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A Guide to Brooklyn and Making the Move

While Manhattan gets most of the New York hype, nestled just to the east is another gem, offering the bustle of the big city but with a homey charm and a slower-paced lifestyle. Have a good look at everything Brooklyn has to offer before you make your move!

What to Know before Moving to Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is most certainly a borough of New York City, but to those who rarely step off the Island of Manhattan, it can seem like another world. This world opens up access to some interesting museums, fine dining, and other attractions that bring in visitors from all over.

What’s Great about Brooklyn?


From art to music, Brooklyn offers ways to take in the best of any form of entertainment. For melodies that will stay with you forever, try the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir or take in a concert at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. To view the art of painting in all its forms, take a Brooklyn street art walking tour or wander through the Brooklyn Museum. Or if you got dragged through enough culture already, why not turn your day around by visiting any one of the borough’s many ethnic restaurants.

Job Market

Brooklyn can offer you a new home and a new lifestyle, but it can also offer great job opportunities. Over recent years, the number of businesses in Brooklyn has increased significantly and the unemployment rate has usually dropped. Brooklyn has also outpaced the rest of the New York City boroughs in terms of average annual income increases.


New York is home to the largest and busiest subway system in the nation. Operated by the New York City Transit Authority (often known as the MTA), the subway and bus services are the most easily accessible methods of transportation around the city. Brooklyn alone has 170 different subway station stops, connecting each area in the borough and connecting Brooklyn to the other major areas of New York City, like Manhattan.

For other options, taxi cabs and companies like Uber and Lyft can be found on almost any street in Brooklyn. These cars can whisk you away to any destination within the New York limits, and maybe beyond.


Brooklyn boasts a high school graduate education rate of 81%. In recent years, Brooklyn has generally seen the highest growth rate in educational attainment of all the New York City boroughs, with only Manhattan having more bachelor’s degree graduates.

What Is Brooklyn Famous For?

Brooklyn is most notable for some of its world-famous attractions and activities. Most well-known is the amusement park, Coney Island, home of the nation’s most famous hot dog. Situated near the beach, Coney Island is known for its fun, food, and family atmosphere.

One of the other great wonders of Brooklyn is its vast ethnic diversity. Millions of immigrants plant their roots in Brooklyn, making up around 35% of the population. This creates a wonderful fusion of culture and customs throughout the borough.

Why Move to Brooklyn, New York?

The biggest draw to Brooklyn is probably the location. For those looking to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life, but far enough away to taste the fresh air, Brooklyn offers the perfect balance of proximity to and distance from the core of the Big Apple.

Given that Brooklyn has the second-highest concentration of college graduates in New York City, it isn’t surprising that you can find great educational opportunities there. Within the Brooklyn limits, you have Brooklyn College, New York City College of Technology, and numerous other schools looking for eager students.

What Does the Moving Process to Brooklyn Involve?

Finding a place to rent in Brooklyn can be quick and painless if you just know where to look. Compared to the other boroughs, you can also find lower rent payments and larger spaces without sacrificing the city lifestyle. While the average rent payment in Manhattan is $4,336 per month, Brooklyn asks just two-thirds of that with an average of $2,956. This opens up more options for renters to spend their money on concerts or Coney Island hotdogs!

Given the multi-level apartment style of many New York rentals, finding a good moving company is an important step in the moving process. Luckily, there is no shortage of movers in the area. A few A+ rated companies in the area include TDY Moving and Storage, Roadway Moving, and U. Santini Moving and Storage Inc. Among others, these locally owned and operated companies have trustworthy reputations and offer seamless in-city moves, as well as cross-country relocations.

What Are the Costs of Moving to Brooklyn?

Moving is a common occurrence in New York. Whether it's relocating from out-of-state or just moving down the block, Brooklyn moving companies have got it down to a science. On average, a moving company in Brooklyn can charge anywhere from $96-$150 per hour depending on the exact location and the size of the move. For an in-city move of a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay around $750 with a typical tip of $50 per mover for great service.

For those longer relocations, national moving companies step up to the plate. Along with those costs, you can expect to tip around $200-$400 for service you would recommend again.

Storage Options in Brooklyn, New York

Since the average apartment size in Brooklyn is 645 square feet, extra storage can be very useful. The good news is, Brooklyn has a wide variety of storage options, from small spaces for your winter clothes to large units to house extra furniture. Given that adding an extra bedroom can double or triple your monthly payment, finding a storage unit instead can save thousands for renters who have some baggage and no more closet space.

Even for short-term help with moving, storage units can make everything easier. Instead of trying to sort through boxes of kitchen utensils while stepping over suitcases of clothes, move your belongings into a rented storage unit in quick, easy stages. This can help you remain organized and stress-free.

Whether you move from out-of-state or just up the street, Brooklyn can offer exciting, new opportunities. Before tackling a new life in the big city, check out all you need to know about Brooklyn, New York.

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