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Why, and when, you should write a review about your apartment

Positive Reviews Should be Shared OnlineEver been asked by your property manager to write a review about your apartment community? If you haven’t, you probably will be soon.  Apartment ratings and reviews are one of the top ways that apartments gain new residents, so communities are increasingly anxious to get positive feedback shared online.

Soliciting reviews is a little scary for some property managers, who don’t want to ask for a nod from their residents and then end up with a stab in the back instead. (Put yourself in their shoes for a second and you’ll see just what I mean.) Unless you’ve shared how you feel about your apartment, they have no way of knowing whether you’re happy as a clam or counting the days until your lease ends.  If they ask you to write about them on a website like Yelp or ApartmentRatings, they’ll quickly find out.

There’s a sliding scale of whether or not you should take the time to impart your thoughts about your apartment to the wide world of potential renters seeking advice online.  It goes a little something like this:

You’re ecstatically happy and you love living in your complex: You’ve probably already written a review singing the praises of your apartment. If not, what are you waiting for? Identifying yourself as a “resident advocate” is a great way to express your support for the place where you live. You’ll be noticed and appreciated for your efforts and might even get a thank you or that next maintenance request handled just a little bit quicker than last time.

You’re mildly dissatisfied but you really don’t have anything to complain about: You are in the category of “ambivalent tenant”. Your place is fine and you have no real gripes. If you can identify some of the positives and describe why you’ve enjoyed your place, it might make you feel better about it – or push you toward moving. Being objective about the location, buildings, amenities, neighbors and other factors never hurt for a review. Most people will appreciate the information.  In fact, it could give a nice balance to the enthusiasm of your cheerleader neighbor down the hall, who thinks everything is “So great! So nice! I love it here!!”

You’re really mad and have grievances to air:  Don’t be a jerk. The best place to get these things off your chest is in a one-on-one conversation with your property manager, NOT online talking trash. Call ahead and schedule an appointment. Have evidence to back up any assertions or complaints. Aim for resolution of your three key gripes, and have a positive attitude. If your property manager isn’t willing to listen or address your concerns, then the negative review from you may be due. But always talk to them in person first. They’ll want to work with you and resolve your concerns.

Amalia Otet
Amalia Otet is an online content developer and creative writer for RENTCafé. She loves all things real estate and strives to live beautifully, one green step at a time.

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