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Tulsa, OK – An Affordable, Green, Industrial Hub

The city of Tulsa in Oklahoma is a hidden gem you’ll be happy you ran into. Once dubbed the "Oil Capital of the World," the city boasts a growing, diverse economy and a blossoming cultural scene full of unique attractions.

As the second-largest city in the state, Tulsa is located along the famous Route 66 on the Arkansas River between the Osage Hills and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in northeast Oklahoma. It has something for everyone: nature lovers can indulge themselves in the city’s sprawling woods and abundant parks and water areas, sport aficionados can choose from a plethora of competitive teams to cheer on and art enthusiasts can marvel at Tulsa’s high-quality offerings.

Are you interested in moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma?

If you are interested in moving to Tulsa to grow professionally, this city is for you. If you are looking to get a top education at a good university, this city welcomes you. If you need an affordable city for you and your family to thrive in, Tulsa has your back.

Learn what to expect from your move with our guide, below.

Is Tulsa a good place to live in? What makes it great?

Affordability and Safety

First off, in 2017, Tulsa was named one of the top 10 most affordable cities in the country, with a cost of living that is 7% below the national average, according to Forbes.

For a midsize city, Tulsa is also considered generally safe. In particular, the Midtown region, which encompasses upscale neighborhoods built in the early 20th century with architecture ranging from Art Deco to Greek Revival, may be a good choice to explore and to live in.

Outdoor Activities

The city is part of the “Green Country” area of northeast Oklahoma, named as such due to the region's vegetation and its relatively large number of hills and lakes compared to the rest of the state. There are many outdoor activities to engage in here: the Tulsa Zoo, the sprawling 66-acre Gathering Place, the annual Tulsa State Fair, the city’s Oktoberfest celebration and countless cultural heritage festivals are just some of your options.


If you are more into sports, Tulsa has two universities competing at the NCAA Division I level for basketball and is home to the famous Southern Hills Country Club, a golf course that has hosted men's major championships, including U.S. Opens and PGA Championships. In motorsports, Tulsa hosts the annual Chili Bowl midget car indoor race, the largest event of its kind worldwide.


You will be able to get around. Tulsa has a wide-ranging highway system that connects drivers to many regional cities such as Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma City. In addition, Tulsa Transit, the city's public transport operator, runs buses on different routes across Tulsa and in surrounding suburbs such as Broken Arrow, Sand Springs and Jenks. The city has two primary airports, as well as the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, which provides transportation of goods through local waterways and beyond.

Arts and Entertainment

Local attractions are numerous and, sometimes, beyond the usual. Downtown Tulsa, for example, houses a so-called Center of the Universe, a mysterious concrete circle that acts as an amplified echo chamber for whoever chooses to stand at its center. Tulsa also features one of the country’s largest collections of art deco architecture, with buildings designed by artists such as Francis Barry Byrne and Frank Lloyd Wright. Most of the city’s Art Deco delights are downtown, including the beautifully restored Mayo Hotel and the Tulsa Art Deco Museum inside of the Philcade Building.

If you are into world-renown art museums, the Philbrook Museum of Art that opened in 1939 is one of the finest in the country, housing pieces by notable artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso and Kehinde Wiley as well as an extensive collection of Native American artwork and African antiquities.

Tulsa is also home to several permanent dance, theater, and music groups, as well as a number of concert venues, dance halls and bars that serve up, among other things, the city’s renowned "Tulsa Sound" – a blend of rockabilly, country, rock 'n' roll, and blues that has inspired local artists like Leon Russell as well as international superstars like Eric Clapton. For a veritable musical experience, Cain’s Ballroom in the Tulsa Arts District is the place to be – it originally became famous due to Western swing legends Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys using it as their home base.

If you are a gourmand, you’re in luck. Tulsa restaurants and food trucks offer plenty of options, although there are some cuisines and dishes in particular that enrich the city’s character. Tulsa is recognized for its barbecues, Lebanese steakhouses, Chili and Coney Island hot dogs, wild onion dinners and Southern “homestyle” food.

Why move here?

Tulsa’s affordability is reflected in its housing market. Realtor.com ranked the city as no. 10 in their list of the top housing markets of 2018 due to its median home price, which is lower than the national average, and its high percentage of homes that sell near their list prices.

A growing economic hub, the city offers competitive educational opportunities. Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma are the state's leading research universities and they both have campuses in Tulsa.

In addition, the city’s economy is characterized by well-developed industries in Energy, Aerospace, Financial services and Telecommunications. Tulsa also headquarters many international oil- and gas-related companies and boasts a growing total gross product that places it among the top national metropolitan areas.

What’s more, the city has a large presence in the aerospace industry. Tulsa is home to the Spartan School of Aeronautics and the Tulsa Technology Center, the oldest and largest vocational technology institution in the state. The city also houses The American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center, the world’s largest commercial airplane maintenance facility.

Thanks to its location in the center of the nation and at the heart of the growing Oklahoma-Arkansas-Missouri corridor, Tulsa is also a hub for logistics businesses and home to a number of the region's most well-known law, accounting and medical practices.

What does the moving process to Tulsa involve? How much would it cost me?

First off, it’s important to know that Tulsa may pay you to move there if you come from out of state, which could save you quite a bit of money since state-to-state movers’ rates tend to be in the thousands of dollars. Many of those moving to Tulsa come from Texas – to give you a better idea of pricing, a single person moving from Dallas to Tulsa may pay rates starting at $700 if they employ a moving company.

However, there are many options to choose from, regardless of whether you pick a local moving company or long distance movers. We suggest you search for the best company to suit your moving needs, ask for estimates and compare the services and rates of the different options before you make your final choice. If you end up loving the services you’ve received, don’t forget to tip your movers.

When it comes to finding the right apartment, you most likely won’t have to break the bank. The average rent for an apartment in Tulsa is $697 – almost half the national average rent – while the average size of an apartment is 822 square feet. However, you can choose from a wide range of sizes depending on the type of apartment you select based on your needs.

Where in Tulsa you are looking to move to also matters. The most affordable neighborhoods in town are Cavalier Park, Dawson and Layman - Van Acres, where the average rent is about $526 per month. If you’re looking for other great deals, check out the listings from Louisville Heights, Maplewood, and McKinley Mitchell, with asking prices that are below the average Tulsa rent of $697 per month.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Tulsa are Pearl District ($1,269), Tracy Park ($1,269) and Brady Heights ($1,600).

What are storage options in Tulsa?

As a general rule of thumb, moving could be easier if you locate a good storage space first. Tulsa has plenty of options for anyone looking for extra space, which can come in various sizes and feature diverse amenities. You can find additional storage space in Tulsa on rentcafe.com.

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