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Quick Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

You may have heard your parents say that spring cleaning is not the yearly rite it used to be – what with young people always on the run nowadays. Well, this is your chance to prove them wrong!

As spring slowly sets up camp, here are some quick tips on how to thoroughly clean and declutter in an efficient manner – while bringing some well-deserved freshness into your home after the long winter months. So, grab your broom and let’s go!

1. Clean your cleaning supplies

Yes, really. Before you begin this traditional, seasonal task, pay extra attention to the cleaning tools you’re about to use. It’s nearly impossible to do a good job with a dirty vacuum cleaner, dusty reusable cloths or grimy mops. So, start by cleaning the cleaning supplies first, making sure to pay attention to any expiration dates on the cleaning solutions. Alternatively, if you use your own homemade blends, make sure they’re fresh.

2. Start small

Focusing on the details goes a long way, even when it comes to spring cleaning. So, start small and go one room at a time. For example, check out the inside and outside of kitchen appliances long before wiping the kitchen floor. Or, clean the mirrors and dust the shelves in the living room before washing the windows. Plus, by getting the smaller things out of the way first, you can focus on the bigger picture and better estimate how much time you’ll spend cleaning a certain area of the house.

3. Work your way down

Spring cleaning 101 dictates that everything – and we do mean everything – needs some sprucing up. This includes ceilings and walls around the house. Because there’s a chance that dusting and cleaning at higher levels might transport dust and dirt to lower items, it’s always a good idea to start from the top of a room and work your way to the bottom. So, take care of cobwebs, ceiling fans, upper shelves, dusty curtain rods and light fixtures at the beginning of your cleaning process.

4. Wash everything washable

There’s no better time than spring to give textiles a refresher. Think kitchen towels, cooking gloves, pet blankets or maybe even those washable cushion cases that you never got around to cleaning. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose curtains don’t require dry cleaning only. If so, pop them in the washer quick. You can also spritz materials you can’t wash with homemade mixes of lemon or vinegar to freshen them up.

5. Leave the closet at the end

When the seasons change, your closet needs extra care. Not only will you need to sort the items that won’t be used until winter comes back around, but you’ll also need to freshen up your spring wardrobe. Finally, once the closet itself is cleaned and the shelves are dusted, start sorting the clothes.

Deep cleaning your home is never easy, especially when spring fever kicks in. But, while the chore itself requires effort, the satisfaction of a job well done is always worth it.

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