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5 Beautiful and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Your Tiny Bedroom

5 decorating ideas for small bedrooms

Decorating a tiny bedroom is never an easy task. To make matters more difficult, decorating inexpensively and sticking to your budget poses even more of a challenge. But challenging doesn’t mean impossible. For some, finding the right kitchen furniture is the crux of home decoration, and buying affordable kitchen cabinets takes the cake.

When it comes to your bedroom, less is more, and an uncluttered feel definitely goes a long way. So stick around to discover our recommendations for transforming your tiny sleeping space into the perfect rest and relaxation nook.

1. Arrange Your Bedroom Space Appropriately

Some of us tend to go overboard with the amount of decorations and pieces of furniture in our bedrooms. In some cases, this is a necessary, pragmatic move: if it’s the only room in the house that belongs to you, you need to make the most of it. But more often than not, we tend to clutter this room for no good reason.

Remember, your bedroom is the place you go to rest at night. Keep this room as clutter-free as possible. Add your bed, obviously, and add a desk and nightstand, but nothing more if you can get away with it. Always keep everything in its place and try not to let the clutter get too far out of control because your tiny bedroom will begin to feel claustrophobic and cramped very quickly.

2. Cut Down on Pillows and Decorations in Your Tiny Bedroom

Living comfortably in a small bedroom is often more about reduction and managing clutter than anything else. Case in point: pillows and decorations.

When you look at a large, roomy bedroom full of colorful pillows, beautiful picture frames and candles or vases, it may look cozy and restful.  However, an army of pillows and trinkets in a small bedroom has the opposite effect. They make the room look smaller and way too overcrowded. Keep one or two cushions that really make a statement and ditch the rest. Keep a few decorations that help personalize the room and try to spread the other ones throughout the rest of your home. Just keep them out of your tiny bedroom.

3. Decorate Your Bedroom with Small Embellishments

Your bedroom is small. But it can display plenty of personality if you decorate it the right way.

What’s the best way to ensure your bedroom reflects who you are and what you love? Add a bedroom decoration statement piece. Some options include: a beautiful wardrobe, a fabulously designed headboard, or even a new chest of drawers that you’ll match perfectly with the style and ambiance of the room. For example, if you like pallet furniture, a nightstand or even a bed made of pallet wood can make the entire room stand out.

4. Creative Storage Ideas for Your Tiny Bedroom

A good example of creative storage ideas includes pallets and crates. These storage related items do not need to be bought in a store. In fact, this idea is so brilliant for your budget because they are cheap and readily available! They’ll need to be cleaned up before you bring them home. But they’ll give your tiny bedroom a gorgeous rustic feel. So, if you have the space for them, add storage pallets and crates to this room and use them not only to store your stuff, but to decorate as well.

5. Store Stuff Under Your Bed

A high bed with plenty of storage space underneath is one of the best options for a small bedroom. If you don’t have this type of bed already, it’s a worthy investment. Consider picking one up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to benefit from the significant discounts, as this piece of furniture might have a rather discouraging price tag.

Putting the decorative finishing touches on your small bedroom is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Use our suggestions and your personal taste to make your decorating dreams a reality!

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