10 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods That Are Perfect for Renters

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Pittsburgh is the city that offers plenty of things to do for renters — from shopping and dining to hanging out and living your best life! So, if you decided to move to this vibrant corner of Pennsylvania as a renter, you definitely made the right choice.

Whether you’re just visiting or looking for a rental apartment in Pittsburgh, you’ll find a place that suits your style and budget among its 90 diverse neighborhoods. Each one has its own unique charm, history, and culture.

Here are the top 10 best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh to check out!

Downtown Pittsburgh

The heart of the city, Downtown Pittsburgh is the place for it all. Bustling with locals, as well as tourists, the area is home to everything you can imagine, from business suits to weekend casual. Make sure to rent a bike to explore the riverfront trails, visit the iconic fountain and Point State Park and the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Don’t forget to grab a bite in the historic Market Square. If you’re considering relocating to Pittsburgh as a renter, you should definitely put this area on your list!

A dynamic shot of old office buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh on a sunny day.


Shadyside is the neighborhood where you can live peacefully while also enjoying a weekend filled with shopping, outdoor recreation and some of the best food. Aside from this, the historic homes make it a unique place for renting, since it’s located just six miles from the downtown area. You can find your next home among the restored Victorian buildings and modern homes and condos, with a monthly rent that fits your budget.

Strip District

The Strip District is the spot for renters who love food and shopping. The wide variety and low prices make it a great destination for those eager to shop for everything from ethnic groceries to freshly baked bread, to fresh fish. This shopping district is one of the most popular places in Pittsburgh and, if you want to move into a rental here, you can find an apartment that suits your needs and lifestyle.

East Liberty

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in an edgy, urban neighborhood, but with a metropolitan chic vibe, check out East Liberty. After undergoing a monumental redevelopment, this neighborhood is home to large corporations, historic buildings turned into hotels and rental properties, as well as new restaurants and shops that are constantly opening their doors for locals and tourists alike.

North Shore

Want to enjoy the best views of Downtown without actually living there? Among the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, North Shore is the perfect place to live as a renter. Situated along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, this historic neighborhood offers the best views of the heart of Pittsburgh as well as many attractions for renters. So, when planning your move to the ‘Burgh, make sure to check out this neighborhood and its rental apartments.


Bloomfield is the ultimate neighborhood for renters who love Italian food. Also known as Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, this neighborhood’s Italian roots go back more than five generations. With an urban, working-class vibe, this is the place for renters looking for a homey, warm environment.

A row of townhomes shot from above in Bloomfield, one of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, PA. A church is visible in the background, and electricity cables hang above the houses.

North Oakland

North Oakland is one of the more popular among the best neighborhoods for renting in Pittsburgh thanks to its many museums and famous attractions, such as the Cathedral of Learning, as well as the three universities it is home to. There are also plenty of American and Italian restaurants in the area, as well as pubs and bars that are popular among students.

Southside Flats

The center of nightlife in Pittsburgh is Southside Flats. From pubs to wine bars, karaoke and dance clubs as well as live concerts, renters have plenty of entertainment options to explore in this lively neighborhood. During the day, local renters and tourists roam the street and vintage shops and the Southside Works mall, which features the more popular and modern shops. Southside Flats also features an international menu when it comes to the wide variety of restaurants found here.

Allegheny Center

Allegheny Center is one of the more peaceful areas among the best neighborhoods for renting in Pittsburgh. It is home to the Allegheny Commons Park, which is a popular spot for many local renters, from the younger generations enjoying an evening run, to families with children and even the elderly. In this neighborhood, you can also find an inside zoo featuring birds, as well as the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights is a neighborhood extremely popular among those with families or looking to start a family. The neighborhood is peaceful and pet-friendly thanks to the nearby Riverview Park. There are plenty of shopping centers in the neighborhood as well, which makes it a great location for those looking to move to the area.

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