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Must Eat at Restaurants When You’re in Pittsburgh

It’s no surprise that, with a city as diverse as Pittsburgh, one can easily find a restaurant dedicated to every cuisine. So, whether you are just visiting or are in the search for apartments for rent in Pittsburgh to move here, make sure to check out some of the restaurants below.


It is considered one of the best due to it uniquely defining Pittsburgh’s culinary history. While embracing traditional European dishes, at Apteka you can also find some more dynamic and modern dishes. The atmosphere is cool-casual, and everything served is vegan.

Bitter Ends Luncheonette

A farm-to-table cuisine style restaurant, Bitter Ends Luncheonette is known for its high-quality, hyper-seasonal ingredients. The owner is dedicated to using locally grown ingredients from the region’s finest farmers. The menu is limited, however, you can be sure that whatever you order is fresh and prepared with the highest attention to detail.


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Casa Brasil

Casa Brasil is the first and only Brazilian Restaurant & Bar in Pittsburgh focused on Brazilian home style cooking. It brings to the table a variety of inclusive meals embracing the best of Brazilian cuisine through a tasty menu full of vegetarian, vegan and lots of Gluten Free options. It is located in Highland Park but it also offers a takeout and delivery service.


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The Mediterranean restaurant Casbah has been running in Pittsburgh for more than 20 years. The traditional and modern plates have put the restaurant on the list of Pittsburgh’s 12 essential restaurants. The wide selection of dishes makes it a great spot for anyone, regardless of their dietary preferences.


Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, Dinette is the perfect casual place to eat a flavor-full meal. While featuring a more relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant is also the spot for a more intimate or fancy night out with a loved one or just your BFFs. The wide selection of meals is another one of the main reasons you must check out Dinette while in Pittsburgh.

Eleven Contemporary Kitchen

An American restaurant and an anchor in Pittsburgh dining, Eleven Contemporary Kitchen is the place to go for a more upscale atmosphere and fine dining. Given its prime location in the Strip District, it provides the continuity the area needs following its current and most significant transformation. So, whether you are living in the city or just visiting, this restaurant is worth making a reservation.


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Fish Nor Fowl

A creation of Richard DeShants Restaurant Group, one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2019 Restaurateurs of the Year, For Nor Fowl is the spot for a modern American cuisine. The ambiance and unique assortment of meals, which also features seasonal food, is what make the experience at this restaurant one of a kind.
Gaucho Parrilla Argentina
Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is where you go to eat all the meats cooked over fire. While there may be a line, waiting is definitely worth all the food you are about to enjoy. Make sure to try everything, from the meat to the salad, roasted vegetables and provoleta.


A Spanish cuisine restaurant could definitely not miss from the Pittsburgh dining scene, and Morcilla is the place to go for Spanish-style tapas and meals. The restaurant features a dining room for private events as well as a bar area that is great for casual snacks and drinks.


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A traditional, upscale Italian restaurant, Senti features not only traditional dishes, but also progressive Italian meals that put a modern spin to everything one considers to be classic dining. However, the owner, Franco Braccia, made sure to not only provide customers with a unique and out of the ordinary menu, but to also read a table and provide exactly what it needs to make sure those sitting at it walk away happy, wanting to come back. So, if you are looking for apartments for rent in Pittsburgh as you plan to move here, Senti might just become your regular spot.


Umami is just the place for late-night chill and eats. There aren’t many late-night options in Pittsburgh, so this restaurant allows customers to enjoy Japanese cuisine and a chill environment until midnight on weeknights, or 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. So, when you don’t know where to go for a late evening or night meal, make sure to check Umami out!

Sanziana Bona
Sanziana Bona
Sanziana Bona is a content marketing writer for Yardi Corom, a cloud-based software solution designed for commercial tenants and corporate occupiers and Yardi Kube, an all-in-one coworking management platform. She covers many commercial real estate related topics including FASB/IFRS compliance, lease accounting, coworking and flexile spaces, and more. You can connect with Sanziana via email.

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