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5 Steps to Keeping Your Kid’s Room Organized and Clutter-Free

Organizing all of your things in a small apartment can be quite a hassle. Add some kids to the equation and it increases that difficulty by 10 times, at least. All the toys, clothes, books and crayons spread around their room probably gets on your nerves sometimes — especially when you happen to step on them. So, to help you manage this struggle that is toy organization and storage space, we rounded up a few easy tips.

  1. Throw away or donate what isn’t used

Before you start separating toys, have an impromptu “meeting” with the rest of the household (including the little ones) and begin sorting what stays and what goes. Any item that is no longer used or necessary should definitely be thrown away or donated. And there’s loads of organizations that you can donate to. If, for example, you live in an apartment in Nashville, you can donate to the Children’s Hospital or the equivalent of that in your city. Limited space means you all need to let go of things you don’t need, and this should be done as often as necessary to prevent any hoarding habits from forming.

  1. Choose furniture with a double function

Focus on function when choosing your furniture. For example, to maximize the available space you have in your home, select desks with lots of drawers, a bed with storage space underneath and tables that are extendable. For kids, in particular, loft beds are a great choice because they incorporate everything they need and don’t take up that much space. Bean bags can also be used for both storage and comfort — just fill them up with toys and prop up your feet.

  1. Incorporate stack crates & wicker baskets

Stack crates and wicker baskets are great for storing toys, and with plenty of designs to choose from, the kids’ room will look neat and lively. The same goes for storage baskets which, if used appropriately, will instantly give the room some personality and make all the clutter practically invisible.

  1. Add labels to drawers

Labels always come in handy when organizing your things, so download some cool ones and place them on drawers or crates. Plus, it’s such a simple thing to do that you can also turn it into an activity with your kids. Give them some crayons and let them participate by coloring the labels themselves.

  1. Rethink the way you use closet space

Closets don’t have to be a boring space with lots of shelves where your kiddo just throws all their things. Instead, organize their chaos in a stylish way by giving their closet a makeover. For example, paint the inside a bright color or use a lovely wall paper to add some personality. As an added bonus, this will also make the kids more interested in actually using it for storing their toys. Finally, along with shelves and plastic containers, build a vertical hanger on the door so that the littles can easily reach what they need.

Remember, small spaces are not a downside as long as you use them in a creative and organized way. And, when all is said and done — and with a little luck — the LEGOs will stay off the floor and in their assigned spaces.

Florentina Sarac
Florentina Sarac
Florentina Sarac is a creative writer, editor, and researcher for RENTCafé. She covers a variety of topics, from real estate trends, demographic shifts, housing industry news and multifamily construction to homeownership, smart-home technology, personal finance and business. With a 9-year background in the real estate industry, Florentina has also penned articles for publications such as Multi-Housing News, Commercial Property Executive and the National Apartment Association Magazine. You can connect with Florentina via email. Florentina’s work and expertise have been featured in several major U.S. and international publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bisnow, The Mercury News, Curbed, The NY Post, CBS News, Business Insider and She holds a B.A. in English and Spanish, as well as an M.A. in Multilingual and Multicultural Communication, which serve as a testament to her love of literature and language.

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