of the past 13 months.

The interactive table below allows you to take a detailed look at Texas’ top 50 most expensive ZIP codes for renters. Use the search box or click on the header of each column to sort results according to your preferences. Don’t forget to scroll all the way down for more detailed information on the top priciest ZIP codes for renters in Texas.

#ZIP CodeCityCountyAverage Rent
2078215San AntonioBexar$1,575
2278204San AntonioBexar$1,556
2877845College StationBrazos$1,495
2976102Fort WorthTarrant$1,491
3575039Las ColinasDallas$1,448
4076107Fort WorthTarrant$1,408
4178256San AntonioBexar$1,401
4376110Fort WorthTarrant$1,392
4678666San MarcosHays$1,374
4775206 (Tie)DallasDallas$1,371
4876248 (Tie)KellerTarrant$1,371
4977459Missouri CityFort-Bend$1,361
5075244Farmer's BranchDallas$1,359

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Boasting an average rent of $2,475, Downtown Austin’s 78701 reigns as the most expensive ZIP code in Texas. Next-door neighbor 78703 comes in hot on its heels as the second most expensive ZIP code in Texas, posting an average rent of $2,393. Covering Central Austin neighborhoods such as Clarksville and Tarrytown, 78703 forms a contiguous enclave of affluence with 78701, which ranks as the most expensive area for renters in Texas.

Although comfortably leading Texas’ most expensive ZIP codes chart, both 78701 and 78703 experienced negative rent growth compared to 2016. Downtown Austin saw rents dip by 3%, while 78703’s neighborhoods saw the average rent contract by 5%. However, the priciest area for Texas apartment living still boasts average rents more than twice the state-wide rate — currently at an average of $1,063.

Ranking as the 3rd most expensive ZIP code in Texas, Dallas’ 75225 features an average rent of $2,188 and is the second priciest area for Lone Star renters. Covering University Park and parts of the Hillside and Preston Hollow neighborhoods, 75225 increased its apartment inventory by 6% compared to the year-ago figure. Now totaling 1,223 units, 75225’s average rent followed suit with a 6% year-over-year appreciation. Among its most luxurious apartment buildings is The Caruth, where amenities include a resort-style pool, outdoor kitchen, an executive business center and wood-burning fireplaces.

Covering University Campus and parts of Hancock, Austin’s 78705 is Texas’ 3rd most expensive area for renters, and is directly adjacent to the #1 priciest area for renters in the state. Texas’ 4th most expensive ZIP code, 78705’s average rent now stands at $2,102, a 5% year-over-year price gain, while inventory remained unchanged at 5,524 units. Bounding the University of Texas at Austin campus on two sides, 78705 is home to swanky apartment developments such as University Towers, with amenities including a rooftop pool and sun lounge, media room and walk-in closets.

Curious to see if other states’ priciest ZIPs can take Texas on? Just move your cursor to another state boundary.

(Spoiler alert!) Some of the most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S. include 10282 in Manhattan, NY (or Battery Park City, to be more specific); 07030 in Hoboken, NJ; 19147 in Philadelphia; 33146 in Coral Gables, FL; 60606 in Chicago’s pricey Loop neighborhood; 85003 in Phoenix, AZ; 55415 in Minneapolis, MN; 63105 in St. Louis, MO; 03824 in Durham, NH; 48104 in Ann Arbor, MI; and 02906 in Providence, RI.



  • Data compilation, analysis, and mapping done by RentCafe using rent and construction data provided by Yardi Matrix, a RentCafe sister company.
  • The average rent figures in this article were calculated from the actual rents charged in apartment buildings with at least 50 rental units, located in 125 U.S. markets, totaling approximately 15 million apartment units.
  • ZIP codes with less than 200 rental units and less than 3 properties were excluded from the calculations.
  • Rent prices are for apartments only, no single-family homes or townhomes were included.

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