This Is How Self Storage Makes Your Life Easier in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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With its affordable cost of living, trademark Midwestern niceness, steady job market and plenty of delicious cheeses to go around, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is definitely a great place to live (or move to) and raise a family.

Home values in Milwaukee are significantly lower than the national average, which makes it easier for locals, or new transplants, to become homeowners. However, there’s a small catch: homes in the metro area tend to be rather small, at around 1,800 square feet on average.

Fortunately, the lack of space at home can be easily managed by utilizing the local self storage market. There are over 30 self storage facilities in the city, and a 10’x10’ storage unit in Milwaukee rents for around $95 per month.

Here’s why Milwaukee residents might need self storage in order to enjoy neat, tidy and uncluttered homes:

1. To store their outdoor furniture and gardening tools over winter

Milwaukee has all four seasons, including glorious, warm summers and cold and snowy winters. This also means that the city’s residents indulge in gardening and other summertime activities, like barbecuing or simply relaxing in their backyards. However, once the cold season hits, things like outdoor furniture, trampolines and pools, gardening tools, plant potters, lawnmowers and so on need to be moved into an indoor space. Otherwise, the rain, the snow and the frost/defrost cycles will drastically shorten their lifespan.

Most people don’t have enough space at home to keep everything neatly stored indoors – even people with large garages can hardly afford to sacrifice so much space for storing things they won’t be needing again for months. Also, during the winter months, Milwaukee residents could use that extra space in the garage for things like a snow blower, snow shovels and salt.

The best solution to this problem is renting a self storage unit to keep your seasonal household items in, from your outdoor furniture and gardening paraphernalia during the winter to snow blowers, skis, snowmobiles or holiday decorations during the summer.

2. To protect collectibles and other fragile belongings

A self storage unit might be just what you need to protect your collectibles or other valuable and fragile belongings if you live in Milwaukee. Whether you’re into collecting old books, vintage china or antique furniture, you need a proper space to keep all that. Most homes don’t provide the kind of extra storage space that a collector needs – and, considering Milwaukee’s climate, with hot summers and very cold winters, storing fragile belongings in spaces that are not insulated or properly heated and cooled, such as attics, basements or garages, is not on optimal solution. The best option for such situations is a climate-controlled self storage unit in Milwaukee, located close to your home, one that provides constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.

3. To store extra vehicles you don’t use on a daily basis

Milwaukee is the birthplace of the iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles, so it’s no wonder that people in the area are pretty enthusiastic about vintage bikes and other vehicles. However, whether you own an old bike or an extra car you don’t use on daily basis, you need space to store it. A 5’x10’ storage unit is perfect for storing your motorcycle over winter. If you need to store a car, you should get a 10’x15’ or a 10’x20’ unit, depending on how big that vehicle is.

4. To store work-related items

Many small businesses have issues storing materials, equipment, tools or documents – particularly as many business owners managing such companies are working out of small offices, or even out of their homes. A self storage unit can solve these extra storage needs, whether you’re a contractor that needs to keep your tools and equipment close to the worksite, or an accountant with plenty of files to store. The advantage of self storage for small businesses is that they can rent as much (or as little) space as they need, on a month-to-month basis, which makes this service both affordable and versatile.

5. To store their belongings during the summer break (for college students)

There are over 60K college students in Milwaukee during the school year, and many of them are leaving the city – and their dorm rooms or apartments – over the summer break. This, of course, means they have to store their belongings, including mattresses, desk chairs, fridges, and so on, until the fall semester starts. Self storage is the best solution to this problem – a 5’x10’ storage unit is generally large enough for the dorm room belongings of a college student.

How else so you use self storage in Milwaukee? Let us know in the comments!

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