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Things to Do in Houston, TX

Quick adventure getaways, chill weekend trips, daily fun for the whole family — whatever you’re looking for, Houston is the spot for it. So, get ready to bookmark these things to do in Houston the next time you’re here — whether you’re a foodie, an adventure-seeker, the museum type or just someone who likes strolling aimlessly through parks.

As part of the Texas Triangle, Houston is the true definition of Southern hospitality and good fun. And, as is fitting for the nation’s fourth-largest city by population, Houston has something for everyone — with the added bonus of making you feel at home, whether you’re here for a short while or already renting in Houston.

Houston, We Have a Problem If You Skip the Space Center

Let’s be honest: the famous Space Center is most likely already on your itinerary. As the official visitor center of the NASA Johnson Space Center, the complex strives to educate and offer experiences to last you a lifetime, regardless of age. Here, you can feast your eyes on real spacecraft, equipment and astronaut suits. But, whatever you do, don’t forget to stop by the astronaut training center and test out the anti-gravity machine for yourself!

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Surely there must be a law somewhere against visiting Houston without sampling some of the best food that The Lone State has to offer. We’re talking authentic American BBQ, Viet-Cajun crawfish, chicken cooked in just about any manner imaginable, and everything Tex-Mex.

The best part about walking around a busy metropolitan city like Houston is that quality restaurants, bars, diners and street food carts keep popping up. Even better, the portions are huge everywhere you go. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas!

If the Walls of La Carafe Could Talk…


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We can’t talk about Houston dining without mentioning La Carafe at 813 Congress St. — although this historic restaurant is so much more than your regular eatery. While the downtown establishment has been around since the 1960s, the building itself was built more than a century earlier.

Candlelight, an old-timey jukebox and some of the best wines in the world make this classic hangout place as entertaining now as it was back in the day — when the likes of Debbie Reynolds or Liberace supposedly crossed its threshold.

Don’t Miss Hermann Park

Downtown Houston air is something special, and nowhere is it more poignant than in Hermann Park, a stretch of around 450 acres of nothing but stuff to see and things to do. Take a breather in the Japanese Garden, explore a multitude of trails, admire the greenery and welcome the end of the day at the Mecom Fountain, which is particularly beautiful at night.

When you’ve had enough walking around, book a pedal boat or even a train ride along the Hermann Park Railroad. Oh, and did we mention Hermann Park also hosts The Houston Zoo and the Museum of Natural Science?

Museums Galore

If museums are part of your usual itinerary when visiting a new place, Houston will give you exactly what your culture-seeking heart craves.

More than a century after it was built, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is still one of the coolest places around. And, while you’re at it, don’t pass up on the chance to visit the Museum of Fine Arts — a must for every beauty lover. Or, if the whole family tags along, check out the Children’s Museum of Houston or The Health Museum. Here, parents will find themselves just as captivated by the interactive exhibits as the kiddos.

Fantasize in the Bayou Bend Gardens

As part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Bayou Bend Collection is centered around American furniture and decorative art. But, if you’re looking to have your breath taken away, step outside of the opulent mansion that hosts the collection and step into its gardens.

One of the city’s best tourist attractions, the Bayou Bend Gardens have been described as a true oasis in the middle of Houston. The manicured gardens offer distinct spaces, each with its own classical theme and particularly chosen flora. This one is a must for every history buff, as well for the curious ones or beauty lovers.

Dream On at the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall

Looking for another oasis in the heat of Houston? If so, then you need to experience the magic of the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall.

These 64-foot-tall sheets of falling water are a blend of an engineering mind and an artistic soul that will stop you right in your tracks. As you step through the limestone pass, you’ll be surrounded by nothing but sounds of water and crystal clarity, offering an idyllic hiding place away from the bustling city. It’s understandable why it’s one of the city’s most instagrammable sites.

Although these pastimes barely scratch the surface of the fun and culture the city has to offer, they’re a great starting point for any visitor or resident looking to explore Houston!


Alexandra Ciuntu
Alexandra Ciuntu
Alexandra is a creative writer and researcher for RentCafe. With a background in e-learning content writing and a passion for knowledge-sharing platforms, she's covered topics from prop-tech to renters insurance to interior design tips. Very familiar with the renter lifestyle herself, Alexandra enjoys researching and writing about renter demographic shifts and residential real estate market trends as much as she loves writing about how to get along with roommates. You can connect with Alexandra via email. Alexandra’s work includes collaborations with financial and business publications. Her articles have been featured in several national and international online publications, including the New York Times, Barrons, Inman, Forbes, Architectural Digest, Marketwatch, Bisnow, and Curbed. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Japanese and English and an M.A. in Journalism and Cultural Studies.

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