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Top 9 Neighborhoods in Aurora, CO

Wherever you’re considering moving to, it’s important to find the neighborhood that’s the best fit for you, both in terms of the location and the feel of the neighborhood. The same applies if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Aurora, the most culturally and economically diverse city in Colorado. Check out the Aurora neighborhoods below to find the best option for you as you look for your new home.

Aurora Hills

One of the best neighborhoods in Aurora, Aurora Hills is known for its safety and relaxed, friendly feel. People are always out and about around the area, either walking their dogs or going for a morning stroll or jog. Although it’s primarily a residential area, the neighborhood also has plenty of stores and restaurants. Aurora Hills apartments rent for $1,228 per month, on average.

Heather Ridge

A prime location in Aurora, the Heather Ridge neighborhood is known for its safety, dog-friendliness and proximity to parks and golf courses, which allow its residents to embrace a peaceful life outdoors. There are also plenty of restaurants and stores in the neighborhood, which means that those living there don’t have to go far for groceries or a night out. Also, while having a car is a must for getting around, there are sidewalks throughout the area for those interested in going on longer walks. Apartments in Heather Ridge rent for about $1,379.

Saddle Rock

Home to the golf course carrying its name, Saddle Rock neighborhood is perfect for embracing a quiet life, while still having access to outdoor and recreational areas. It’s a safe neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and stores, all of which make living here that much more convenient. Apartments in Saddle Rock rent for about $1,505.

Expo Park

A residential community for the outdoor lover, Expo Park is a 57-acre area with a golf course, softball fields, tennis courts, and plenty of playgrounds and walking paths and trails. Although there aren’t a lot of stores and restaurants in the neighborhood, its location allows for easy access to shopping centers and places to go out hang out and grab a meal. Apartments in Expo Park rent for about $1,228.

Meadow Hills

Meadow Hills is known as one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Aurora. People here are always walking their dogs or hanging out with their kids in one of the many parks in the area. It’s also a very safe neighborhood, and those living here have easy access to all they could need, from stores to restaurants and outdoor areas. Meadow Hills apartments rent for about $1,379 per month.

Aurora Highlands

An up-and-coming neighborhood, Aurora Highlands is expected to become one of the top communities combining urban and suburban, thereby, allowing those living here to embrace it all in one spot. New buildings are beginning to fill the neighborhood, and there’s access to professional opportunities both in downtown Denver as well as in Aurora. It’s a great place to settle in with apartments renting for about $1,348.

Centre Pointe

A calm and family-friendly neighborhood, Centre Pointe is a great location for those wanting to live near a grocery store and a park, or to have sidewalks available near their homes. While a car is a must-have, residents in this area can easily walk their dogs or go on bike rides throughout the neighborhood. There are also plenty of schools in the area for those moving here with kids. Apartments in Centre Pointe rent for $1,322, on average.

Chambers Heights

Chambers Heights is a neighborhood close to downtown Aurora. Here, there are plenty of grocery stores, coffee shops and gyms so that those living here don’t have to drive too far from home for their basic needs. Plus, for those with families, there are seven schools in the neighborhood, from elementary through high school. Chamber Heights apartments rent for about $1, 317.


Featuring the Arboretum pool and recreational area, Copperleaf is a great neighborhood that allows its residents to enjoy activities, both indoor and outdoor, year-round. There are also many parks in the area, a shopping center as well as other retail and restaurant locations, and a great education system for all ages. Apartments in this neighborhood rent for about $1,402 per month.

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