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10 Free (and Easy!) Ways to Redecorate Your Apartment 

If you’re one of the spontaneous apartment dwellers who feel the need to switch their place up more often than they have the budget to, you’re not alone. There’s just something about a new layout or wall arrangement that brings us joy and fresh energy (until we get the itch again). 

But while redecorating on a tight budget is not that hard to achieve, what happens if you want to revamp your home for free, and without undertaking a massive project? The answer is easier than you’d think: you shop around your apartment and get creative with what you have! 

Change up the focal point 

The focal point is the first area that draws your eye in when you enter a room (usually the TV, a feature wall, or a window), and people naturally use it to anchor their furniture placement. So how can you change yours up? Move it to a different wall, rearrange your furniture around it, or switch up the decor with a bold touch. For example, you could pick all the decor items of a particular color in your house and arrange them on the TV console. Or use one of the many hacks below to revamp the area. 

Float your furniture

You’ve probably already moved your library or your from one wall to the next, but this tip is a little different. Specifically, try floating your furniture for a more contemporary feel in your apartment. Your couch, armchairs, and desk can define new areas around your apartment. Besides upgrading your room layout with a completely new look, floating your furniture is also one of the top interior tips to make an apartment seem bigger! 

Spruce up your stuff 

This is the time to get your creative juices flowing. First, gather up all the fabric and wrapping paper scraps you have around the house, including old scarves or ribbons. Next, look around for things you could spruce up with them. For example, you could stick some wrapping paper or fabric to the backs of shelves to create new textures. Or, you could hang old scarves on chairs for a bohemian look, add some colorful materials or tape to your lamps for a pop of color, tie ribbons to your frames or windows — the possibilities are endless. 

Display everyday objects

Most of your everyday items can become unique decor pieces with a little bit of creativity. The easiest way to revamp a room with things you have lying around your house is to hang them on your walls or display them on dedicated shelves. Hats, baskets, and plates will look great in most living rooms, along with quirky glass bottles or dishes (that also double as storage!). When it comes to the kitchen, you can display your pots with some stick-on hooks or show off your rustic towels. 

Beautify your home office 

Speaking of sprucing up your stuff, your home office is no exception. You can easily beautify your supplies by moving them into creative new holders such as porcelain bowls or quirky glasses, and you can revamp your folders with old fabric or wrapping paper. Make sure you declutter the space beforehand to let your new decor items shine, and keep it minimal — workspaces should feel as clear and as spacious as possible. 

Switch up your cabinets

Kitchens are notoriously hard to redecorate with no budget, so this easy hack is a lifesaver if you’re feeling the need for a bold change. Just get a screwdriver and remove the cabinet doors on your upper shelving. It will take less than an hour, and it instantly refreshes the area by giving it a more modern feel. As you now have open shelving, this hack also comes with plenty of decoration opportunities! And since this one is so easy, you can play around with it by removing certain doors and even taking out some on the bottom to play with textures and space. 

Hang a faux canopy 

When it comes to your bedroom, the most high-impact change you can make without spending any money is to create your own canopy. The only thing you’ll need are some fabric scraps (like and old tablecloth, curtain, or tapestry) and wall hooks — stick-on ones will do if you can’t make changes to the place. The placement is up to you, wether you want the canopy to hang above your bed for some added dimension, or drape it around your bed for a more classic feel. For inspiration, check out these DIY tutorials for any bedroom and fabric.

Decorate your tables

Yes, you can use your dining and kitchen tables to create a small display while still keeping them 100% usable. The easiest way to do this is to improvise a table runner. From rustic kitchen towels to old scarves and forgotten fabric scraps, anything can become an eye-catching table runner. Just add a vase or glass bottle on top, place a few dried plants or utensils in it, and you’ve already made the design of your kitchen feel not only new but more deliberate and put-together. 

Bring in the outdoors 

Finally, the quickest and most inexpensive way to breathe some fresh life into your home is also the most fun: exploring the great outdoors for new decor pieces. Just find a park, grab a large tote, and get scavenging. You can design dried leaf and flower arrangements, make garlands with pinecones, create frames with twigs and string (or glue them around glasses to make candle holders and vases),  paint rocks for a decorative bowl, or, why not, make a pebble bathmat!

In the end, revamping your place with zero budget isn’t just doable, but it can easy and fun as well. All you need to do is “shop” your apartment, explore the outdoors, and get creative with what you already have. And if you’re still craving for something new after all these projects, you might have the moving bug. If that’s the case, check out thousands of apartments near you and find the perfect new place to decorate from scratch.

Irina Lupa
Irina Lupa
Irina Lupa is a creative writer for several Yardi publications, where they cover real estate market trends and industry news. Their work has been cited in Forbes, Globe St. and CNBC, among others. Irina has an academic background in journalism and media theory. You can connect with Irina via email.

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