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Done with Your Spring Cleaning? Spruce Up Your Apartment Next

For many people, spring is the perfect time of year to do a little refresh. Along with a good spring clean, adding new accents or changing a few aspects of your home can feel like a breath of fresh air. From simply moving your furniture around to ordering some nice trinkets online, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Changing the layout or the look of your home might make you feel like you’ve actually moved to another apartment.

This treatment for your apartment doesn’t have to break the bank, either, as there are many affordable options at your disposal. Here are some great ways to spruce up your apartment this spring.  

Incorporate Artwork 

Adding unique pieces of art can change the whole atmosphere of your apartment. You can find great items in thrift stores or online marketplaces, and many home décor stores sell trendy, inexpensive paintings. Artwork doesn’t have to be super fancy, but if it evokes a certain emotion, that enough is an excellent reason to add it to your collection for an air of sophistication to your apartment.  

Add Plants 

apartment plants

Plants can always help to bring some life and fresh air to your apartment. They are great additions to any home with their beautiful, natural color that provides a much-needed resting point for your eyes. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, there are plant options that are low maintenance and don’t need a lot of care. Choose your plants based on your lifestyle. Bringing in fresh flowers in a beautiful vase can also add a fantastic accent and a fresh fragrance to any room.  

Include New Details 

The tiniest changes can have a huge impact in a room, creating an area you’re excited to return to after a busy day. For example, a new duvet cover and fluffy pillows can change the whole atmosphere of the oasis that is your bedroom. Or, we can always rely on mirrors. A full-length mirror is a beautiful accent to add to any area to trick the eye and make the room seem larger than it actually is. This can be perfect for a cozier apartment setting. 

For the bathroom, a new shower curtain and bathroom accessories can really switch it up. It’s also a good idea to replace the liner often, due to moisture, although they can last a while if they’re cleaned regularly. An expensive set of towels is another excellent investment, since you use them every day, and they offer a luxurious feel for a small price. 

As for the living room, a warm-light lamp will add a homey feel to it. New candles can spread an amazing fragrance while adding an extra level of coziness to a room. When you’re relaxing at the end of a long day, lighting some candles, cuddling up on the couch with a soft blanket and a good book can help you unwind completely.  

Give Rugs Some Thought

area rugs

An easy way to make aimpact with a small change is simply by including a rugThis small addition can really make a room come together, and it works for so many areas of the house! Although it might feel counter-intuitive, a new rug or mat for your kitchen can look nice and feel great, especially if you’re going for a rustic vibe. Many mats are designed for this area, and they feel amazing under your feet while you cook. A new welcome mat can also bring you joy even before you step into the house 

Fix Up and Reorganize 

Switching out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, adding an organization system to your closet, or other small renovations can have a significant impact on your living space. There are so many do-it-yourself videos online, so you’re sure to find some clever and inexpensive repairs and organizational tips that are easy to achieve. However, keep in mind that, aa renteryou may want to avoid intrusive changes if you don’t have permission from your landlord.  

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint 

fresh paint

Whether you’re switching up the neutral shade on all the walls or adding a bold accent on just one of them, a fresh coat of paint can bring a room from 10 to 100. The colors we surround ourselves with can impact our moods and evoke emotion, so choose your color palette based on how you want to feel. Want to relax at the end of the day? Stick with grays, soft browns, or a blueish shade that reminds you of a spa. Want to feel energized? Choose a bright color that resonates with you. Just like in the previous section, if you’re a renter, make sure you have your landlord’s permission before painting your walls 

Treat Yourself  

Have you been eyeing that mini Keurig machine for a while? How about a stand mixer? After all, you deserve it for all the spring-cleaning work you’ve done.  This is the perfect time to splurge on something for yourself and your home, especially after decluttering and creating free space for new stuff

Remember the Important Things

Make sure you take care of the things you don’t do daily but are necessary around the house. Start by changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, or anything of that nature. If you have a separate furnace or AC unit in your apartment, switch out the filters. Flip your mattress or rotate it, so you are evenly distributing your body weight. Make sure you’re decluttering and donating your unused items that are in good condition after spring cleaning. You can even sell things you haven’t used in a while online. In a clean space, it will be much easier to also declutter your mind and live a healthier life.  

Nicky Iudean
Nicky Iudean
Nicky is a Senior Communications Specialist for RENTCafé.com, where she researches and writes about real estate, interior design, and all things that spark renters’ interests. She is also your go-to person for content collaborations. Nicky double majored in Marketing and Applied Economics and holds a master's degree in Marketing Strategies and Policies. You can reach her via email at

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