Top 10 Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix

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Known for its incredible hotel resorts, natural attractions, Southwest-infused cuisine, and championship golf courses, Phoenix has it all. The Valley of the Sun, as it is also referred to, is a popular spot among people of all ages as it offers the perfect opportunity to embrace a live-work-play environment. Not surprisingly, it ranked as the top inbound destination in the U.S. With everything from a culturally diverse social scene to large, Fortune 100 companies, local businesses, newly restored or constructed residential buildings, and a reasonable cost of living, the fifth largest U.S. city offers its residents the ideal place in which to settle down and call home.

Fortunately, there are many places to choose from for those looking for apartments for rent in Phoenix. So, here are the top 10 best neighborhoods in the area.

Downtown Phoenix

    • Number of apartment buildings: 340
    • Number of apartments for rent: 8,613
    • Average rent: $1,414
    • Average apartment size: 797 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 35.9
    • Share of renters: 60%

The most diverse neighborhood in the area, Downtown Phoenix is one of the most popular among renters. The fact that it offers great employment opportunities in both large companies as well as smaller, local businesses, allows its residents to live close to their work. They also have easy access to night life, fine and casual dining, and shopping, as well a wide variety of activities that can all be done without having to travel too far from home. From parks to the Downtown Phoenix Market, which takes place every Saturday, to the Cityscape, there’s something for everyone to do here, any day of the week.

Apartment rents average $1,414 per month, giving the 60% of renters in the neighborhood plenty of options as they choose the best apartment for them from a selection that is distributed almost evenly between high-end and low-end buildings.

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    • Number of apartment buildings: 2,414
    • Number of apartments for rent: 31,722
    • Average rent: $1,170
    • Average apartment size: 822 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 29
    • Share of renters: 51%

One of the most culturally diverse and rich neighborhoods in Phoenix, Maryvale is located on the westside of the city and was developed with the intention of becoming a community, rather than just a collection of homes spread across an area. It’s home to golf courses, plenty of shopping centers, concerts and live events at the Ak-Chin Pavilion, as well as the Major League Baseball spring training facility. Plus, with a dominant Hispanic population, the Maryvale cuisine features a large number of Mexican restaurants. This means not only great food, but also an incredibly lively, friendly atmosphere.

Rents here average out to $1,170 per month, allowing those interested in moving to Phoenix to find their home in Maryvale, where there are plenty of apartments for rent to choose from.

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Ahwatukee Foothills

    • Number of apartment buildings: 588
    • Number of apartments for rent: 7,934
    • Average rent: $1,275
    • Average apartment size: 953 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 39.5
    • Share of renters: 32%

Ahwatukee Foothills is one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix for those looking to start or grow their families. The word “Ahwatukee” directly translates to “house of dreams”, and that’s exactly what those looking to move here can find. The area is home to parks, family events, farmers markets, lakes, and outdoor concerts and restaurants. And, while the neighborhood has plenty of activities for families with children, couples and singles can also embrace a lifestyle that offers them plenty of time outside, as well as opportunities and options for social activities. There are also many corporations located in Ahwatukee Foothills, making it the perfect community for living and working all in the same place.

Apartments here rent for about $1,275 per month. Clearly, with affordable luxury living, outdoor activities, job opportunities and proximity to downtown Phoenix, Ahwatukee is a place you could easily call home.

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    • Number of apartment buildings: 589
    • Number of apartments for rent: 10,697
    • Average rent: $1,208
    • Average apartment size: 751 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 38.4
    • Share of renters: 46%

One of the most highly sought-after neighborhoods in Phoenix, Biltmore prides itself with incredible views of Camelback Mountain, as well as upscale shopping centers and great dinning locations. It’s a popular destination among tourists coming to Phoenix, as well as renters looking to settle down in this residential community. Biltmore is also home to the famous Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. The neighborhood also provides its residents with a sense of security, as well plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining and late-night hang outs. Plus, it’s also a great place to raise a family, given the many outdoor activities and great private and public schools.

With Camelback Mountain in its backyard, Biltmore is an ideal location to call home, especially with apartments renting for an average of $1,208 per month.

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Deer Valley Village

    • Number of apartment buildings: 2,104
    • Number of apartments for rent: 24,998
    • Average rent: $1,134
    • Average apartment size: 850 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 36.5
    • Share of renters: 42%

A small, up-and-coming neighborhood, Deer Valley Village has grown significantly in the last two decades, which has given renters plenty of options in terms of properties to rent. Plus, with plenty of outdoor spaces, from the Volcanic Adobe Mountains and the Adobe Dam Regional Park to golf courses, beautiful landscapes and diverse culture, this neighborhood is a place one can easily call home. There are also many large employers in the area that make moving here easy for those wanting to live near their work.

With easy access to all areas of Phoenix, Deer Valley Village is the place to raise a family, engage in tons of activities, and settle down, with the average rent for apartments being $1,134.

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North Mountain Village

    • Number of apartment buildings: 2,624
    • Number of apartments for rent: 34,622
    • Average rent: $1,004
    • Average apartment size: 772 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 36.3
    • Share of renters: 47%

North Mountain Village is among the best neighborhoods in Phoenix, filled with residential communities, hiking trails, resorts, and golf courses. But even more so, it’s known for North Mountain Park, which is home to many trails and the best views of the city. It also serves as the center of the Valley, bordering many of the neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, and is ideal for families given its quiet, friendly, residential culture. Moreover, this neighborhood has plenty of nice restaurants, many featuring Mexican cuisine, as well as Arizona State University’s West Campus, and large companies, all of which make this the perfect environment to settle down.

A neighborhood featuring a wide variety of both cultures and attractions, North Mountain Village is a great place to move to, with apartments here renting for $1,004.

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Desert View

    • Number of apartment buildings: 606
    • Number of apartments for rent: 8,951
    • Average rent: $1,414
    • Average apartment size: 952 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 36.8
    • Share of renters: 33%

A highly residential urban neighborhood, Desert View is one of the most sought-after in Phoenix. As its name indicates, its proximity to the Sonoran Desert make its presence undeniable in the neighborhood’s landscape and community. However, this residential area has it all – from nightlife to shopping, entertainment, parks and open space, as well as rural and horse properties. It’s also an ideal place to raise a family, given the abundance of outdoor activities that are scattered throughout this neighborhood, as well as its quiet, friendly community. The Desert Ridge Marketplace has also made it a popular location not only among the locals, but also with the surrounding neighborhoods, as well.

One of the most desirable places to live in Phoenix, with apartments renting for an average of $1,414, Desert View is a neighborhood for both young professionals and active retirees.

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    • Number of apartment buildings: 1,838
    • Number of apartments for rent: 28,624
    • Average rent: $975
    • Average apartment size: 714 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 33.7
    • Share of renters: 55%

Known for its Hispanic culture, Alhambra is home to the largest population of Mexican and Native American citizens in Arizona and has expanded after experiencing significant growth in recent years. Interestingly, as a generational neighborhood in nature, many families still live in the same homes that they grew up in. Alhambra also features a rich nightlife, as well as plenty of family-friendly events, restaurants, and shopping centers, and the population continues to diversify as more people move here.

Alhambra, with an average rent of $975 for apartments, is a short distance from every part of the Valley, making it a great, diverse, and culturally rich neighborhood to call home.

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Camelback East

    • Number of apartment buildings: 1,144
    • Number of apartments for rent: 19,784
    • Average rent: $1,127
    • Average apartment size: 749 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 35.4
    • Share of renters: 60%

Camelback East is also known as the East Side of Phoenix and is one of the most established neighborhoods in the area, with both historic and modern details. Residential areas here range from single-family ranch-style homes from the 1940s and ‘50s, to newly built condominiums, making this neighborhood ideal for anyone, regardless of the type of home they’re looking for. There are also plenty of fine dining establishments in the neighborhood, as well as casual dining, sophisticated lounges and clubs, so a night out is always fun. Even so, Camelback East is also a great place to raise a family, thanks to its safe culture and the variety of outdoor activities available in the area.

Apartments in Camelback East rent for an average of $1,127, giving renters yet another reason to make this neighborhood their home.

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Encanto Village

    • Number of apartment buildings: 2,183
    • Number of apartments for rent: 39,363
    • Average rent: $1,161
    • Average apartment size: 755 sq. ft.
    • Median age: 34.5
    • Share of renters: 59%

Encanto Village is located in the central region of the Phoenix area, making it a great neighborhood for those looking to settle close to downtown, but not quite in it. And, despite being one of the smallest neighborhoods, it’s also home to the Park Central Mall and the Arizona State Fair, as well as plenty of museums, restaurants, and Phoenix College. Notably, Encanto Village is also part of the largest center of employment in Arizona, as it includes the midtown and uptown districts and borders downtown, making it the best location for employment opportunities.

Although small and dense, Encanto Village is a great neighborhood to settle in due to its convenient location and employment and social opportunities. Apartments here rent for $1,161 per month, on average.

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