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Bianca Birsan

Bianca Birsan is a marketing and communications specialist for StorageCafe who is currently pursuing her MA degree in Marketing. She is an enthusiastic young professional with a proactive attitude to work and life, always striving to do her best while learning and expanding her knowledge in all domains.

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pink room

5 Pink-Inspired Apartment Designs for Dollhouse Lovers

Barbie fascination, coral pillows and pink ribbons might suggest that you’re a Barbiecore fan. Although the famous doll has maintained her popularity throughout the years…

7 Tips on How to Solve Any Roommate Disagreements

As humans, we’re all built differently. Your roommate’s personality may collide with yours, which is normal because your roommate doesn’t necessarily have to be your…

5 Simple Steps for Improving Your Home Security

Home is where you eat, sleep, rest and spend most of your time, so it should be a safe and secure environment for you and…