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7 Easy DIY Pet Toys for Your Fluffy Roommate

Does your pet go through toys faster than you can get new ones? You’re not alone. Buying new toys every other week can be a hassle, so why not entertain your fluffy friend with some engaging, homemade toys? 

These seven DIY projects are quick, cheap and easy. Plus, most of them use items you can find around the house. So give them a try and your will pet love them just as much as the store-bought kind.

Cats: Gingerbread catnip toy


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A post shared by SOPHIE 💜 (@diy_blonde)

This gingerbread toy by DIY Blonde will keep your cat entertained for hours and is also an adorable addition to your home. To get started, you’ll just need some basic sewing supplies, card stock and catnip. Your cat will become obsessed with this one in no time!

Cats: Upcycled mouse 


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A post shared by Amy-Marie Watson (@amys_livinglife)

This lovely little mouse is the result of a minimalist sewing project and also enables you to upcycle any piece of old clothing that you may have around the house. Soon enough, you’ll be making these sustainable presents for all of your cat-parent friends.

Cats: DIY Tent 


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A post shared by Misha & Kiku (@misha_kiku_siberian)

While toys will certainly keep your cat entertained, it’s no secret that the easiest way to a cat’s heart is to give them an excellent hiding spot. With that in mind, this cat tent hack does just that in the easiest way possible. You can even set one up in every room of your apartment!

Cats & Dogs: Braided toy 


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A post shared by Mary White (@legacyloopcrochet)

These braided toys by Legacy Loop Crochet are perfect for a tug-of-war game with your pup. All you’ll need is an old T-shirt, some scissors, a ruler and a little patience. Or, if you want something sturdier, you can also use an old pair of jeans.

Dogs: Snuffle ball


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A post shared by RSPCA QLD (@rspcaqld)

Snuffle toys are all the rage this year, and for a good reason. They’re ingenious balls and mats which hide treats inside to stimulate your pup’s senses and work out its brain muscles. This guide is an excellent way to build your own using items you already have around the house. Sure, you can also buy them, but why would you when they’re so easy to make.

Dogs: Water bottle chew toy


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A post shared by Shelby (@shelby_the_minisheepadoodle)

If you’re looking for a no-sew, no-cut project, it really doesn’t get much simpler than this water bottle hack. Just grab a small water bottle, wrap it in an old sock and secure the end. Your dog will have the time of his life! Best of all, you can replicate this hack in a snap whenever the old one gets worn out.

Bunnies: Cardboard house & toys


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A post shared by HAZEL AND OLIVE (@hollandlop_sisters)

Finally, if you’re a proud bunny parent, you’re in luck. These lovely cardboard toys are the perfect fit for these energetic little critters, and you can quickly build five different toys in a single session with this tutorial by Holland Loop Sisters. Just grab some carboard, string, and a few treats and get to work! 

Do you treat your furry friend with homemade toys? If so, let us know in the comments below and we might feature your hack on the list! 

Irina Lupa
Irina Lupa
Irina Lupa is a creative writer for several Yardi publications, where they cover real estate market trends and industry news. Their work has been cited in Forbes, Globe St. and CNBC, among others. Irina has an academic background in journalism and media theory. You can connect with Irina via email.

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