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Storage units in Fort Wayne, IN
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A Guide to Fort Wayne, IN, Summit City

Situated at the confluence of 3 rivers, Fort Wayne serves as the county seat of Allen County, Indiana. It’s a principal city of northern Indiana, and with a population of around 265,750, it’s the second-largest city in the state. The city was built in 1794, originally serving as a military outpost, before experiencing a boom in the 1800s. Nowadays, Fort Wayne boasts a diverse economy, a low cost of living, and a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

What to know before moving to Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Worth is considered among the top cities with the lowest cost of living in the US. As a result, it’s also among the best places in the country to buy a house, with more than 60% of residents owning their own homes. Home to a diverse population, the city has a thriving arts scene and rich culture, hosting an array of festivals throughout the year. With 3 rivers flowing through the city, plus a wealth of parks, there’s also plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy.

If you’re planning to move to Fort Wayne, here’s what you need to know.

Why and when is self storage useful for Fort Wayne residents?

Fort Wayne enjoys a humid continental climate, characterized by 4 distinct seasons. Winters are generally cold and snowy, while summers tend to be hot, humid and rainy. Those with convertible vehicles or motorcycles can benefit from self storage when winter comes. A storage unit with climate control is the ideal place to keep your vehicle in peak condition when you’re not using it.

Situated at the confluence of 3 rivers, floods have been a problem in Fort Wayne for many years. Despite improved flood defenses, there’s always a risk of flooding in some areas. If bad weather seems to be on its way, hiring a storage unit can be a superb way to keep your valuables safe.

As Indiana’s second-largest city, there’s a sizable student population living in Fort Wayne. Self storage is a fantastic idea for those students who leave the city over the summer. Rather than taking all their possessions home, then bringing them back again when the new term starts, they can leave the bulk of their belongings in storage until they return.

How can self storage help you enjoy local attractions in and around Fort Wayne?

The 3 rivers that Fort Wayne is known for provide plenty of opportunities for things to do. Canoeing and rowing are popular pastimes among residents, and if you’re an enthusiast, there are several storage facilities that offer boat storage. This way, you don’t need to worry about taking up too much space at home.

Fishing is another popular activity, with a wealth of locations to practice the sport. A storage unit is the ideal place to store your bulky equipment.

As a city with a strong arts culture, Fort Wayne is home to a wealth of artists and crafters. Once again, self storage can be a superb place to store equipment and supplies and can also double up as a makeshift studio or workshop if you’re short on space at home.

How can self storage improve the process of moving to Fort Wayne?

If you’re moving to Fort Wayne, there are several ways self storage can help the entire process run more smoothly. As you’re moving out of your former home, you can gradually move furniture and other belongings out of the house and into storage. This lets you move out at your own pace, and prevents frantically packing boxes as moving day approaches.

If there are delays or other problems that prevent you from moving in as planned, a storage unit offers a fantastic backup plan. Your belongings have somewhere safe to go even if you can’t leave them in your new home. Finally, if you plan to renovate, a storage unit is the best place to keep bulky furniture out of the way.

What are the storage options in Fort Wayne, IN?

There are around 1,067 storage units in Fort Wayne, each offering a number of fantastic amenities. From humidity control to vehicle storage, there’s a solution for everyone. Units range in size from 4 to 2,835 sq. ft., and on average, you can expect to pay $86 for a standard 10×10 unit without climate control.

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