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A Guide to Portland, the City of Roses

The city of Portland is known by various monikers, most commonly the one that reflects its long-standing tradition of rose growing. You’ll find food carts with vendors selling their produce, and you can also dine on what the world-renowned chefs here cook up. You can see art performed at the city’s theatres, and you might also find it decorating the streets. Sometimes considered to be the most sustainable city in the US, one thing’s clear: Portland is different from anywhere else in the world!

What to Know before Moving to Portland, OR

The City of Roses has much to offer anyone who moves there. Those of an academic bent will find august institutions like the Lewis & Clark College. Touring exhibitions make Portland a joy to visit, for example in the Portland Art Museum. And with charming places like the Portland Japanese Garden and the Hoyt Arboretum, you will never have the feeling of boredom again should you call it home.

However, before you begin packing your bags to move to Portland, check out our guide on what it is like to live there.

What is great about Portland?


Even though it’s a city famous for rain, Portland has many bar and restaurant patios at various locations. You can spend your summer afternoons at Solo Club, Night Light Lounge, or any of the others. For a rooftop patio, head to Xport or the Rooftop Bar. Moreover, The Crystal Ballroom, Tonic Lounge, and Hawthorne Theatre are all great venues for theatre lovers. Portland Mercado is a jumble of food trucks that offer all kinds of cuisine, including Central American and Latin American. Or go to the art galleries in the Pearl and Old Town/Chinatown areas.


The city has a level of unemployment that is near the national average, 3.9%, and it has resolutely stayed that way for many years. The average salary is around $55,000, which makes rent doable since the latter touches the $1,500 per month mark.

If you work in any field related to technology, you could be in luck. Or if you yearn to be employed by big names like Intel, Nike, WaferTech, and Mentor Graphics, you should know that their headquarters are based in Portland. You’ll also discover a strong presence of other popular companies in the area too, like Adidas North America, Dr. Martens’, and Columbia Sportswear.

In short, Portland has a rich job scene and many opportunities.


You don’t have to own a car because it’s easy to get around in Portland without one. However, if work or other reasons often take you to areas outside the city center, consider buying one. Just remember that interstate connections, Interstate 5 Bridge, and some sections of Highways 26 and 27 do get jammed up a lot! Alternatively, you can also use the region’s mass transit system, TriMet. A commuter rail from Beaverton to Wilsonville and eighty bus lines also exist.


Possibly one of Portland’s main attractions is a lack of sales tax, and even if you don’t find low prices for everything, the tax calculations won’t trip you up! Income taxes, on the other hand, are high, and will increase your liabilities after you move there.

How safe is Portland, OR?

Last year’s figures tell us that the crime rate in Portland was 1.6 times the US average. However, it did decrease by 3% from what it used to be in 2017. Even so, choosing a neighborhood carefully does make a significant difference.

What Is Portland Famous For?

Rose City is nothing if not progressive. Being on the West Coast, you will find that many people have a left-of-center political ideology. Another critical aspect of Portland’s culture is its citizens’ respect for the environment. Plastic bags are illegal, while recycling is an everyday thing. Littering is a faux pas too, so take care!

Portland has more than 150 galleries and has lots of visual arts for you to explore. You’ll enjoy the monthly art walks in the Pearl or Alberta districts, and visits to the Portland Art Museum and Pittock Mansion.

Food is a significant part of the city’s culture. The sweet innovations of Voodoo Doughnut – try the one with bacon for topping – and the fresh local fare offered at the Portland Farmers Market are just two examples.

The weather comes in four flavors with dry, sunny summers, and a rainy season that begins in the fall and lasts halfway through spring. Winters are usually without snowfall. Finally, gun legislations have made it illegal for anyone to have a loaded firearm while in a public space here. Violations can result in six months of jailtime and fines.

Why move to Portland?

Well, you may have your own reasons for moving here, but Portland offers many others too. There’s the whole sustainability angle for the environmentally conscious. Then there’s the status of Portland as an up-and-coming technology hub. Finally, a relatively low cost of living compared to other big urban hubs has helped the city accumulate more residents.

Regarding careers, Portland is the place to be for mid-career professionals who want to get a graduate degree. Aside from several universities, this metropolis also has 78 public schools and other private gems like the Abernathy Elementary School and Lincoln High School.

Only 6% of the city’s denizens are currently in the construction industry, which leaves about 7,000 spots open for any new arrivals. Healthcare is dominant when it comes to employing people, and about 50,000 nursing positions can be found in the city. Concerning salaries, internists earn $138,370-$210,640 and anesthetists between $140,700 and $200,700, while psychiatrists on average take home more than CEOs, $197,360 compared to $189,090.

What Does the Moving Process to Portland Involve?

Moving isn’t a single act; it involves a range of actions that make up the whole process. You have to search for the right apartment first, then shortlist some good options and compare how much each of them will cost you. On average, you’d be paying $1,520 in rent for an apartment as big as 765 square feet. Studio apartments may be smaller but are the most affordable.

After rent, you should consider moving companies and find one that is trustworthy and also has reasonable long-distance moving rates.

What Are the Costs of Moving to Portland?

Depending on the stuff you will take with you, how much of it there will be, and the distance it needs to cross, the cost of an out-of-state move will vary.

For instance, if you started from Los Angeles, CA and went to Portland, OR, you’d be paying approx. $2,700 for a long-distance move. However, the rates will be different when moving from other cities. Factors such as container size, the material it is made from, and the distance play a part in pricing.

Don’t forget to add the movers’ tip to your moving budget. For a satisfactory job, a tip of $4-5/hour per mover should be sufficient. Thus, if you get three movers who have to work for 8 hours, consider tipping them $40/day each.

What Are the Storage Options in Portland?

Locating a good storage space first can make the moving process only half as worrisome.

There are various companies that provide both short- and long-term storage services in Portland. You can choose one, based on your needs, such as your family size and how big the apartment is.

Reputable companies have climate-controlled units on offer. Some are equipped with fire alarms and video surveillance around the clock. All your stuff will be completely safe for as long as you want it stored.

Having extra storage space already on hand can reduce many of your moving worries. Arrange for it before you leave for Portland with just a click!