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Clever Ideas for Organizing a Small Apartment

Small apartments — which are the norm as far as New York City apartments go, as well as a running joke among locals — are a popular choice nowadays. Regardless of where you’re located, living in a small apartment can be heaven for those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle. But, it definitely comes with its challenges. Specifically, because space is scarce, belongings are often scattered all around the apartment — resulting in a total mess.

If you rent a small apartment, you know that every little square foot matters. And, to truly be able to create order within the confines of your home, you’ll need to do some serious organizing because there’s nothing like the feeling of having everything neatly tucked away and enjoying a clutter-free life.

So, to help you in your endeavors, we put together this short but efficient guide for properly organizing your belongings in a small apartment. Check it out below:

Living Room & Bedroom

Invest in Multi-Functional Items

When moving into a new apartment or sprucing up the old one, always choose multi-functional furniture. For instance, a bed with drawers beneath it is a great way to store things you don’t use on a daily basis. From spare sheets and pillows to winter clothes or shoes, they can all fit in there and, although it may not appear so, the space is actually quite generous.

Storage chaises or ottoman benches are also top options for the same reasons. Their multi-functional purpose is exactly what you need in a tiny apartment. Likewise, fold-up furniture does wonders for small places. This could take the form of a living-room table that you can pack away when it’s not needed or even chairs. Or, if you want to be extra ambitious, you could go for a foldable bed, although that would require installing, folding and unfolding it on a daily basis.

Make Use of Walls & Doors

Vertical spaces don’t get enough credit. There are so many ways to use doors or walls to store your items. For example, you could place hangers on your doors and bookshelves that could be either reachable or not. In fact, the space above your doors is usually the perfect place for a bookshelf of books that you don’t access as often.

As for the doors, get a clear window pocket organizer for either the bathroom or the bedroom. It works wonders for storing toys in kids’ rooms, as well.

Nesting Baskets Are Your Best Friend

Nesting baskets are the epitome of proper organizing. These can be either the plastic transparent baskets for easy access or wicker baskets that are more pleasant to the eye. Either way, the best thing about nesting baskets is that they can go literally everywhere — in any closet, cabinet, shelf or kitchen counter. You can even store them under the coffee table.


Most likely the room with the most clutter, the kitchen can also be organized properly — despite its small size.

Incorporate Gliding Cookware Organizers

Make use of all the space you have inside your cabinets by adding organizers to efficiently store and organize your pots, pans or condiments. There are a variety of options to choose from, such as a foldable dish rack or a basket door mount on your cabinets. You can even opt for jars that magnetically attach to a cabinet shelf.

Use Space Above Your Cabinets

If your kitchen doesn’t have cabinets that go all the way up the wall, make use of the free space there. In particular, choose baskets or plastic boxes to store items that you don’t use regularly.


Choose Shower Caddies and S-hooks

Although the bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the house, there are still ways to maximize the space here, as well. Shower caddies work best as they fit perfectly to the wall and you can place your soaps and shampoos on the little trays.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have enough space for towel hangers, use S-hooks on the shower curtain rack and hang your towels there. Plus, this typically works even better than a wall hanger because you can place multiple towels on it.

Every space — no matter how small — can work for your needs as long as it’s organized and maximized to its fullest. Use these tips and get ready to make the best of your small apartment!

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