Top 10 Neighborhoods to Rent in Houston

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As far as good life decisions go, moving to Houston should be near the top of the list. And, as far as lists go, one that comprises the best neighborhoods to rent in Houston is a must for any renter looking to call this place home.

The best neighborhoods for those seeking rental apartments in H Town are an assortment of quiet, family-friendly suburban areas, as well as trendy spots where you can’t wait to see what happens next. From recent, master-planned communities to well-known and beloved staple areas, there are options for anyone on the lookout for apartments for rent in Houston.

The Woodlands

If you’re a local renter or even a little familiar with the Houston market, you already know about The Woodlands. Considered a neighborhood in and of itself, this master-planned community is divided into smaller sub-neighborhoods, each more charming than the next. Today, it’s one of the most popular residential areas in the city. And, with so many eateries, businesses and recreational centers peppered throughout the community, we’re pretty sure renters here don’t miss the downtown perks one bit.

Downtown Houston


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That said, the downtown perks sure are nice to have, though. Rich nightlife, cool job opportunities and exciting sporting events are just the tip of the iceberg of what Downtown Houston has to offer to those renting here. But, don’t let the hustle and bustle of the professionals fool you. Downtown is for everyone! Here, the smell of ambition in the air mixes with the scent of the flowers in Hermann and Tranquility parks, two of the quintessential outdoor spaces in Houston.

Midtown Houston

The word “trendy” comes up a lot when researching Midtown online and for good reason! Nestled near the Museum District and Downtown, this slice of Houston offers renters the best of both worlds — vibrant nightlife and career opportunities right next door to arts and culture galore. Many young professionals prefer to live here in rental apartments, so Midtown is buzzing with energy and opportunity. The neighborhood also houses Houston Community College, as well as enough parks to make you forget that you’re smack dab in the middle of the city. But, the best part of renting in Midtown is that you can bike or walk just about anywhere!

Clear Lake

Those looking to rent in Clear Lake who are also keen on fishing and water sports won’t believe their luck: Waterfront apartment communities, good seafood restaurants and easy access to downtown make renting in this area a breeze. Known as Houston’s very own Bay Area, the neighborhood is flourishing after a series of redevelopments. Plus, as the home of Space Center Houston, Clear Lake sees its share of visitors but also has enough attractions for local renters to keep them entertained — without losing its neighborly charm.


Westchase is the place to make your suburban dream a reality. Known as a business district, Westchase has a charming duality you won’t find in many other places. Here, serene golf courses and country clubs go hand in hand with bustling businesses and constant neighborhood initiatives to improve and beautify the area. Home to major employers like Phillips 66 and Chevron, Westchase is a community that might just take you by surprise, whether you rent here or you’re just visiting.

The Energy Corridor

Houston wouldn’t be as fun without the Energy Corridor. Located less than 20 miles west of downtown, the neighborhood is the commercial and business district of Houston. Home to numerous corporations and Fortune 500 companies, the Energy Corridor is increasingly popular among renting professionals who recently unleashed the area’s potential as a thriving neighborhood for renters.  And, if office space doesn’t impress you, the neighborhood also boasts acres upon acres of open space, parks and pedestrian-friendly areas.

Medical Center

Characterized by treatment and medical research facilities, this neighborhood has become a popular renting area for families and professionals alike. Generally considered one of the best places to live in Houston, life in the Medical Center area comes with abundant rental options, good schools, eateries and bars of all kinds. The Texas Medical Center that gives the neighborhood its name is the world’s largest medical complex. Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine alumni come to this side of Houston for the education — and end up staying for the opportunities it offers.


Memorial is what you picture when you think of a Houston spot where you can live comfortably as a renter. And, as one of the largest neighborhoods in the city, it checks just about every box on a renter’s list, including walkability, good schools, and access to shopping and entertainment options. Throw in some greenery (not just parks, but forests, too!) and you’ve got yourself an ideal future rental home. In Memorial, fancy restaurants blend in with cozy cafés and country clubs — all of which beam with Southern hospitality for local renters and visitors alike.

Spring Branch

If you’re looking to experience suburbia at its finest, don’t pass up on the experience of living in Spring Branch as a renter. Located near Houston’s main expressways, you might expect the area to be quite busy. Yet, its quiet atmosphere and relaxed feel make it popular among renting families — on top of being one of the best school districts in the city. Conversely, its proximity to Houston business hubs like Downtown and the Energy Corridor makes it a top choice for young professionals looking to rent here, as well.


Just outside the Inner Loop, in northwest Houston, you can find Willowbrook. While the Willowbrook Mall is among the best conveniences of living there, the shopping and entertainment complex doesn’t define this pleasant area. Rather, top-rated schools, convenient commuting options, shops, and good old fun spots make Willowbrook a charming neighborhood for all types of renters.


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