How Much Apartment Space Can You Get for $1,700 in Oklahoma City?

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When it comes to apartments for rent in the U.S., the magic number for many is around $1,700 a month. While this budget is enough to secure about 944 square feet of apartment space, on average, the size and quality of apartments can vary dramatically depending on where you look.

For those eyeing Oklahoma City, OK, the quest often revolves around maximizing every dollar to secure as much elbow room as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of spots in OKC where that monthly budget of $1,700 can get you the most apartment space and amenities that cater to a comfortable lifestyle as a renter.

Here are five zip codes in Oklahoma City that offer a great mix of affordability and quality for just $1,700 per month:

  • 73162
  • 73142
  • 73099
  • 73130
  • 73160

Let’s dive deeper into each of these zip codes to find out just how much apartment space you can typically find for the average monthly rent.

What’s more, thanks to the average size of apartments in Oklahoma City being, on average, significantly higher than the national benchmark of 944 square feet, the city and its suburbs are a great choice for renters who need that extra space.

Zip code 73162 offers generous apartment space in the heart of OKC

In the sprawling expanse of zip code 73162, renters find themselves in a sweet spot of spacious living, with apartments averaging a generous 1,473 square feet for $1,700. Whether you’re a young professional seeking tranquility after a bustling day or a family looking for room to grow, this zip code offers an appealing mix of elbow room and local conveniences. What’s more, this area is dotted with parks, shopping centers, and fitness amenities, making it a top pick for renters prioritizing both space and lifestyle in community-centric neighborhoods like Quail Creek and Rock Knoll.

Renters can benefit from plenty of space in the suburban bliss of zip code 73142

In zip code 73142, renters enjoy a nice blend of suburban comfort and urban accessibility, with apartment space averaging 1,399 square feet within a monthly budget of $1,700. This zip code is home to neighborhoods like Quail Springs and Val Verde that boast a mix of residential tranquility and easy access to city amenities. It’s an ideal renting spot for those who appreciate having their own sanctuary, with plenty of square feet to personalize. Plus, the local landscape offers everything from scenic parks to trendy eateries, ensuring renters never have to compromise on quality of life.

Zip code 73099 is a community-centric hub with lots of elbow room for renters

In the heart of 73099, apartment seekers can find an inviting community atmosphere paired with some of the largest apartments in Oklahoma City, averaging 1,435 square feet for $1,700. This zip code is characterized by friendly neighborhoods such as Yukon and Surrey Hills, as well as a strong sense of community, making it a perfect nesting ground for renters. From bustling local markets to community parks, zip code 73099 offers a great living experience that combines generous apartment space with an array of local attractions and amenities.

Those seeking roomy apartments close to the city can find them in zip code 73130

Zip code 73130 presents renters with the ideal compromise between size and location, offering about 1,426 square feet of apartment space for $1,700 per month. This area is known for its balanced lifestyle, providing renters with a peaceful residential setting that doesn’t stray far from the energy of Oklahoma City. Renters in this zip code range from young professionals to small families, all benefiting from ample apartment space and welcoming communities in neighborhoods like Midwest City and Del City. With a variety of local shops, parks, and restaurants, zip code 73130 stands out as a well-rounded choice for those prioritizing both space and community.

Zip code 73160 offers some of the largest apartments for $1,700 per month

Last but not least, zip code 73160 is where renters can secure an impressive 1,441 square feet of apartment space for a monthly budget of $1,700. With its mix of spacious living and local flair, this area is an attractive option for those looking to immerse themselves in the cultural and social fabric of Oklahoma City. Neighborhoods within zip code 73160, such as Moore and South Oklahoma City, boast a range of amenities and attractions that cater to a variety of interests and lifestyles. Whether it’s exploring local art scenes or enjoying the great outdoors, this zip code provides the elbow room you need with the local charm you desire.

From the roomy apartments of 73162 to the tight-knit communities of 73160, there’s a perfect spot for everyone looking to call OKC home. As you consider your options, bear in mind that the best apartment is one that balances square footage with the quality of life offered by the surrounding community — something Oklahoma City has in spades.

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