Home Spa Basics: How to Pamper Yourself Without Leaving the House

If there’s one thing we could all use right about now, it’s a good rest — and nothing says relaxation more than a spa session. However, with your next trip to the spa postponed until further notice, why not take matters into your own hands?

A little pampering session can do wonders — not only for your body, but also for your mind’s wellbeing, with stress relief being the ultimate goal. The good news is that you don’t need to book a session at an expensive resort. Instead, you can transform your comfy apartment into a personal self-care sanctuary. Whether you’re thinking of a long, warm bath or a quick face mask to take the edge off, we have just the tips to create the perfect spa ambiance — within the comfort and safety of your own home.

So, get your cucumber slices ready and let’s start with the basics:

1. Make Room


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Set aside a specific area in your home for your pampering ritual. The easiest space to convert into a relaxation pod is the bathroom because it already has many of your spa essentials, such as warm water and fluffy towels. Or, maybe you’re a stay-in-bed type of person who likes to slap on a 30-minute face mask and a cooling eye pack while taking a power nap. If so, then the bedroom is the perfect space to take your mind off things and focus on yourself.

2. Set the Mood


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If you’ve ever been to a spa, you know that certain stimuli are a must. In particular, scent and sound play a crucial role in setting the relaxed vibe you desire.

To begin, stock up on your favorite fragrances in the form of oils, candles, reed diffusers, sprays and anything in between. Then, pay attention to how you react to certain smells. As a general rule, choose lavender or ylang-ylang for their calming properties, or eucalyptus, mint or citrus for a boost of energy.

Then, select the right background noise. You don’t have to have meditation music and Tibetan singing bowls if that’s not your thing. Whatever sounds are calming to you are the right ones to use. That could mean a soothing acoustic mix, your favorite Top 40 playlist or even white noise.

3. Pick Pampering Products

Oils, cremes, masks, serums, bath salts, lotions, essences, bath bombs, body scrubs and calming pillow sprays — just to name a few — are part of any spa’s arsenal. However, you don’t have to go overboard with products — you won’t be able to use them all before their expiration dates, anyway. Rather, just make sure you have the basics, and keep in mind that hydration is the foundation of a good spa session. If you’re not sure where to begin, simply focus on a nice aromatherapy bath and lotion quickly afterward. Take a peek at Aura Cacia for some inspiration for your next bath.

Now, get your fluffy robe and let’s find out more about what makes an at-home spa session:

1. A Nice Bath


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A good soak is essential to wash away the day and clear your mind. But, there are different types of baths you can take for the true spa experience at home:

Entire-body baths ease muscle tightness. Go beyond bubble baths and use bath salts, flower petals, essential oils or Rocky Mountain Soap bath bombs for a more colorful and relaxing session.

Lower-body baths stimulate circulation due to the temperature difference in your dry, upper body and your lower body that’s soaked in hot water.

Soaking your feet fights accumulated tiredness. Pair it with a nice foot massager from Homedics and you’ve got yourself the perfect remedy for swollen feet and painful soles at the end of a long day.

Steam baths offer a sauna experience you can easily recreate. Use either the steam setting on your shower or turn the water on the highest temperature to fill your bathroom with steam. Then, breathe in, close your eyes and empty your mind.

2. A Good Scrub


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Scrubbing removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin fresh and ready to absorb the nutrients that follow in the next products in your routine. This means that, after a good prep with a scrub, skincare products like toners, serums and face oils will be more likely to work properly and benefit your skin.

Similarly, if you’re planning a full-body scrub, check your pantry because ground coffee and brown sugar are your best allies. Follow with a hydrating body lotion and feel the weariness leave your body.

3. A Soothing Mask


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Masks are a staple of any spa trip. Whether you’re a fan of full-body packs or a trusty mud mask, chances are that you already know about the benefits of masks — as opposed to just lathering a product and going about your day. Certain ingredients take longer to activate, which is why you need to give them a few minutes.

In particular, face masks complement a good skin routine and help prevent breaking, blemishes and dullness. Plus, it’s easy to make your own with all-natural ingredients or choose your favorite from the endless supply currently on the market.

But, your skin isn’t the only thing that can benefit from masks. Your hair often reacts to how stressed and tired you are, too. As a result, you might find yourself needing to fight breakage and dehydration. Depending on your hair’s needs, give yourself a good scalp massage, put on a DIY or store-bought hair mask and let it work its magic while you relax.

4. Some Well-Deserved Sleep


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It’s not news that sleep comes easier after a warm bath. But, what you may not know is that a self-care routine can continue even while you’re asleep. Creating a soothing ambiance is as crucial to a successful spa session as it is for a good night’s sleep.

So, turn to fragrances that are known to help people drift off and incorporate them into your sleep routine by spraying them onto your pillow. Alternatively, you could also invest in an oil diffuser like the ones from Vitruvi and use essential oils designed to comfort you and put you into sleep mode, such as lavender or chamomile.

Having a beauty routine is great for your skin. Plus, with everything going right now, having a routine of any kind is something you can control. However, a spa session is more than just sticking to your regular beauty routine as the focus is more on your mental wellbeing. So, keep in mind that the products you use are less important than remembering to breathe, clearing your mind and patting yourself on the back because you conquered yet another day.

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