7 Quirky Bedroom Essentials for Your Next Rental Place

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Moving into your first rental apartment is super exciting, especially when you get to decorate your own space. For many Gen Z renters, the bedroom is more than just a sleep spot — it’s a blank canvas for self-expression, where you can really let your style and creativity run wild. The real trick is figuring out how to make it feel like yours without crossing any lines in your rental agreement. That’s where some cool, quirky bedroom essentials come in, allowing you to put your stamp on the space without any permanent changes.

Choosing the perfect pieces to decorate bedrooms in rental apartments is all about finding decor that’s both functional and a reflection of your personality. For first-time renters, picking the right items can turn a bland bedroom into a personal haven.

So, let’s jump right in and check out some unique, offbeat bedroom essentials that are just perfect for Gen Z renters looking to make a new space their own.

1. Removable wallpaper or decals

Removable wallpaper is a game-changer when it comes to decking out your bedroom. These awesome products let you splash vibrant colors, cool patterns, or artsy scenes onto your walls without the risk of damage. Go for playful designs like dinosaurs or constellations, or pick abstract shapes for a more sophisticated vibe. What’s great about removable wallpaper and decals is their temporary nature: You can switch up your style as often as you change your playlist, no stress involved. This makes it perfect for anyone who likes keeping their space fresh and fun.

A chic bedroom featuring an accent wall with purple geometric removable wallpaper. The room includes a white wooden bed with pastel bedding, a matching nightstand with a purple lamp, and decorative vases.

Plus, removable wallpaper or decals are super easy to slap on and peel off, making decorating your bedroom a breeze. They’re the ideal solution for making your mark on a rental without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Whether you’re after a bold statement wall or a subtle background, removable wallpaper gives you the freedom to experiment with your interior design dreams.

2. Unusual lighting

Lighting does more than just help you see; it totally sets the vibe in your bedroom. Ditch the basic bedside lamp and go for something that really pops, like a Himalayan salt lamp that casts a warm, calming light, or a galaxy projector that transforms your ceiling into a night sky full of stars.

 A cozy bedroom scene featuring a Himalayan salt lamp on a small round table beside the bed, emitting a warm glow.

LED strip lights are another awesome option — they bring a modern, techy edge to your space, letting you switch up colors and settings to match your mood or style. These lighting choices are super practical, but they’re also great for sparking conversations and adding a wow factor to your room.

3. Quirky throw pillows

Throw pillows are the quintessential accessory for adding personality to your bedroom. Choose pillows that feature funny quotes, iconic pop culture references, or bold animal or flower prints.

A soft pillow with a printed rose design resting on a swing indoors, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

These small touches really tailor your space to your tastes and offer a simple, budget-friendly way to switch up your room’s style now and then. Plus, they’re perfect for adding that extra layer of comfort to your bed or cozying up your reading corner.

4. Hanging chair or hammock

If you’ve got the room and the right setup, adding a hanging chair or hammock to your bedroom can be a game changer. A chic hanging rattan chair creates the perfect cozy spot for diving into a good book or enjoying a morning coffee. Meanwhile, a hammock brings a chill, vacation-like feel to your space, making it ideal for unwinding after a busy day.

A bright and airy bedroom featuring a modern geometric carpet, a comfortable bed with green and brown pillows, and a cozy hammock hanging nearby.

Both options can be decked out with comfy cushions and stylish throws to match your decor. Just make sure your ceiling can handle the weight, and you might just find your new favorite chill-out spot right at home.

5. Quirky bedding

Striking colors, collage-style patterns and eye-catching textures help create an eclectic, lived-in feel that defines Gen Zers unique sense of style. Go for sheets and duvet covers that really speak to you, featuring quirky prints like avocados, aliens, or classic video games. These playful themes let you showcase your unique style to anyone who enters your room. Plus, they’re super easy to swap out, giving you the freedom to refresh your bedroom’s look with the seasons or as your personal taste changes.

Avocado banner. Background made from isolated Avocado pieces on white background. Flat lay of fresh ripe avocados and avacado pieces.


This flexibility is ideal for keeping your living space fresh and exciting without a huge commitment. Additionally, selecting bedding with vibrant or unique patterns can serve as the centerpiece of your bedroom decor, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the rest of the room.

6. Neon signs

A neon sign is the ultimate flex for your bedroom, giving you both a splash of light and a huge dose of personality — all while showcasing Gen Zers’ commitment to green living. Rock out with designs that range from witty sayings to inspirational quotes, or go all out with funky art like flamingos or guitars. LED neon is your go-to for a vibe that’s both safe and energy-smart, and it’s easy to hang up without a trace when you move out.

A bright pink neon sign spelling out "WOW" mounted on a pale pink bedroom wall, casting a vibrant glow that adds a bold and playful touch to the decor.

This glowing piece isn’t just a basic lamp — it totally amps up the cool factor of your bedroom, turning even the most basic space into a trendy hangout spot. Plus, the chill glow creates the perfect ambiance to decompress after a busy day or get amped up in the morning. Neon signs are super versatile, so no matter your style, they’ve got you covered.

7. Washi tape wall decals

Washi tape is your secret weapon for a DIY decor project that’s all about creativity and personal flair without the commitment. This super fun Japanese tape comes in all kinds of vibrant colors and funky patterns, letting you DIY everything from geometric wall art to faux headboards, or even cool borders around your doors and closets. The best part? It sticks on easily and peels off without a trace, making it the dream decor tool for anyone living in a rental apartment. Dive into your creative side and switch up your room’s vibe as often as you want — no mess, no fuss, just pure creativity.

Whether you’re channeling minimalist chic or bold pops of color, washi tape lets you express your style effortlessly. It’s a budget-friendly way to make your mark on your space, perfect for short-term decorating flings or seasonal updates. Plus, playing around with different designs can be a fun, chill way to personalize your digs and make them truly yours.

A woman in a black tank top applies black washi tape to a white wall to create outline shapes of buildings, adding a creative and personalized touch to the bedroom in her rental apartment.

Decorating your apartment’s bedroom should be a blast — a chance to let your unique style shine. Whether you’re decking out your first place or just refreshing your current setup, consider these quirky bedroom essentials to truly make your place your own.

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