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10 Beginner-Friendly Fall DIY Projects to Decorate Your Apartment

Fall’s slowly starting to settle in, and if you’re like us, you definitely want to capture some of its crisp yet cozy magic in your home. It’s not that our apartments aren’t welcoming year-round. It’s just that autumn requires an extra oomph if you really want to feel the season — especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner.

To help you nail down the perfect fall atmosphere for cozy nights in and bustling family gatherings alike, we gathered 10 of the easiest and most delightful autumn DIY projects around the web.

Leaf Trinket Dish 


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A post shared by Catherine Carton (@daintydressdiaries) on

Trinket dishes are versatile decor pieces that can add a lot of personality to any room in your home. So if you want to get into the fall atmosphere with an elegant project that will fit with your interior design no matter the season, this tutorial by Dainty Diaries is perfect for you. All you need is clay, leaves, some spray paint and a few kitchen utensils, and the process is foolproof. 

Foraged Fall Wreath


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A post shared by Michael Wurm Jr. (@inspiredbycharm) on

Is it really autumn if you don’t announce it to your guests or neighbors with a season-appropriate wreath? This easy and inexpensive craft from Inspired by Charm can be classy or rustic and looks great even in the most minimalist homes. You’ll need some grapevine wreath, Sweetgum balls (if you don’t have any in your area, you can get them online for very low prices), a glue gun and some glue sticks, and you’ll have an intricate wreath in no time. 

Braided Styrofoam Pumpkins 


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A post shared by (@bloomingdiyer) on

First off, don’t let the picture fool you. These playful, cozy DIY pumpkins don’t require any knitting skills. If you can do a basic braid, you’re already halfway done. Blooming DIYer came up with this quirky design based on supplies you probably already have at home, such as yarn and wine corks — you will need some Dollar tree Styrofoam pumpkins, though. The result is a fun addition to any spot in your apartment, but we recommend your living room bookcase as the main display. 

Neutral Fall Acorns 


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A post shared by Giustina Miller (@domesticallyblissful) on

If you want to switch out your decorative bowls’ contents with something a little more season-appropriate, these neutral fall acorns by Domestically Blissful are your best bet. You’ll need plastic Easter eggs, twigs, yarn, some acrylic paint, and a little bit of patience. Depending on how many you make, these acorns can add a bit of flair to your kitchen or serve as a subtle centerpiece to your fall dinner parties. 

Rustic Twig Frame


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A post shared by Easy Peasy Creative Ideas (@easy_peasy_creative_ideas) on

This project by Easy Peasy Creative Ideas is just that: easy peasy. This crafty picture frame won’t even take up an afternoon, and you’ll get a lovely, quirky way to display your most cherished memories. The materials are mostly items you have around the house or can get from the nearest convenience store, and if you want to add a splash of personality to the project, you can paint the twigs with acrylic paint or spray. 

Chalk Painted Pumpkins


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A post shared by Jamie Hoover (@andersonandgrant) on

If you want to add some autumn vibes to your place, but you like to keep it classy and neutral, Anderson + Grant’s chalk painted pumpkins are a great fit even for the most modern of apartments. Besides some plastic pumpkins, you’ll also need some paint blocker and chalk paint, along with a brush you can do away with after you’re done. The end result is definitely worth the patience, and if you’re worried these pumpkins might be too big, swap them for smaller ones. 

Little Cinnamon Pumpkins 


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A post shared by Kelly Rowe (@livelaughrowe) on

Live Laugh Rowe’s tiny cinnamon pumpkins aren’t just an adorable addition to your home decor but will add a splash of Fall fragrance to the place. As usual, you probably already have most of the items around the house, such as cinnamon, applesauce and glue. The process is also straightforward — you’ll basically create little balls and shape and bake them into purposefully imperfect tiny decorations, so you really can’t go wrong as a DIY beginner. 

Burlap Table Runner


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A post shared by On Sutton Place by Ann Drake (@onsuttonplace) on

Adding a hint of seasonality to your home doesn’t necessarily need to be obvious. On Sutton Place’s burlap table runner will definitely do the job with a rustic yet understated feel. If you’re worried about the prospect of sewing your own table covers, fret not, since this is a no-sew project. And don’t constrict yourself when it comes to how you can use this fabric. For example, you can also use burlap as a placemat for trinkets on your shelves or coffee table. 

Eggnog Soy Wax Candle 


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A post shared by Jojotastic | PNW blogger (@jojotastic) on

Warning: only attempt creating these candles if you’re ready to get seriously hungry whenever you light one up. Making your own candles is actually a lot easier than you’d think, and these deliciously scented ones by Jojotastic will instantly make you want to snuggle up with a great book and some cookies. If you’re up for more fall scented projects, Jojotastic also has a bath bomb tutorial on her blog, so get ready to get cozy. 

Nature Inspired Fall Centerpiece


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A post shared by Jenn @ Clean and Scentsible (@cleanandscentsible) on

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Then you’ll want to wow your guests with this beautifully simple centerpiece by Clean and Scentsible. The tutorial is expertly explained, very forgiving, and won’t force you to get any materials you don’t have or want (but will tell you how to get items like those in the tutorial if you like them). This guide will teach you how to balance and arrange a centerpiece in this style, so you can use your favorite items or whatever you have on hand to make something festive that also reflects your taste.

Looking for the perfect place to snuggle up in as the weather gets colder? Check out thousands of verified apartments near you and find your new home in no time! 

Irina Lupa
Irina Lupa is a creative writer for several Yardi publications, where she covers real estate market trends and industry news. Her work has been cited in Forbes, Globe St. and CNBC, among others. Irina has an academic background in journalism and media theory. You can connect with Irina via email.

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