5 Quirkiest Colors That Will Completely Change Your Home Aesthetic

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Stepping into a new year usually means embracing newer, bolder and more exciting ideas to upgrade your home. After all, how else to keep yourself motivated for the following months than to completely change your look and reinvent yourself overnight? The same goes for your home’s interior design! If you’ve been longing for a dash of color to spruce up your rental but have jumped off the neutrals fad that completely took over last year, then you’re in luck: Bold colors are making a comeback!

With pastel fatigue now settling in, and the Barbie movie revitalizing one of the most controversial hues of pink, it’s time to let loose and indulge your inner creativity. And if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can even turn it into a DIY project to keep you busy indoors. Nothing screams bold like getting to show off your own creations in your home.

Rich brown hues help you embrace the dark academia vibes

Far less popular compared to other shades of brown, this particular color is perfect if you want to capture a moody, yet warm atmosphere for your rental apartment. Brown’s natural association with nature and softness help enhance the coziness of any home, while the rich darkness of the hue invites a sense of comfort and sophistication in any item of furniture — or even the walls, if the landlord allows it. And if you’re not sure how much rich brown is too much, don’t worry: Just add a touch of bright colors like yellow or orange to help combat any excesses!

picture of living room with rich brown hues

Paint the town (warm) red all the way from your apartment

While red’s vibrancy is endearing in roses or paper Valentine hearts, it’s a bit harder to make the color work when it comes to interior design. Luckily, shades like warm rusty red, burgundy and auburn are versatile enough to blend well with almost any style. For example, if you want to invigorate a mostly beige or white room, consider incorporating burgundy accents, such as couch pillows, blankets or even a lamp.

picture of beautiful burgundy sofa with adjacent footstool

Indulge in a tropical fantasy with shades of orange

Orange, an often overlooked but dynamic gem, can help invigorate a space with its energetic vibes. According to color theory, orange not only stimulates the brain but it can even increase appetite — great news for hosts who are concerned about guests not getting to enjoy dessert after the main meal. Much like its cousin red, orange can be challenging to implement in your rental apartment, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to put in the work. Orange pairs well with any tints that help tone down its intensity, letting it work as an engaging accent in spaces that might otherwise lack color.

picture of orange sofa in a living room with rustic accents

Time to go royal with a bit of purple

If you’re not sure if red, brown or orange are bold enough for you, then have no fear: Purple is here! Although it’s perhaps the most uncommon color choice for interior design, its versatility really shines through when picking the right shade. Darker hues help create a sophisticated feel, while lighter shades like lilac work perfectly if you’re going for something that will instantly uplift your space. Renters who are artistically inclined should definitely keep purple in mind if they’re thinking to redecorate their apartments, as color theory claims it helps increase creativity.

picture of purple drawer against a purple wall

Always have some sunshine in your life with yellow

Yellow, often hailed as the golden child of bold interior design, takes the cake when it comes to inspiring warmth and playfulness in any house. This vibrant color can help turn any place from sterile to stylish, bringing a splash of nostalgia as it makes a fashionable comeback from the 90s — this time paired with better quality furnishings. Whether it’s adding a yellow couch to a darker room, or yellow curtains, or even a yellow coffee table, you’re sure to immediately turn it into a conversation piece for any party you host.

picture of living room with yellow wall and couch

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