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Top Things You Should Consider Putting In Self Storage If You’re Living in Austin

Living in Austin comes with a long list of advantages – the city ranks third among the best places to live in the US based on factors such as affordability, job prospects and quality of life. Austinites also enjoy pretty spacious homes. It’s no wonder the city attracts plenty of newcomers.  Seasoned residents or newcomers, they all get to enjoy Austin’s unique lifestyle, defined by year-round opportunities for outdoor fun, one of the country’s liveliest music scenes, and, obviously, the ever-present Texan BBQ.

Many of these typical Austinite pastimes require some sort of equipment, whether we’re talking about camping, outdoor sports, barbecuing, and so on – which definitely puts some pressure on the available space at home. One way to compensate for that is by renting a self storage unit. Fortunately, there are approximately 160 facilities available for renters in the area, and the street rate for a 10×10 unit in Austin is around $100 per month. Here are some of the belongings you should consider putting in self storage if you’re living in Austin.

1. Antiques and other delicate items

Summers can be scorching in Texas, and extreme heat can affect not only people, but objects also. Collectors living in Austin must pay attention to this aspect – things like artwork, antiques, vintage furniture, old books, and so on, are difficult to store at home. You need to keep them out of the heat, and out of the sunlight. Moreover, you need quite a bit of space when storing delicate items, as you can’t cram them together in piles on the floor.

To avoid sacrificing an entire room in your home for your collections, you could rent climate-controlled self storage. A 10×10 unit with controlled climate rents for around $130 per month in Austin, which is about 30% more compared to a regular unit. However, you get access to a storage space where both temperature and humidity are in optimal parameters throughout the entire year, meaning that your delicate and expensive items will benefit from the best possible storage conditions.

2. Your RV

RV culture is big in Austin and throughout the entire state of Texas, and for very good reasons – you don’t even have to drive that long or leave the Lone Star state to have access to amazing natural attractions. National parks and reserves located in Texas, like the Amistad Reservoir, Big Thicket, Big Bend or the Guadalupe Mountains are definitely worth an RV trip.

However, parking a large RV on the streets of Austin is not the best option. Even if you live in a suburb, keeping an RV parked in front of your home is impractical, will probably annoy all your neighbors, and, it some areas, it might even be against local regulations. You can solve the dilemma by renting RV parking space at a self storage facility – or, if you prefer, you could even get an enclosed unit that’s large enough to contain oversized vehicles.

3. Your boat and water sports equipment

Boating and water sports are one of the most popular summertime activities for Austinites – and, really, what’s better during a hot summer day than a dipping in the Colorado River, or in one of the many freshwater lakes located close to the city? From Lake Austin to Marble Falls or Ladybird Lake, there are plenty of options.

However, keeping your boat, fishing gear, your jet skis and so on in the garage is probably not a good strategy, as it makes it challenging to use the garage for its primary role, which is parking your car. On the other hand, a 5×10 or a 10×10 self storage unit is large enough for containing your water-sports related gear, and even a smaller boat. However, if you own a larger boat, you should probably get a 10X20 or a 20×20 unit.

4. Your small business tools and equipment

Austin is a very dynamic area economically – right now, the unemployment rate is a 5.1%, under the national average of 6.1% and recovering spectacularly following the pandemic. A dynamic, bustling economy stimulates the creation of numerous small businesses. Owners of such businesses deal with various challenges, including an increased need for storage space. Whether you’re the owner of a food truck or of a construction business, you probably need an affordable place to keep your tools and equipment. Self storage is both inexpensive and versatile, allowing you to rent space for as long as you need it, and in the location that you need it.

5. Your “winter Texan” possessions

Texas is emerging as one of the country’s favorite snowbird destinations. And, if some of these snowbirds – or winter Texans, as they’re known over here – prefer to spend the winter months in small, tranquil towns, others are interested in cities that offer them access to entertainment, culture, luxury shopping, and amazing food. In other words, they’re interested in cities like Austin. If you’re one of the people spending your winter months in the area year after year, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to travel with a huge amount of luggage each time your coming here or going back to your permanent residence. It will save you both money and effort to rent a small self storage unit and to keep all your clothing and other items you might have – golf equipment, small house appliances, garden furniture and so on.


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