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Castleberry Hill: Atlanta’s Arts and Culture Heart

Updated September 2020.

Hill is an eclectic neighborhood just southwest of Downtown Atlanta, known for its indie art galleries, residential loft living, and old warehouses. It has an industrial appeal which is popular with many film companies, and it has become one of the city’s most popular locations for filming.

While the area has seen a lot of changes over the years, it always seems to maintain its artistic appeal, which is why so many talented young people continue to flock to this Atlanta neighborhood.

Developments in the area really began to peak in the 1990s, thanks to the attention it got from film studios that were drawn to the area because of its rough edges. Warehouses began to be converted into luxury lofts and indie art galleries and by 1992 there were around 120 lofts and over 100 residents. During the 21st century, Castleberry Hill was definitely the place where many aspiring actors converge, as many major motion pictures and television shows, such as The Walking Dead, were being filmed here.


Castleberry Hill is an area with a collaborative effort to foster creativity through the arts. It is best known for its monthly Art Stroll, which is a creative outlet for established and up-and-coming artists whose works can be seen at the Marcia Wood Gallery or Besharat Museum Gallery.

This is a community of creative residents, whose talents have led to the redevelopment of an almost derelict part of Atlanta. Today, you’ll find a variety of unique dining options, from soul food to Latin American cuisine, and a host of trendy bar lounges.

What to Do

Spend time admiring some of the most intricate structures or lose yourself in the resounding vibrancy of color hues you never knew existed by visiting the Marcia Wood Gallery, a welcoming home to creations of the utmost expressiveness, where even the most avid art enthusiasts can find a corner of artsy heaven.

Trail your fellow art-seekers to the Besharat Museum and indulge in a unique visual experience that combines hundreds of paintings depicting foreign scenery, moving life stories, and enigmatic characters. Put your imagination to the test and enjoy viewing some of the more modern, abstract exhibits or be amazed by the breathtaking clarity of portrait paintings that give DSLR photography a run for its money.

Where to Eat

Being known as quite the artistic bunch, it isn’t very difficult to believe that Castleberry Hill residents would enjoy diversity even when food is concerned. Fortunately, the neighborhood has plenty of culinary delights to offer local foodies.

Grab a bite of Atlanta’s famous southern soul food at Paschal’s Atlanta, a historical staple of Atlanta’s fine dining, with a story spanning over six decades. The venue has served as ‘meeting place’ for some of the most notable entertainers, politicians, and business people during the civil rights movement.

Heat things up with some spicy Mexican dishes at the No Mas Cantina and enjoy the exotic décor that combines detailed woodwork with living tropical plants, delivering an authentic Latin-American experience that should not be missed out on.

For those looking to experience fine dining at its best, rapper 2Chainz opened the soul fusion restaurant Escobar, in the heart of Castleberry Hill and they do not shy away from flaunting their elegant lounging area, choice wine, and champagne selection, as well as an outstanding bar area with innovative cocktails, craft beer, and some tapas and entrees to make your mouth water.

Eat Georgia style at the Smoke Ring, where the typical barbecue took on a unique twist. Here you can eat your fill from their seasonally driven menu or quench your thirst with some Southern elixirs, Georgia wines and a variety of domestic beers.

Where to Drink

Whether you’re a newcomer to the neighborhood, seeking to experience a quintessential visual representation of the local feel, or a passerby who wants a booze-filled night out and some good old fashioned jazz music, you cannot miss Elliott Street Pub, a long-standing tiny local dive-bar, housed by a century-old building, which we can safely refer to as a standing history lesson and which many consider ‘Atlanta at its best’.

Having witnessed the ever-changing cityscape of a rapidly developing area without losing its authentic archaic quality, the property harkens back to the neighborhood’s Snake Nation days.

Moving to Castleberry Hill

Red-light district turned filming hotspot, Castleberry Hill’s edgy vibe is sure to help up-and-coming actors and artists find the inspiration they seek, and perhaps even their big break. Considering the area’s bustling art scene and all the attention it gets from production companies that flock here to bask in the area’s urban vibrancy, Castleberry Hill can accommodate anyone, from aspiring artists to trend-chasing hipsters looking for the new it-place to call home for a while.

Real Estate Information

Castleberry Hill is a community made up of mostly industrial-style lofts and single-family homes. The renter-owner distribution tips heavily on the side of renters, who represent 82% of the neighborhood’s population. The cost of renting here reaches an average of $1,604 per month, whereas the median price for a home goes over $255,000.

Transportation in Castleberry Hill

You’ll have three bus options to choose from to access Castleberry Hill. If you’re transferring to a train, then the bus ride is free. Bus 94 is the shortest route from Vine City station. Other buses that will take you to the neighborhood are Bus 3 and Bus 813, which connect with Five points, Georgia State, and West Lake stations.

Schools & Employment

There are three public elementary schools serving the area: Dunbar Elementary School, M.A. Jones Elementary School, and Centennial Academy, a public, conversion charter school for kids K to 8th grade.

The middle schools in the area include Centennial Academy, Brown Middle School, and King Middle School. High school students in the area usually attend Booker T. Washington High School, Grady High School, or Maynard H. Jackson High School.

Delta Airlines has a hub at Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport with many employees living in the Castleberry Hill area. Film companies, such as Lion Star and Tyler Perry Studios also employ many of the local residents, as do media companies such as CNN, TBS, and Cox Enterprises.

This artsy neighborhood is a magnet for creative souls who want to mix-and-mingle with like-minded locals. Even if you aren’t ready to purchase a home, renting here is certainly a good option. If this is an area that fits your style, learn more about it on RentCafe, and gather additional information about rental rates in Castleberry Hill. You’ll likely find something to suit your budget, as the area caters to apartment living for both college students and established professionals.

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