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Suburb Growth: Top Trending Suburbs That Have Seen the Biggest Boom in Renters

Suburban life might not seem as thrilling and adventurous as city life, but it definitely has some very exciting advantages. Renting in the suburbs tends to be more affordable, generally, and who doesn’t like the idea of paying less for more space? In addition, suburban public schools are often better than inner city schools, and there’s no match for the sense of community, especially if you’re raising a family. So where is the most intense suburb growth taking place?

During the past few years, there has been a notable suburb growth renter-wise, whether caused by downsizing retirees, relocation or immigration. But some suburbs have led the way, seeing rapid development and spectacular gains in renter population. Using data from Yardi Matrix and the U.S. Census Bureau, we looked into renter population changes between 2011 and 2016 to uncover the suburbs that peaked the most. For more context, we also analyzed the change in rent prices over the same period in order to see what impact the rise in popularity of some suburbs has had on rents. As expected, the suburb growth brought a high influx of renters as well as rising rents at a faster than average pace.

Suburb Growth on the Rise: Top 20 Fastest Growing Suburbs

Boasting a strong local economy and high-paying jobs in the tech sector, The Peach State is home to 6 of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Suburbs in America, followed by Texas with 5 locations that witnessed an impressive suburb growth.

1. Chamblee, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 156%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 44%
  • Average Rent: $1,413
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: -8%

Chamblee, a popular renter destination in the Atlanta metro area, is the best among the fastest-growing suburbs in America. It upped its renter population by 156% during a five-year period, with more and more young professionals choosing this area thanks to the revitalization process that Chamblee has been witnessing during the past years. Boasting great transit options and job opportunities, the suburb is predominantly a renter location, with a population of 19,400 renters in 2016 and only about 8,400 owners. However, given the scarcity of new construction in the last years, apartment rents went up $429 over a five-year period in Chamblee while the median household income of renters went down by 8%, reaching $50,700.

2. Norcross, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 148%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 38%
  • Average Rent: $1,057
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: -17%

Tucked away in Gwinnett County, Norcross is a quiet and safe suburb to live in, while at the same time offering all the perks of modern living. It boasts great schools and it is also easily accessible from major highways, making commuting feel like a breeze. Once a rural summer destination for upper-class families, Norcross has witnessed a significant suburb growth, with many renters flocking here due to a plethora of businesses taking over most of the area. During the past years, Norcross’ renter population has skyrocketed, with a 148% boost in the number of renters, the majority of them immigrants attracted by affordable housing and an abundance of job opportunities. This has led to an increase of 38% in the average rent during a five-year period while the average renter income decreased by 17%.

3. Flower Mound, TX (Dallas metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 115%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 22%
  • Average Rent: $1,546
  • Average Rent in Dallas: $1,181
  • Renter Income Change: 5%

Flower Mound suburb growth

In just a few years, Flower Mound, a moderately affluent suburb close to DallasFort Worth has flourished, with 4,530 renters added to its population in a five-year timeframe. Since 2012, the area saw its business scene develop rapidly, with over 10,000 job openings in the service, restaurants, retail, and corporate industry. Despite adding about 800 new units to its rental market in 2016, the suburb witnessed its rent prices go up by 22% between 2014 and 2018, with a current average of $1,546 per month.

4. Riverview, FL (Tampa metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 106%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 32%
  • Average Rent: $1,328
  • Average Rent in Tampa: $1,294
  • Renter Income Change: -1%

Out of all the suburbs in our Top 20, Tampa‘s Riverview suburb witnessed the highest net increase in the renter population, adding over 14,100 new renters. The apartment market here was also impacted by suburb growth, seeing a boom in construction in the last 3 years, with over 250 new units being delivered each year. It’s no surprise, taking into consideration the high number of people coming to the area in search of warm weather, affordable housing, and job opportunities in the health and entertainment sector.

5. Clarkston, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 97%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 28%
  • Average Rent: $886
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: 4%

Clarkston is a very welcoming and ethnically diverse area, and is known as home to hundreds of displaced persons, with almost half of its population being from outside the U.S. The suburb abounds in affordable housing and commuting options, including easy access to MARTA. It also boasts the lowest rent prices in our top, with renters paying an average price of $886/month. The median household income in 2016 was $33,500, considerably lower than the other suburbs at the top of our list, but close proximity to Atlanta ensures that there are plenty of job opportunities in the area.

6. Johns Creek, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 79%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 16%
  • Average Rent: $1,499
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: -3%

One of the most popular suburbs in the area, Johns Creek is located only 45 minutes away from Atlanta, meaning that job opportunities include working at companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, State Farm, and more. Living here, however, comes with a price tag of $1,499/month, with rents increasing by 16% in a five-year period. The higher prices may be worth it, as the launch of an economic development initiative back in 2015 enabled the suburb to attract new businesses and further expand the existing ones.

7. Lutz, FL (Tampa metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 74%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 22%
  • Average Rent: $1,219
  • Average Rent in Tampa: $1,294
  • Renter Income Change: -5%

Located close to the economic hub of Tampa, FL, and shared by two counties (Pasco and Hillsborough), Lutz takes the 7th spot in our top, with a significant boost in its renter population. Despite being a small community, Lutz is no stranger to suburb growth, being a convenient location for commuting to work and also due to its breathtaking lake views, making it the perfect suburb for young renting families to relocate to. There hasn’t been much construction in the area during the past years, leading to an increase in rent of $218 over a five-year span.

8. Allen, TX (Dallas metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 71%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 16%
  • Average Rent: $1,295
  • Average Rent in Dallas: $1,181
  • Renter Income Change: 4%

Often referenced as the “jewel” of Dallas metro, Allen is the preferred suburb of white-collar professionals and baby boomers that are becoming increasingly interested in downsizing to rental apartments in the area. Construction has also seen an increase in the last years, with 677 new units being delivered in 2015 and 374 in 2017. In 2017, it was ranked the 2nd best place to live in America, due to the suburb’s impressive economic development that has helped create hundreds of new jobs in tech and cybersecurity.

9. Burleson, TX (Dallas metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 70%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 21%
  • Average Rent: $1,187
  • Average Rent in Dallas: $1,181
  • Renter Income Change: 9%

Burlson has emerged as a hot market in recent years, with a strong renter population growth of 70% and an impressive renter income increase of 9%, one of the highest on our list. Counting on several companies relocating to the area, as well as future construction plans, Burleson is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the state.

10. Lilburn, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 67%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 32%
  • Average Rent: $1,037
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: -17%

Lilburn still manages to keep alive that small-town feel, despite an impressive suburb growth, having upped its renter population by 67% in only five years. The thriving business scene and affordable housing made Lilburn one of the most sought-after suburbs in Georgia, attracting hundreds of young professionals, as well as retirees looking to relocate. Conveniently close to Atlanta, the suburb saw an impressive increase of 32% in monthly rents.

 11. Pearland, TX (Houston metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 67%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 6%
  • Average Rent: $1,273
  • Average Rent in Houston: $1,091
  • Renter Income Change: 8%

12. Ladera Ranch, CA (Los Angeles metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 66%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 14%
  • Average Rent: $2,067
  • Average Rent in Los Angeles: $2,454
  • Renter Income Change: 7%

13. Wesley Chapel, FL (Tampa metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 66%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 25%
  • Average Rent: $1,283
  • Average Rent in Tampa: $1,294
  • Renter Income Change: 4%

 14. Lone Tree, CO (Denver metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 66%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 12%
  • Average Rent: $1,613
  • Average Rent in Denver: $1,608
  • Renter Income Change: 15%

 15. Jonesboro, GA (Atlanta metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 66%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 43%
  • Average Rent: $929
  • Average Rent in Atlanta: $1,423
  • Renter Income Change: -4%

 16. Chevy Chase, MD (Washington metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 64%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: -2%
  • Average Rent: $2,245
  • Average Rent in Washington: $2,140
  • Renter Income Change: 8%

 17. Voorhees, NJ (New York metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 63%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 6%
  • Average Rent: $1,363
  • Average Rent in New York: $4,181
  • Renter Income Change: 50%

 18. Burien, WA (Seattle metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 59%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 54%
  • Average Rent: $1,530
  • Average Rent in Seattle: $2,048
  • Renter Income Change: 5%

19. The Colony, TX (Dallas metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 58%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 25%
  • Average Rent: $1,315
  • Average Rent in Dallas: $1,181
  • Renter Income Change: -4%

 20. Laguna Hills, CA (Los Angeles metro)

  • Renter Population Increase: 58%
  • 5-Year Rent Change: 27%
  • Average Rent: $1,946
  • Average Rent in Los Angeles: $2,454
  • Renter Income Change: 8%

The other side of the coin: Top Suburbs that lost the most renters

While it’s true that many renters are heading to the suburbs, there are also exceptions to this as some suburbs have seen a significant percentage of renters leaving. Monmouth Junction, NJ, for example, lost 37% of renters during a five-year period, while North Wales, PA, lost 34%.

It’s worth pointing out that while Flower Mound, TX, added 115% more renters to its population, neighboring Roanoke, TX, lost 20%, even though the two suburbs are only 13 miles apart.

See here which other suburbs saw changes in the population of renters. The suburbs that lost renters includes Burlington, NJ; Collingswood, NJ; Middletown, NY; Richmond, TX; Horsham, PA; Bryn Mawr, PA; Upper Marlboro, MD; Parker, CO; Mount Vernon, NY; Eatontown, NJ; Iselin, NJ; Mukilteo, WA; Plymouth, MI; Portage, IN; Katy, TX; Alvin, TX; Fort Washington, MD; Bel Air, MD; Suitland, MD; King of Prussia, PA; Azusa, CA; Long Branch, NJ; Bedford, TX; East Orange, NJ; Fairfax, VA; Bladensburg, MD; Humble TX; Whittier, CA; Miami Lakes, FL; Doylestown, PA; Morristown, NJ; Little Canada, MN; and Hackensack, NJ.

Check out the top 5 fastest-growing suburbs by metro:

Use the search box in the interactive table below for more information about your suburb, or click on the column headers to sort by metro area, highest/lowest rent price, rent change, and renter population change.

Suburbs by Metropolitan Area

SuburbMetro Area2018 October rent5-year rent change5-year renter change
Chamblee, GAAtlanta$1,41344%156%
Norcross, GAAtlanta$1,05738%148%
Flower Mound, TXDallas$1,54622%115%
Riverview, FLTampa$1,32832%106%
Clarkston, GAAtlanta$88628%97%
Johns Creek, GAAtlanta$1,49916%79%
Lutz, FLTampa$1,21922%74%
Allen, TXDallas$1,29516%71%
Burleson, TXDallas$1,18721%70%
Lilburn, GAAtlanta$1,03732%67%
Pearland, TXHouston$1,2736%67%
Ladera Ranch, CALos Angeles$2,06714%66%
Wesley Chapel, FLTampa$1,28325%66%
Lone Tree, CODenver$1,61312%66%
Jonesboro, GAAtlanta$92943%66%
Chevy Chase, MDWashington$2,245-2%64%
Voorhees, NJNew York$1,3636%63%
Burien, WASeattle$1,53054%59%
The Colony, TXDallas$1,31525%58%
Laguna Hills, CALos Angeles$1,94627%58%
Budd Lake, NJNew York$1,29923%57%
Doraville, GAAtlanta$1,02937%57%
Kirkland, WASeattle$1,95719%55%
Keller, TXDallas$1,40517%54%
Plantation, FLMiami$1,68018%53%
Secaucus, NJNew York$2,4878%53%
Lanham, MDWashington$1,56015%53%
Beltsville, MDWashington$1,5777%52%
Mill Creek, WASeattle$1,73425%52%
Issaquah, WASeattle$2,19223%51%
Lithonia, GAAtlanta$1,00230%51%
Acworth, GAAtlanta$1,01533%51%
Frisco, TXDallas$1,33617%51%
Friendswood, TXHouston$1,12017%50%
Woodstock, GAAtlanta$1,29732%50%
Ashburn, VAWashington$1,74313%50%
Elkridge, MDBaltimore$1,6783%49%
Landover Hills, MDWashington$1,37517%49%
Desoto, TXDallas$1,09529%49%
Tamarac, FLMiami$1,35924%47%
Perris, CARiverside$1,14936%47%
McKinney, TXDallas$1,23317%46%
Palm Desert, CARiverside$1,33520%46%
Wyncote, PAPhiladelphia$1,67812%46%
Gurnee, ILChicago$1,32821%46%
Stockbridge, GAAtlanta$1,10535%45%
Doral, FLMiami$2,15015%45%
Glendale Heights, ILChicago$1,1371%45%
Riverdale, GAAtlanta$82434%45%
Blackwood, NJPhiladelphia$1,10913%44%
Woodbury, MNMinneapolis$1,52520%44%
Belleville, MIDetroit$8397%44%
North Bethesda, MDWashington$2,0860%44%
Sunrise, FLMiami$1,62122%44%
Palm Harbor, FLTampa$1,26125%44%
Lake Elsinore, CARiverside$1,41731%43%
Calabasas, CALos Angeles$2,42018%43%
McDonough, GAAtlanta$1,11927%43%
Weatherford, TXDallas$1,09547%41%
Coconut Creek, FLMiami$1,68821%40%
Malvern, PAPhiladelphia$1,6916%40%
Fairburn, GAAtlanta$1,08129%40%
Crest Hill, ILChicago$98116%40%
Mansfield, TXDallas$1,29922%40%
Eagleville, PAPhiladelphia$1,5307%40%
Dearborn Heights, MIDetroit$88022%39%
Farmers Branch, TXDallas$1,38324%39%
Miramar, FLMiami$1,83017%39%
Maple Grove, MNMinneapolis$1,53127%39%
Roseville, MIDetroit$7667%39%
Canton, GAAtlanta$1,18432%38%
West Babylon, NYNew York$1,77514%38%
Herndon, VAWashington$1,7876%38%
Kennesaw, GAAtlanta$1,41129%38%
Lorton, VAWashington$1,6766%38%
Derry, NHBoston$1,2146%37%
Morrow, GAAtlanta$91841%37%
Bristol, PAPhiladelphia$8169%37%
Apple Valley, MNMinneapolis$1,36529%37%
Manassas, VAWashington$1,48710%36%
Suwanee, GAAtlanta$1,42521%36%
Surprise, AZPhoenix$1,20844%36%
Spring, TXHouston$1,15711%35%
Buffalo Grove, ILChicago$1,57914%35%
Dublin, CASan Francisco$2,56217%35%
Avondale, AZPhoenix$1,09236%35%
Minnetonka, MNMinneapolis$1,47824%35%
Somerset, NJNew York$1,72018%35%
Coral Springs, FLMiami$1,71622%34%
Wheeling, ILChicago$1,34916%34%
Crystal, MNMinneapolis$1,06922%34%
Cedar Hill, TXDallas$1,13320%34%
Pinellas Park, FLTampa$1,21218%34%
Thornton, CODenver$1,42030%34%
Peoria, AZPhoenix$1,13936%33%
Deer Park, TXHouston$1,04812%33%
Lauderhill, FLMiami$1,22425%33%
Hyattsville, MDWashington$1,45311%32%
Blaine, MNMinneapolis$1,20423%32%
Lancaster, TXDallas$84921%32%
Downers Grove, ILChicago$1,42917%32%
Chaska, MNMinneapolis$1,27021%32%
Severn, MDBaltimore$1,39512%31%
Brea, CALos Angeles$1,81226%31%
North Lauderdale, FLMiami$1,49320%31%
Mercer Island, WASeattle$2,25417%30%
Pembroke Pines, FLMiami$1,72017%30%
Waukegan, ILChicago$96710%30%
Goodyear, AZPhoenix$1,18038%30%
Aurora, ILChicago$1,30217%30%
Wellington, FLMiami$1,79123%30%
Elmhurst, ILChicago$1,45922%30%
Temple Terrace, FLTampa$1,20631%30%
Rancho Cucamonga, CARiverside$1,84223%30%
Yeadon, PAPhiladelphia$8679%29%
Marlborough, MABoston$1,82121%29%
Inver Grove Heights, MNMinneapolis$1,16920%29%
Mesquite, TXDallas$96027%29%
Lauderdale Lakes, FLMiami$1,31843%29%
Fontana, CARiverside$1,27633%29%
Stone Mountain, GAAtlanta$93441%29%
Mableton, GAAtlanta$92637%28%
Gilbert, AZPhoenix$1,22634%28%
Roseville, MNMinneapolis$1,11520%28%
Centennial, CODenver$1,63321%28%
North Richland Hills, TXDallas$1,08927%28%
Wheaton, MDWashington$1,7411%28%
Murrieta, CARiverside$1,61627%28%
Sterling Heights, MIDetroit$92012%27%
Davie, FLMiami$1,75120%27%
Fife, WASeattle$1,29336%27%
Chino Hills, CARiverside$1,98923%27%
Takoma Park, MDWashington$1,37215%27%
East Palo Alto, CASan Francisco$2,41825%27%
Toms River, NJNew York$1,34716%27%
Shakopee, MNMinneapolis$1,20722%27%
Germantown, MDWashington$1,52010%27%
Highlands Ranch, CODenver$1,68614%27%
Moreno Valley, CARiverside$1,45434%27%
Boynton Beach, FLMiami$1,55220%27%
Palm Beach Gardens, FLMiami$1,67319%27%
Brandon, FLTampa$1,18724%27%
Auburn Hills, MIDetroit$1,10621%26%
Elmwood Park, NJNew York$1,70116%26%
College Park, MDWashington$2,27012%26%
SeaTac, WASeattle$1,33648%26%
Port Richey, FLTampa$82430%26%
Englewood, NJNew York$2,34611%26%
Sunny Isles Beach, FLMiami$2,0101%25%
Cypress, CALos Angeles$1,81124%25%
Bowie, MDWashington$1,7153%25%
Fredericksburg, VAWashington$1,33916%25%
Golden, CODenver$1,56824%25%
Des Moines, WASeattle$1,36843%25%
Vernon Hills, ILChicago$1,64611%25%
White Bear Lake, MNMinneapolis$1,20320%25%
Hemet, CARiverside$1,08341%25%
Marlton, NJPhiladelphia$1,47114%25%
Wheaton, ILChicago$1,49314%25%
Antioch, CASan Francisco$1,74239%25%
Crown Point, INChicago$9307%25%
St. Louis Park, MNMinneapolis$1,44618%25%
Southgate, MIDetroit$83713%25%
Chandler, AZPhoenix$1,25434%24%
Lithia Springs, GAAtlanta$1,10031%24%
Laguna Niguel, CALos Angeles$2,07417%24%
Hollywood, FLMiami$1,43930%24%
Woodbridge, NJNew York$1,66812%24%
Burlington, MABoston$2,24726%23%
Rancho Santa Margarita, CALos Angeles$1,94220%23%
Weston, FLMiami$1,97518%23%
Seabrook, TXHouston$1,07026%23%
North Miami, FLMiami$1,33024%23%
Laurel, MDWashington$1,53110%23%
Lancaster, CALos Angeles$1,28054%23%
Douglasville, GAAtlanta$1,06141%23%
Sterling, VAWashington$1,6932%23%
Madison Heights, MIDetroit$90213%23%
Waxahachie, TXDallas$1,08429%23%
Glenview, ILChicago$1,88124%23%
Hatfield, PAPhiladelphia$1,16719%23%
La Mesa, CASan Diego$1,70628%22%
Burnsville, MNMinneapolis$1,22724%22%
Romulus, MIDetroit$86214%22%
Margate, FLMiami$1,48527%22%
Carrollton, TXDallas$1,19425%22%
Lisle, ILChicago$1,27711%22%
Glendale, AZPhoenix$94038%22%
Mount Rainier, MDWashington$1,17315%22%
Hialeah, FLMiami$1,35225%22%
Pittsburg, CASan Francisco$1,93032%22%
Rockwall, TXDallas$1,33110%22%
Rochester, MIDetroit$1,0327%22%
Dania Beach, FLMiami$1,69719%22%
Homestead, FLMiami$1,20229%22%
Braintree, MABoston$2,33811%22%
Weymouth, MABoston$1,84823%22%
Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles$1,92324%22%
Brooklyn Park, MNMinneapolis$99318%21%
Drexel Hill, PAPhiladelphia$9949%21%
Edgewater, NJNew York$3,30820%21%
Merrillville, INChicago$9678%21%
Waldorf, MDWashington$1,50511%21%
San Marcos, CASan Diego$2,01525%21%
DeKalb, ILChicago$83010%21%
Glendale, CODenver$1,47622%21%
Emeryville, CASan Francisco$3,06719%21%
Shoreline, WASeattle$1,53829%21%
Dunedin, FLTampa$1,19824%21%
Randolph, MABoston$1,84313%21%
Royal Oak, MIDetroit$97414%21%
Aventura, FLMiami$2,01710%21%
North Plainfield, NJNew York$1,39019%21%
Bayonne, NJNew York$1,84618%21%
Colton, CARiverside$1,20940%21%
Grapevine, TXDallas$1,31119%20%
Clute, TXHouston$87344%20%
Park Forest, ILChicago$1,09312%20%
Fremont, CASan Francisco$2,41924%20%
Loma Linda, CARiverside$1,51628%20%
Smyrna, GAAtlanta$1,23940%20%
Covina, CALos Angeles$1,59928%20%
Addison, TXDallas$1,33512%20%
Novato, CASan Francisco$2,26327%20%
Concord, CASan Francisco$1,95036%20%
Palmdale, CALos Angeles$1,22147%20%
Lowell, MABoston$1,66727%19%
Edmonds, WASeattle$1,48539%19%
Livermore, CASan Francisco$2,10126%19%
Escondido, CASan Diego$1,58833%19%
Conyers, GAAtlanta$1,02328%19%
Perth Amboy, NJNew York$1,54310%19%
Centreville, VAWashington$1,6364%19%
Randallstown, MDBaltimore$1,15913%19%
Northville, MIDetroit$1,24710%19%
Coon Rapids, MNMinneapolis$1,09521%19%
Exton, PAPhiladelphia$1,65319%18%
Mount Prospect, ILChicago$1,22420%18%
Dundalk, MDBaltimore$1,01814%18%
Claymont, DEPhiladelphia$1,0669%18%
Bothell, WASeattle$1,80626%18%
Haverhill, MABoston$1,59730%18%
Poway, CASan Diego$1,90132%18%
Martinez, CASan Francisco$1,96627%18%
Bay Shore, NYNew York$1,71521%18%
Parkville, MDBaltimore$1,08813%18%
Owings Mills, MDBaltimore$1,4058%18%
Coppell, TXDallas$1,26913%18%
McLean, VAWashington$2,1869%18%
Temple Hills, MDWashington$1,29815%18%
Dover, NHBoston$1,07318%17%
Valparaiso, INChicago$95815%17%
Duncanville, TXDallas$1,06029%17%
Lewisville, TXDallas$1,14622%17%
Hammond, INChicago$8338%17%
Plainfield, NJNew York$1,21413%17%
Littleton, CODenver$1,58426%17%
Pottstown, PAPhiladelphia$1,08513%17%
Perry Hall, MDBaltimore$1,1259%17%
Phoenixville, PAPhiladelphia$1,43132%17%
Levittown, PAPhiladelphia$1,19017%17%
Chula Vista, CASan Diego$1,74429%16%
Leesburg, VAWashington$1,6176%16%
Kenosha, WIChicago$1,01126%16%
Lombard, ILChicago$1,39813%16%
Bloomingdale, ILChicago$1,3739%16%
Edina, MNMinneapolis$1,63920%16%
Old Bridge, NJNew York$1,34416%16%
Vista, CASan Diego$1,75933%16%
Annandale, VAWashington$1,6792%16%
Greenbelt, MDWashington$1,5769%15%
Paramount, CALos Angeles$1,59425%15%
Capitol Heights, MDWashington$1,23611%15%
Richmond, CASan Francisco$2,30036%15%
Clementon, NJPhiladelphia$1,00115%15%
Hopkins, MNMinneapolis$1,21123%15%
Lawrenceville, GAAtlanta$1,18035%15%
Middle River, MDBaltimore$1,03410%15%
Farmington, MIDetroit$1,01321%15%
Clifton, NJNew York$1,63419%15%
Spring Valley, CASan Diego$1,65832%15%
New Milford, NJNew York$1,39320%15%
Balch Springs, TXDallas$86428%15%
Pacifica, CASan Francisco$2,80827%15%
Sayreville, NJNew York$1,24924%15%
Medford, MABoston$2,67820%15%
Palatine, ILChicago$1,30614%15%
Lake Jackson, TXHouston$1,12526%14%
Aliso Viejo, CALos Angeles$2,18619%14%
Gig Harbor, WASeattle$1,49531%14%
Huntington Beach, CALos Angeles$2,14426%14%
Dunwoody, GAAtlanta$1,30623%14%
Marina Del Rey, CALos Angeles$3,49026%14%
Wappingers Falls, NYNew York$1,56720%14%
Castle Rock, CODenver$1,53331%14%
Rosenberg, TXHouston$1,02914%14%
Lansdale, PAPhiladelphia$1,51118%14%
Oak Park, MIDetroit$92715%14%
Annapolis, MDBaltimore$1,6204%14%
Mission Viejo, CALos Angeles$2,04122%14%
Salem, MABoston$1,99619%14%
Garland, TXDallas$1,02829%14%
Arvada, CODenver$1,41640%14%
Fullerton, CALos Angeles$1,87226%14%
Greenville, TXDallas$80635%13%
Highland, CARiverside$1,17446%13%
New Brighton, MNMinneapolis$1,02920%13%
West St. Paul, MNMinneapolis$97419%13%
Joliet, ILChicago$96713%13%
Galveston, TXHouston$1,06724%13%
Glen Burnie, MDBaltimore$1,28512%13%
University Place, WASeattle$1,19638%13%
Rolling Meadows, ILChicago$1,25814%13%
Garden Grove, CALos Angeles$1,73226%13%
Passaic, NJNew York$1,29915%13%
Landover, MDWashington$1,50511%13%
Redondo Beach, CALos Angeles$2,30918%13%
Norwalk, CALos Angeles$1,70629%13%
Federal Way, WASeattle$1,44840%13%
Tukwila, WASeattle$1,45042%13%
Howell, MIDetroit$1,0258%12%
Bear, DEPhiladelphia$1,3926%12%
San Bruno, CASan Francisco$3,13310%12%
District Heights, MDWashington$1,25715%12%
Upland, CARiverside$1,61525%12%
Revere, MABoston$2,07628%12%
Lake Worth, FLMiami$1,41319%12%
Rochester Hills, MIDetroit$1,1507%12%
El Cajon, CASan Diego$1,51932%12%
Brockton, MABoston$1,51925%11%
Euless, TXDallas$1,10729%11%
Duluth, GAAtlanta$1,24333%11%
Langhorne, PAPhiladelphia$1,53310%11%
Hoboken, NJNew York$3,47813%11%
Alameda, CASan Francisco$2,61339%11%
San Mateo, CASan Francisco$3,22824%11%
Lawrence, MABoston$1,57623%11%
Lakeside, CASan Diego$1,40429%11%
Anoka, MNMinneapolis$1,07118%11%
Brookline, MABoston$2,90617%11%
Lodi, NJNew York$1,44031%11%
Montebello, CALos Angeles$1,72027%11%
Woburn, MABoston$2,02316%11%
Federal Heights, CODenver$1,34129%11%
Westmont, ILChicago$1,25418%11%
Pasadena, TXHouston$87322%11%
Norwood, MABoston$1,92716%11%
Rowland Heights, CALos Angeles$1,67721%11%
Buena Park, CALos Angeles$1,69021%10%
La Puente, CALos Angeles$1,26629%10%
Oceanside, CASan Diego$1,79127%10%
Pleasant Hill, CASan Francisco$1,93918%10%
Reisterstown, MDBaltimore$1,19915%10%
Downey, CALos Angeles$1,69932%10%
Malden, MABoston$2,10521%10%
Encinitas, CASan Diego$2,05634%10%
New Port Richey, FLTampa$99518%10%
Fort Lee, NJNew York$2,48525%10%
Indio, CARiverside$1,05924%10%
Englewood, CODenver$1,51826%10%
Westminster, CALos Angeles$1,73424%10%
Northglenn, CODenver$1,31631%10%
Peabody, MABoston$2,07726%10%
San Clemente, CALos Angeles$2,01014%10%
Pikesville, MDBaltimore$1,5366%9%
Woodbridge, VAWashington$1,51812%9%
Magnolia, TXHouston$1,1453%9%
Paterson, NJNew York$1,19210%9%
Oxon Hill, MDWashington$1,26113%9%
Patchogue, NYNew York$1,61412%9%
Cockeysville, MDBaltimore$1,17510%9%
Lynnwood, WASeattle$1,60037%8%
Westland, MIDetroit$83113%8%
Stanton, CALos Angeles$1,68830%8%
Rosedale, MDBaltimore$1,03011%8%
West Covina, CALos Angeles$1,80936%8%
Brooklyn Center, MNMinneapolis$1,03519%8%
Falls Church, VAWashington$1,75811%8%
Willow Grove, PAPhiladelphia$1,38514%8%
Norristown, PAPhiladelphia$1,29015%8%
Wheat Ridge, CODenver$1,26325%8%
Dana Point, CALos Angeles$2,35414%8%
Elizabeth, NJNew York$1,23020%8%
Mountlake Terrace, WASeattle$1,51032%8%
Quincy, MABoston$2,15418%8%
Morrisville, PAPhiladelphia$1,08515%8%
Lake Forest, CALos Angeles$2,00018%8%
Benbrook, TXDallas$92326%8%
Pomona, CALos Angeles$1,49523%7%
Larkspur, CASan Francisco$3,14630%7%
New Carrollton, MDWashington$1,40812%7%
Decatur, GAAtlanta$1,03335%7%
Fallbrook, CASan Diego$1,30827%7%
West New York, NJNew York$2,4894%7%
Santee, CASan Diego$1,68432%7%
Neptune, NJNew York$1,71324%7%
Fridley, MNMinneapolis$1,09623%7%
Webster, TXHouston$1,00018%7%
East Point, GAAtlanta$94039%6%
Rancho Palos Verdes, CALos Angeles$2,73123%6%
Little Ferry, NJNew York$1,34810%6%
New Hope, MNMinneapolis$1,03019%6%
Hempstead, NYNew York$1,87723%6%
Palm Springs, CARiverside$1,20332%6%
Grand Prairie, TXDallas$1,08630%6%
Union, NJNew York$1,81825%6%
Austell, GAAtlanta$98140%6%
West Chester, PAPhiladelphia$1,52116%6%
Lakewood, CALos Angeles$1,85126%6%
Coram, NYNew York$2,11915%6%
Downingtown, PAPhiladelphia$1,2858%6%
Rialto, CARiverside$1,27934%6%
Placentia, CALos Angeles$1,90024%5%
Portsmouth, NHBoston$1,61319%5%
Conshohocken, PAPhiladelphia$1,6166%5%
San Dimas, CALos Angeles$1,72225%5%
Westminster, CODenver$1,47629%4%
Belmont, CASan Francisco$2,73128%4%
Carol Stream, ILChicago$1,1816%4%
College Park, GAAtlanta$85934%4%
Forestville, MDWashington$1,33412%4%
Puyallup, WASeattle$1,41637%4%
Holbrook, NYNew York$2,03817%4%
Newark, DEPhiladelphia$1,21023%4%
New Castle, DEPhiladelphia$1,03012%4%
Griffith, INChicago$8895%4%
St. Charles, ILChicago$1,30015%4%
Hurst, TXDallas$96236%4%
Highland Park, NJNew York$1,56017%4%
La Habra, CALos Angeles$1,65424%4%
Essex, MDBaltimore$1,01010%4%
Adelphi, MDWashington$1,35612%4%
Inkster, MIDetroit$73712%4%
Maplewood, MNMinneapolis$1,16328%4%
Richfield, MNMinneapolis$1,08625%4%
Buford, GAAtlanta$1,20426%3%
Vienna, VAWashington$1,9212%3%
Hawthorne, CALos Angeles$1,34840%3%
Tomball, TXHouston$1,16013%3%
Odenton, MDBaltimore$1,6925%3%
Lindenwold, NJPhiladelphia$94812%3%
Poughkeepsie, NYNew York$1,42829%3%
Cumming, GAAtlanta$1,29221%3%
Wixom, MIDetroit$72017%2%
New Rochelle, NYNew York$2,12916%2%
Catonsville, MDBaltimore$1,27212%2%
Inglewood, CALos Angeles$1,77057%2%
Yonkers, NYNew York$1,96423%1%
Bensenville, ILChicago$1,18717%1%
Springfield, VAWashington$1,6491%1%
Fair Lawn, NJNew York$1,87612%1%
Bellflower, CALos Angeles$1,48824%1%
Forest Park, GAAtlanta$75932%1%
Stafford, TXHouston$1,1777%0%
Woodridge, ILChicago$1,26515%0%
Hackensack, NJNew York$1,76915%-1%
Little Canada, MNMinneapolis$1,08022%-1%
Morristown, NJNew York$2,14914%-1%
Doylestown, PAPhiladelphia$1,46112%-1%
Miami Lakes, FLMiami$1,63714%-1%
Whittier, CALos Angeles$1,56529%-1%
Humble, TXHouston$1,05613%-2%
Bladensburg, MDWashington$1,34010%-2%
Fairfax, VAWashington$1,8156%-2%
East Orange, NJNew York$1,23117%-2%
Bedford, TXDallas$1,01932%-2%
Long Branch, NJNew York$1,8565%-2%
Azusa, CALos Angeles$1,47529%-3%
King of Prussia, PAPhiladelphia$1,62328%-4%
Suitland, MDWashington$1,35411%-4%
Bel Air, MDBaltimore$1,28222%-4%
Fort Washington, MDWashington$1,3998%-5%
Alvin, TXHouston$87024%-5%
Katy, TXHouston$1,2516%-5%
Portage, INChicago$8457%-6%
Plymouth, MIDetroit$9109%-6%
Mukilteo, WASeattle$1,67422%-7%
Iselin, NJNew York$1,69518%-7%
Eatontown, NJNew York$1,42113%-7%
Mount Vernon, NYNew York$1,82934%-7%
Parker, CODenver$1,55118%-8%
Upper Marlboro, MDWashington$1,6487%-8%
Bryn Mawr, PAPhiladelphia$1,6307%-8%
Horsham, PAPhiladelphia$1,17616%-10%
Richmond, TXHouston$1,1369%-11%
Middletown, NYNew York$1,35813%-13%
Collingswood, NJPhiladelphia$1,1607%-17%
Burlington, NJPhiladelphia$1,03118%-17%
Roanoke, TXDallas$1,19828%-20%
North Wales, PAPhiladelphia$1,40817%-34%
Monmouth Junction, NJNew York$1,50916%-37%


  • Report prepared by, a nationwide apartment search website. 
  • Renter population and renter household data source: U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 5-year population estimates for 2011 and 2016. 
  • We defined “suburb” as the area that is not the core/largest/main city in a metropolitan area. 
  • Rent data was provided by Yardi Matrix (2014-2018).
  • To generate the top trending suburbs by metro, we took into account only the top 20 largest U.S. metros by population.

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Florentina Sarac
Florentina Sarac
Florentina Sarac is a creative writer, editor, and researcher for RENTCafé. She covers a variety of topics, from real estate trends, demographic shifts, housing industry news and multifamily construction to homeownership, smart-home technology, personal finance and business. With a 9-year background in the real estate industry, Florentina has also penned articles for publications such as Multi-Housing News, Commercial Property Executive and the National Apartment Association Magazine. You can connect with Florentina via email. Florentina’s work and expertise have been featured in several major U.S. and international publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bisnow, The Mercury News, Curbed, The NY Post, CBS News, Business Insider and She holds a B.A. in English and Spanish, as well as an M.A. in Multilingual and Multicultural Communication, which serve as a testament to her love of literature and language.

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