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Top Neighborhoods in Denver

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect rental apartment or just curious about where fellow renters are flocking, Denver boasts a range of neighborhoods to cater to every renter’s wish list. Dive in and discover the top picks for rental hotspots in the Mile High City: Cherry Creek; LoDo; Windsor; Downtown Denver; Uptown Denver; and RiNo.

So, you’ve decided to move to Denver! You might be enticed by its 300 days of sunshine, the scenic landscapes, or even the sports teams. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: Denver is an outstanding choice for renters. That’s because the Mile High City incorporates a mix of urban elegance and outdoor adventure — perfect for residents of any age.

However, with so many places to choose from, looking for apartments for rent in Denver can be a strenuous job. So, to make it a little easier, we put together a list of the top six neighborhoods in Denver.

Cherry Creek

Located near the geographic center of Denver, the new meets the old in Cherry Creek, the evergreen choice for renters with families. Nestled between East Sixth Avenue to the north, University Boulevard to the west and Colorado Boulevard on the east, the neighborhood takes its name from the creek that borders it in the south. A vibrant place with a high concentration of retail stores, it offers stellar shopping and boasts delicious cuisine and a diverse art scene. A great place to raise a family due to its low crime rate and many public parks, Cherry Creek is constantly growing in popularity.


If you’re a renter drawn to the heart of Denver, LoDo awaits. Home to Larimer Square, this area boasts Victorian charm with its preserved houses, charming shops, bars, and eateries. Lower Downtown Denver had its own Cinderella story, transforming from a mostly boarded up, rundown area into the “it” place for nightlife and fun. Nowadays, the many remaining late 19th- and early 20th-century commercial buildings in the area decorate the historic district, making design guidelines for new constructions and rehabilitation quite strict. However, if you’re looking to rent in the epicenter of Denver and the spot that sets the tone for the entire metropolis, LoDo is the place for you!


With a population of just more than 18,000, Windsor is an urban enclave with a suburban feel that offers its residents security and diversity. A top-ranker on’s list for its diversity, Windsor’s rental apartments are in high demand. Plus, the public schools that serve Windsor are above the national average, making it a favorite among family-oriented renters. Future residents who are passionate about fishing also find it easy to settle down in beautiful waterfront homes next to Lake Windsor.

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver presents a perfect blend of open spaces and iconic skyscrapers. Renters will love its walkability, with everything just steps away. The eclectic nucleus that is downtown Denver offers visitors and residents alike a mix of open spaces typical of a rural area, as well as towering skyscrapers. In fact, you’re guaranteed to find everything you’re looking for in a city right here — from museums to shopping outlets and even a theme park. That’s right: Downtown Denver is the only downtown in the U.S. to have a theme park equipped with water slides, too!

Uptown Denver


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Previously, there wasn’t much to do where uptown Denver stands today. But now, it’s another example of neighborhood revitalization. In fact, it seems to be the place where all the cool kids come to play. The neighborhood beckons renters with its trendy restaurants, cozy cafés, and pubs. If you decide to move into this hip district, you can spend your summer nights listening to jazz music in City Park and admiring the view from its Pavilion. And, with the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature & Science nearby, it’s safe to say that you won’t have a dull moment while living in this neighborhood.


River North Art District is the place “where art is made.” With very strong punk-rock roots that it still clings to even today, the neighborhood (affectionately nicknamed RiNo) is the hotspot for the unique and innovative renter. If uptown Denver is for the cool kids, then RiNo is home to the daring and tattooed. But, you won’t find art only in the galleries. It also extends to building walls in the form of murals and graffiti. Plus, the industrial feel of the buildings gives it a charm that separates it from the other Denver neighborhoods. Finally, boasting a great collection of local businesses, RiNo is one of the most vibrant and trendy places in Denver.

Denver’s vibrant neighborhoods offer a plethora of options for those seeking rental apartments. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an urban explorer, Denver has the perfect apartment for rent awaiting every renter. Happy apartment hunting in the Mile High City!

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