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These Design Elements Will Give Your Apartment a Contemporary Look

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As a renter, you know there are plenty of restrictions when it comes to renovating an apartment. However, it’s nice to know that the industry is devoting a lot of attention to the way in which a property looks. The tendency nowadays is for landlords to create a beautiful design for residents to enjoy, and there are some trends which we see more and more in apartments. Here’s what you can expect in terms of the interior design trends in rental apartments: 


Layering is the hot trend in interior design now, and it can easily be incorporated into any rental property. This technique implies simply adding a variety of colors and textures to add more dimension and depth to a room. In layering, it’s important to start with a neutral base and build your way up with bolder variants as accent pieces. 

modern interior design layers

Adding a few cushions and throws on the sofa makes the living room more inviting and homier; hanging interesting artwork on the master bedroom wall — such as a tapestry or some vintage pieces — as well as using soft area rugs twarm up a place can all do the trick.   


Sustainable design has come to the forefront of social consciousness in the past decade and a large variety of eco-friendly materials have driven the design efforts of many design companies. It’s not just about getting rid of plasticsit’s more about an overall approach to all design elements, from choosing the furniture to smaller ornaments and soft furnishings.  

A contemporary trend in product and interior designis to design a functional and comfortable living space through both a careful choice of furniture items and lighting, and the use of sustainable materials and environmental economics of products. This kind of design appeals more to environmentally focused tenants, looking for a home to match their needs and standards.  

Natural Textures 

natural materials interior design

Millennials are very much oriented towards the aesthetic aspect of living as well as its practicality, so using natural materials such as glass, wood, brick, stone and different fabrics is what would appeal to them. It doesn’t necessarily mean investing a lot of money in property  it’s more about using what we already have and giving it more accent.  

For instance, an existing brick wall can be exposed under the plaster, upholstering sofa or a master bed headboard can give it more texture, a patterned paper can be added on the back of a cabinet behind the glass doorsand marble wallpaper or some other natural texture can be used to create a feature wall.  

Warm Neutrals and Contrasts 

Cooler grey nuances have gone out of fashion and what’s on trend now are cozier, warmer neutral colors such as blush pink and honey tones. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for a bolder statement. Black has always been a scary color, but this year calls for a stylish provocation and encourages you to embrace your darker side.  

The black color is very much on trend now and can be used in a practical way. For instance, black kitchen cabinets can uplift the kitchen, create contrast and become a statement piece, but they also conveniently hide any wear and tear much better than lighter colors. 

kitchen cabinets modern design

Vintage with a Modern Twist 

The vintage look has found its way quietly into the mainstream and this year is seeing it with a more modern twist even in rental units. The mid-century-modern design and décor pieces now include wood patterns, classic campaign furniture and art deco pieces. The vintage-turned-modern look is easy to achieve with just a few extra design items in your already furnished rental unit such as a chandelier, sunburst mirrors and a handmade wicker chair. 

Interior design trends are by nature shifty and passing so a rental property will usually stick to some classic and timeless pieces. This means you’ll most likely find cost-effective, durable and sustainable materials, good-quality windows, great lighting and an open, airy vibe. 

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