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Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Rental Apartment – DIY Edition

Fall is officially upon us and almost every store out there is bursting with fall decorating ideas during these months – from subtle touches to big displays, from fluffy blankets to scented candles and pumpkins – nothing says “cozy” quite like fall.

It’s easy to let lost among the many, many options that you’re presented with in terms of fall decorations, but if you’re looking to save some money this year and make sure that you don’t go overboard with the seasonal décor, DIYs will literally come in handy.

You don’t have to be the craftiest person in the world to nail these DIY projects – they are quick and easy and they will surely add a touch of fall magic to any space.

Home is Where the Wreath is

Set the mood from the moment you arrive home by decorating your front door with a creative fall wreath. You can find all the necessary material at any craft or dollar store and the best part is that you can decorate the wreath with your favorite fall accessories – whether they’re leaves, pinecones, acorns, faux floral stems, burlap, basically anything you can find or have at hand.

Start by getting a wreath form, either a wire or foam one, and pin your décor of choice onto it in a way that creates a natural flow. Make sure that your accessories are well adjusted and won’t fall once you open and close the door and attach a little hook/hanger to it – and voilá! You have your own little fall wreath to welcome you home.

Pumpkin, the Jack of All Trades

Few things are more versatile than pumpkins during autumn: they can be made into delicious food, beverages, creative décor, jack-o-lanterns; it’s like other vegetables aren’t even trying.

One of the easiest ways of fall decorating with a pumpkin by turning it into a vase for autumnal flowers. The only thing that you need to do is to cut the top of the pumpkin and empty it out – make sure everything’s clean and smooth in the interior, to avoid any future mess, and put your favorite flowers inside. Our recommendation is to stick to plastic ones – you can find quality, real-looking fake flowers nowadays – in order to make sure that your little DIY lasts throughout the fall months. They don’t make it easier than this and your pumpkin vase will add such a warm pop of color to your living space!

All Eyes on the Centerpiece

Fall is the perfect time to host some cozy evenings inside with friends and family, to warm up with a pumpkin soup and indulge in a delicious apple crumble. And your dining table can help you set the mood, if you take a few minutes to DIY a seasonal centerpiece.

You don’t have to get any expensive pieces of décor to make it look right out of a magazine; in fact, you can choose a theme for your centerpiece and put together a simple fruits and vegetables ones, a pumpkin one or a combination of both. Sprinkle some fall leaves in between and maybe even a few candles and you got yourself a customized fall decorating project that will surely stand out and drive compliments from your dinner guests.

Leaves + Candles = Ultimate Coziness

Candles are basically a must during the colder months; not only do they build a cozy, intimate atmosphere, but they can also decorate a simple coffee table, a windowsill or any other piece of furniture, in a way that will make your space really feel like home.

One of the easiest DIYs that you can craft is by simply putting a regular candle in a cute jar and then filling it with colorful leaves. If you don’t want to fire an actual candle, you can always opt for the electrical ones or even for string lights; and as for leaves, there are so many options that you can get either online or at any shop that stocks seasonal decorations. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also wrap the jar with a piece of burlap, to give it a more natural, woodsy feel.

Paint by Numbers (And Yes, by Yourself)

You don’t have to be a certified artist or even to have much talent to complete your own painting, if you opt to do it by numbers. This is a relatively new concept that allows you to create a beautiful painting by simply following the lines and colors that come with the kit. Not only is painting a relaxing indoor activity, but at the end of it you can actually take pride in a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your apartment walls or gift to your loved ones. Take a look online to find some seasonal designs, like a fall landscape or a pumpkin patch and get painting!

Glass Half Full of Fall

This is one of the easiest DYI projects that you can come across and the result is a beautiful piece of décor that can be easily customized to incorporate your favorite little trinkets. Take any clear glass that you have and fill it with colorful leaves, pinecones, beads, string lights or anything else that you have around and screams fall.

As an alternative to a regular glass, you can always make things even fancier, by turning a wine glass upside down and filling the cup part with little fall decorations. Top it off with a small candle and you have a fancy-looking but super affordable table decoration, perfect for when you’re hosting a delicious fall dinner with friends or family. Pair it with your DIY centerpiece and your diner setting will make Martha Stewart jealous.

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much you spend or how perfect your living space is. It’s about creating a cozy mood, adding pops of color and meaningful pieces that will make your rental feel like home. DIY projects are the perfect way of putting your creativity to practice and creating one-of-a-kind fall decorations that fit your own style and personality.

Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu is a creative writer at CoworkingCafe, with a marketing background in reputation management and hospitality, as well as the real estate segment. Having graduated with a degree in Journalism, Laura has a genuine passion for the written word and is an avid reader of horror, thriller and literary fiction. She enjoys researching and writing about lifestyle trends and the real estate market and her work has been featured in major publications like Forbes, CBS News, GlobeSt, Bisnow, The Sun, Multifamily Executive, RisMedia and Yahoo! Finance. You can connect with Laura via email.

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