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Top 10 Best Neighborhoods for Renters in Indianapolis

If you’re looking to rent in Indy, checking out the best neighborhoods to live in is a must. To make things easier for you, here are some of our top picks: Downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Castleton, Brockton, Crooked Creek, Bayview and North Willow.

The neighborhood where you’ll live as a renter is one of the most important criteria when browsing apartments in Indy. Fortunately, when it comes to the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis — we’re talking loads of opportunities and entertainment — the city has a few very charming aces up its sleeve. From the surprisingly picturesque downtown to serene options up north, these Midwestern neighborhoods will show you that moving to Indianapolis might be the best decision you’ll ever make. And, to help you choose a place to live, we’ve made a list of Indy’s top neighborhoods.

Downtown Indianapolis

Often referred to as the Mile Square, downtown Indy is chock full of cocktail bars, art exhibits, restaurants, marathons, local festivals and more events than one can count. The same goes for its cool residential options. In particular, the area benefits from revitalization projects directly aimed at its well-being, beautification and growth. So, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most coveted areas by renters in the city.

Broad Ripple

A few miles north of the bustling downtown lies the cultural district of Broad Ripple Village. This is one of the more relaxed areas among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis — it’s strong sense of community has become a favored playground for developers and new businesses and with revitalizing results. Here, renters can hang out in pubs; go to galleries and boutiques; visit breweries; get a massage; and even take up pottery — all of which can be done in one weekend!


If you’re looking for a diverse and tight-knit community, consider Castleton for your next home. This walkable neighborhood to the north is one of Indy’s best-kept, family-oriented secrets. This alone makes it one of Indy’s most sought-after neighborhoods for renters. And, while average commute times range from 15 to 30 minutes, this walkable neighborhood’s infrastructure also allows you to cycle freely. Castleton is also home to the largest mall in the state of Indiana: Castleton Square.


If you’re looking to raise a family as a renter in one of the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis, a quiet, residential area like Brockton is what you need. And, most likely, the best part of living in this welcoming community is how close and involved everybody is. Brockton features studios, apartments and townhomes available for rent, which are aimed at solo renters and families alike.

Willow Lakes

Good news for renters, Willow Lakes is the most affordable on our list of Indy neighborhoods. With anything from studios to three-bedroom apartments, embracing the cozy rental lifestyle in this southeast pocket of the metro comes easy. Plus, with plenty of dining options and easy access to other parts in the city, Willow Lakes is definitely a spot to scout if you’re looking for your next home as a renter.

A white building's balcony with a state flag in one of the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Crooked Creek

Located in Marion County northwest of the city, Crooked Creek is one of the most inclusive and welcoming places for renters among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis. In need of some fun outdoor activities for the entire family? Enjoy the parks and bike trails in the area, on top of other special amenities, like horseback riding or good-old-fashioned creek stomping in Juan Solomon Park. Moreover, the quick commute times to other parts of the city truly make this area worth checking out.


Have you ever dreamed of living by the lake and enjoying the peace and quiet of a close community as a renter? If so, you’re in luck. Just miles from downtown and a stone’s throw from Castleton lies the cozy and affordable Bayview. While scouting the area, make use of the bike trails to get the real feel of the place. You won’t regret it.

North Willow

One of the most walkable residential areas in Indianapolis, North Willow is the place to be if you’re a renter looking for a family-friendly neighborhood. Moreover, the area is reasonably priced even for those looking to rent by themselves before settling down. Within minutes of Castleton and Keystone at the Crossing, North Willow also offers easy access to some of the city’s best entertainment options and dinner spots.

North Indianapolis

Indy’s north-side suburbs are known for having some of the best food, nightlife and local businesses in the city. One of the fastest-growing and economically thriving areas among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis, it boasts historic buildings on top of being one of the most diverse and multi-ethnic residential pockets of the city. Granted, the dining scene can make or break your neighborhood experience as a renter. Luckily, North Indy doesn’t disappoint and offers everything from cool eateries to more upscale options.

Keystone at the Crossing

Head to Keystone at the Crossing if you’re on the lookout for a neighborhood after your own heart. Residents here are predominantly renters because the area fits just about any type of renter. For instance, young professionals are drawn to the concentration of jobs and thriving sector nearby, whereas families prefer it for the peace and quiet. The neighborhood is also a shopping haven, the heart of which is the renowned Fashion Mall at Keystone.

Alexandra Ciuntu
Alexandra Ciuntu
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